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  1. Working the last bit of OT I can this weekend. Got a promotion that takes me to a salaried position. No more OT after May 21st. Tomorrow going to get a oil change in the wife’s 4 runner then mess with the Jeep some more.
  2. Daughter’s team took 1st in the end of season softball tournament. Having cake and ice cream for 3 of my children tonight. Birthdays all fall within a week of each other. Tomorrow, doing some odds and ends around the house and then a BBQ for Mother’s Day.
  3. Daughter’s birthday today. Two softball games followed by dinner and ice cream. Now watching a movie. Good day!! tomorrow, just hanging out at home.
  4. Two softball games for my daughter. Season is winding down and I’m glad we’ll get a break soon before it starts up again in a couple of months. Watching Supercross replay tonight and then overtime tomorrow.
  5. Got a weekend break of softball and baseball so we’re camping at South Carlsbad State Park.
  6. I think there’s going to be a ton of movement with teams having to decide to run with 3 or 4 guys in order to keep them. Craig doesn’t have a whole lot of options with Yamaha if Ferrandis and Tomac stay. Husky has an open spot with Deano apparently hanging it up. We will see.
  7. Yup. I feel like a nuisance “crawling” the speed limit when people are blowing past me. With all the construction on the 10 east in Beaumont/Banning and the small #4 lane, it puckers my hole as I’m driving up against the k rail. I’ll have to look in to this and see the peak range on the Ford.
  8. I normally stay around 65-68 but I’m determined this summer on our 3,000 mile trip to stick around 56-57 to see if I can’t maximize the fuel economy of the Ford 7.3L. Part of me thinks I’ll find it unsafe as trucks are ignoring speed limits all the time in CA and flying by you at 65-70.
  9. Glamis season got cut short because of kid’s softball and baseball but the wife and I did contemplate changing up our summer trip to something with less travel but we decided to keep it as is. Just around 3,000 miles into Oregon and Washington. Maybe I’ll slow down and get better fuel mileage in the motorhome.
  10. @BENCH we’ve hit that point in our lives where we want a 100% stock motor and $3,000 suspension set up!
  11. I will also add a comment about tank capacities. We came from a Monoco Knight DP that had 90 gallons of water and I believe 45 gallons each of black and grey. Never had to worry about water with a family of 6. With the Jayco, we have to be more conscious of water use. 47 fresh with 6 gallons in the hot water heater tank, 41 grey and 31 black. One of the downfalls of a regular class C. Just food for thought.
  12. It’s a tight fit. For starters, it’s a 2011 RZR 4 so it’s not the behemoth wheel bases they have now. You can see it parked behind my son in the pic. Up front sideways is a Honda 250r. Then the RZR and LT80 right behind that longways, then my daughters 250ex and my sons 400ex. Here’s a pic a few years ago with different quads but the same idea. So only 1 kid quad. Don’t know what I’m going to do when he outgrows it and goes to a full size quad. 26 ft trailer probably.
  13. Had the dealer add it before I took delivery in September. I knew going down to a Class C, I was going to have to have it added on but it was a must have in our book.
  14. I recently bought a 2022 Jayco Redhawk 31F. It’s there largest class C that isn’t a Super C. It comes in right at 32 ft long. It has the new Ford 7.3 in it and has a tow capacity of 7500lbs. I tow a 20ft enclosed with a 4 seat RZR and 4 quads. Right around 6,400 lbs and it tows great. Takes a bit to get up to speed but once you’re there, it does well. Only picture I have of the set up.
  15. If your buddy is interested in selling, let me know. I might be interested. I don't need one, but I need one.

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