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  1. Pictures on the forums don't download all the way. It will only let me see the first few pictures then its just blank yellowish screen.
  2. Thats why you buy a couple of GM sensors and take the rest of them back.
  3. You will have to purchase a AC Delco manifold air temp sensor that fits that plug. I got mine from Oreilly's. And install it in pipe or intake manifold by throttle body. I tapped my Fast intake and installed it. I bought two sensors different plug ends and took other back.
  4. Spectre Performance sells a lot of different Y bends. https://www.spectreperformance.com/catalog/product/view/id/20230/s/97994-spectre-universal-tube-y-pipe/
  5. I just seen the fans would be in the way
  6. If you wanted couldn't you flip the intake?
  7. Years ago I took a friends kid, 8 years old with a helmet and no neck brace or support a ride in my sandrail. Half way into the ride she said her neck was sore. I turned around and drove as slow as i could back to camp. After that I will never give a kid a ride without some type of neck brace or support again wearing a helmet.
  8. Racepak recommends mounting them rubber mounted remotely.
  9. Yes I have mine set up like this. I just added another relay on the Start button. It was recommended from Switch Pro tech. I have the 8100 model. The new 9100 model I think can handle the start without the extra relay.
  10. Ive got one it has pipe wrench marks on it.

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