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  1. Awesome thanks! DOTM right there!
  2. WTB- Sandsation Magazines... any condition. I'm in Gilbert AZ, but bring em to the dunes and I'll pick em up there! Thx
  3. thank you NIKAL! I talked to a sales guy at a dealership today, he wasn’t sure of the process
  4. How will deposit holders take delivery? Are you assigned a dealer? Do you choose the dealer? Pick it up in So Cal?
  5. I check in on this topic every few days. I don't have a deposit or order in for a Speed SXS yet. But I love the car, his "Born in Baja" designs have me sold. But I do read the comments and try to take it all in, including Buffs perspective. I think NIKAL is the most INFORMED of all of us and brings the most factual information. FWIW, after viewing photos/videos, seeing the Pre Production car in person and speaking with Bill Nash, I believe the car is a reality, just slow to arrive. Between the pandemic and designing/building a new, almost from the ground up (based on RGs Textron XX) SXS it has got to be a monumental undertaking. I watched an old black and white interview with Walt Disney after the completion of Disneyland, he was asked if he'd do it over again considering all the challenges, he stated a resounding "No way!" The toll it took on Mr Disney to create that park must have been monumental, yet we all enjoy the fruits of his labor by having our lives, and those of our families bettered by his creation in some form or fashion. And as consumers, we don't offer much thanks or gratitude for the sacrifices he and his family made. We just buy a ticket, and bitch about the lines and the overall expense. And have a great time while doing it. Gene Berg stated in his advertisements to "Buy the best and cry once..." SPEED UTV, in my opinion is the BEST designed SXS from a huge team of people "in the know" of what we need in a performance SXS and what we want. My money will go to Speed UTV. (look, the Kawasaki KRX1000 4 seater is awesome, but, 100hp for 4 people and a "B" pillar inches from your head? So add a new cage and a supercharger to make it "move" and you're still paying more than a base model Speed that performs better right out of the box. I have patience, I'll wait for the Speed UTV...) Ok, i'll step back from the lectern... next up!
  6. https://agents.farmers.com/ca/el-cajon/nikki-kincaid?SourceID=AMPALFGMAG&utm_source=GMB&utm_medium=Local @theboatinsuranceexpert Shes a Duner/Boater, covers both CA and AZ
  7. SPEED will be in AZ next week, I'm gonna go see it at the Mesa location =)
  8. So Boardmanville has an epic live shot of Glamis, Tim at glamisweather USED to have a live cam mounted on the pizza joint at the store. Are there any other live cameras, at the ISDRA or any other dune complexes? Thx, Conrad - SCBS https://boardmanvilletradingpost.com/webcam/
  9. who builds the websites? For funco, Tatum, geiser, SDHQ etc... I need one built and none of them display who built em =( I really like the layout on those sites. TIA
  10. zero jabs/vaccinations for me (i refuse). I got covid January 17th, in bed for two solid days, exhausted and weak ever since but getting healthier every day. My 70 year old mother got covid from me 2 days after, similar scenario of sickness and recovery. No jab for her either. Live your lives folks, its gonna get you sooner or later
  11. Damn, just missed them. i need em if that falls through
  12. The response i got... "Yeah thats correct i have a Mickey Thompson intake for a 215 oldsmobile v8 for sale all i want for it is $200. Where are you located and how are you going to make payment so I can proceed with the shipping process"
  13. Same. Said he has a buddy with an intake that I'm looking for, I sent an email 😕

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