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  1. I just seen the fans would be in the way
  2. If you wanted couldn't you flip the intake?
  3. Years ago I took a friends kid, 8 years old with a helmet and no neck brace or support a ride in my sandrail. Half way into the ride she said her neck was sore. I turned around and drove as slow as i could back to camp. After that I will never give a kid a ride without some type of neck brace or support again wearing a helmet.
  4. Racepak recommends mounting them rubber mounted remotely.
  5. Yes I have mine set up like this. I just added another relay on the Start button. It was recommended from Switch Pro tech. I have the 8100 model. The new 9100 model I think can handle the start without the extra relay.
  6. Ive got one it has pipe wrench marks on it.
  7. I just got one from Alper Motorsports. 702-327=9907
  8. Do yourself a favor and get rid of that whole brake assembly. This is how you fix the brakes in a BFD Revo
  9. I thought the CBM filters do not use oil?

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