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  1. Correct... but in 2020, Polaris introduced their own 4 cylinder ProStar, which replaced the GM Ecotec. Polaris claims the "Fury" motor in the R is "all new" however, they still make reference to the ProStar in the Slingshot, mentioning a lighter crank and IIRC, an improved oiling system (and of course some performance upgrades). I would venture to guess the Fury motor is of similar architecture to the ProStar, seems logical however, who knows... we'll all see soon enough.
  2. I'm sure... I've seen images taken from the patent file on several different forums over the last year or so, I stumbled on the complete pdf, 115 images and relative descriptions. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20200346542A1/en
  3. I don't know... I copied it from the patent pdf.
  4. Correct... friend of mine is a Polaris dealer, depending on what position the tilt wheel was in, some wheels came in contact with overhead structure on transport equipment at some point in transit, deforming/bending the steering wheel. In the past, he had several new units that came in with steering wheels that were clearly damaged, were replaced under warranty before the units were sold. Guess is, a dealer(s) straightened the steering wheel(s) rather than replacing... now structurally compromised, resulting in failure. Nothing that Polaris did or didn't do... it's been suggested that with the influx of new transport drivers resulting from the "trucking shortage", real or contrived, inexperience (transporting UTV's) likely played into the damaged wheels. Perhaps fatigue also comes into play... or maybe trying to stuff 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag.
  5. So Robby addresses the “weld(s) heard around the world” debacle and now he’s labeled as “butthurt” and “a little upset”? Just curious… what do you guys think he should’ve done? I only see two avenues here… you address it or ignore it. As we all know, it really doesn’t matter what he does, it’s a no-win proposition, he’ll be ridiculed either way, lol.
  6. I just purchased a cover for a "pop-up"/telescoping camper, not a bad fit on a 96" wide utility trailer with 12" tall side railing. Obviously, the sides of the cover are shorter than what you'd see on a cover designed for a car/suv or RV, material lays flat on the floor, rises up over the side rails and extends within a foot or so from the ground.
  7. Bit of a thread hijack here although, seems Speed and Can-Am are synonymous... one can't be mentioned without the other! LOL Speaking of wrenching on your X3... what the heck happened, what's the story? If I recall correctly, you had discovered a few cracks in the trailing arms however, stated the frame was devoid of cracks. GD.com crashes and burns, few weeks later, your X3 has earned the moniker "crack hoe" or "brat"... is totaled with the only explanation being you "came off a drop off''? Good gawd, how big was the drop off?! We all know the X3 frame isn't the most robust out there however, even in a bone stock configuration, they hold up remarkably well and don't end up totaled from dropping off a ledge... unless of course it's a 500 footer. That said, I could surmise your frame wasn't free of cracks, which depending on how hard you looked your frame over, could be cause for concern to other X3 pilots. While I'm not an X3 owner, have several close friends who are... as Rockwood commented, sharing your experience/knowledge could prevent other owners from following your path, or more importantly, prevent someone from getting hurt. The images of that X3 that's broke in half are painful to view... 100% speculation here, but I'd guess that thing had 1 or 2 cracks in it prior to the crash... at least I hope it did.
  8. What Kat-A-Tonic said... what shop? I flunked psychology 101 and am terrible at charades... what's with your "20 piece Can-Am X3 frame"... guessing you found a few cracks? Last I recall before the big meltdown, you discovered a control or trailing arm that was cracked, but the frame looked ok... maybe not?

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