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  1. Good. I hope they all get out. It’s been a pain in the butt finding spots.
  2. We just bought a brand new one. We will see how it holds up. I imagine I’ll have problems here and there. RV quality has been crap for years, not sure it could get much worse. I get stuff happening while building them. They are producing a ton of them in little time but the quality control is complete garbage. Nobody is checking these things out before they leave the plant. We had a large list of defects we found when we bought it that they needed to fix before we picked up. Stupid little things that should have been caught.
  3. I picked up and installed this. I looked into to upgrading the hinges but the weight of the 35 from the 33 wasn’t that big of a difference. https://www.quadratec.com/p/rough-country/spare-tire-relocation-bracket-wrangler-jl
  4. Sucks to see both classes championships all locked up. I enjoy seeing it go down to the last weekend's races to determine a champion. Good for Ferrandis and Lawrence. Both looked great this season. Consistency wins championships.
  5. Putting all the camping stuff in the new motorhome. Hitting up a trail this afternoon with the family in the Jeep. Family BBQ at my sister in laws tomorrow.
  6. For shits and giggles, I took my 2019 Ram 3500 with about 14k miles to Carmax. They offered me $56K which was $4k more then I payed for it. Ended up selling it on private market for $60k.
  7. So far, so good. Albeit it's only been a couple hundred miles. The A/Ts are a lot quieter then the Wildpeak M/Ts that came stock on it. I lost some "aggression" on the tire but in all reality, it'll spend 95% of it's life on asphalt and the A/Ts will be fine for my intensions.
  8. All done. Everything seems to clear at full turn w/ plenty of clearance. Did the Rough Country spare tire bracket so I could get a full 35 spare up there. Before and After.
  9. Should receive my new wheels/tires today (tires were backordered). Hopefully will install this weekend and see how it sits on 35s with no lift. Going to sell the take offs which will fund the lift if I think it needs one.
  10. Did your old Class C have the V10? How do you compare the V10 and new 7.3? I'll be pulling around a 6100lb enclosed trailer and my 4500lb Jeep when not towing the trailer. Just hoping it does well. I am coming from an underpowered ISC330 diesel pusher that didn't exactly haul the mail. Andrew
  11. Came very close to buying a Momentum 398M. Instead decided to stay the motorhome/enclosed route. The Momentum was nice, just didn’t like the layout all there much and the inability to use any of the space when the slide outs are in.
  12. Looks like I made a deal on one. Still waiting on some things. They need to install leveling jacks and clear up some issues we found. Pick up is on the 28th. Andrew
  13. 7 or 8 paddle haulers or extremes. The gliders just don’t have enough lip for the bigger bikes. I run 6 paddle haulers on my 250r but will be going to 6 or 7 paddle extremes whenever they’re in stock. Andrew

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