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  1. who builds the websites? For funco, Tatum, geiser, SDHQ etc... I need one built and none of them display who built em =( I really like the layout on those sites. TIA
  2. zero jabs/vaccinations for me (i refuse). I got covid January 17th, in bed for two solid days, exhausted and weak ever since but getting healthier every day. My 70 year old mother got covid from me 2 days after, similar scenario of sickness and recovery. No jab for her either. Live your lives folks, its gonna get you sooner or later
  3. Damn, just missed them. i need em if that falls through
  4. The response i got... "Yeah thats correct i have a Mickey Thompson intake for a 215 oldsmobile v8 for sale all i want for it is $200. Where are you located and how are you going to make payment so I can proceed with the shipping process"
  5. Same. Said he has a buddy with an intake that I'm looking for, I sent an email 😕
  6. Nope, didn't realize that, thx for the heads up. definitely explains why its always RZRs he's dragging outta sand hollow...
  7. A buddy of mine just bought one, I had the chance to ride with him at Glamis. He runs a full set of Skat Trak sand tires, we messed with the suspension setting switch and I was overall impressed with the car. Soooo comfortable and the 4 seat wheelbase didn't bother me. Also, if you watch enough episodes of Matts Off Road Recovery on youtube, you'll never by a RZR as the amount of RZRs with wadded up front suspension he pulls out of the dunes astounds me...
  8. I don't watch the SPEED shows, any updates on the Unicorn?
  9. Is there still a member sighting thread? I looked for it… anyhow, spotted this gd.com member today after leaving the Old School Sand Cars show in Yuma. Was on the i8 eastbound…
  10. Schmidty, whats your shop called? And I concur, Bill was a super cool guy and I'll buy my rig from Nash
  11. Thx fellas. I spoke with Bill Nash at the off road show here in Phoenix, he loves the KRX1000 and races it here locally. I asked him about a bench seat in the two seater, he said they looked into it but it interferes with the E Brake handle, that and he didnt want to remove the handle because its too fun to e brake it and slide! As NIKAL said, theres a chit ton of room behind the seats, I'm sure the WB will be spot on for the 4 seater
  12. the 2 seater at the dealer today had 35s on it, looked epic!
  13. For those in the know (NIKAL?) Is there any news on the release of a 4 seat Kawasaki KRX1000? I stopped by my local dealer today, sales guy had no idea when. The car is epic, I just need a couple more seats 😃
  14. collectors item these days!
  15. Best trailer tires? Double axle flatbed Hauling an old school 4 seat VW sand car and a couple of ATC90s. What tire/brand do you recommend?
  16. SUPERCROSS at Raiders! I can't wait to go
  17. Was just reading AZDUNERATS thread "Idiots with trailers," and decided to start up a topic similar to the Highway Star thread! Post up YOUR pics of unsafe setups you see on the road! Oh, i'm starting this thread with a great video. Arrive safe at the dunes my friends!
  18. I always thought the LEBEC was it's own model with conventional (for the time) styling and coilover shocks (vs airbags) and NOT a rebadged Hustler? Then there's my buddies ENZO...
  19. LOTD, I'd like to see the helmet you bought. Post up a link, I may get one! Thx
  20. I’m watching episode 69 right now, I’m glad to see that RG didn’t get hit too hard with Covid, he seems to be doing well
  21. Conrad

    Highway Star

    It’s far and few between to see an air cooled VW on the road here in Phoenix…
  22. I'm a sandrail guy. A glamis guy. ONLY. Plenty of folks love their jet boats, street rods, muscle cars, sports cars, supercars, sail boats etc. I really don't invest too much time in those arenas. Although I do want a Wake Boat but 6 figures to make a wave? Wowsers With that being said, I know, love and study sand cars from any era. Who built what, how they perform, powerplant/driveline options etc. How's about this, the first legit long travel sand car was built by John at Playtech Racing. I'm not talking about a desert car with sand tires bolted on, a TRUE sandrail. While the I Beam front end wasn't the best performing, it opened up the eyes of the industry to what could be done. Also, how did we end up with huge horsepower V8s? It began when Mendeola released his brainchild. Up until that point we ran swing axles or Bus Boxes. And the bus boxes UPSIDE down in a mid engine application to make the car go forward! Mendeola transaxles could hold up to higher HP numbers and abuse, then guys started experimenting with different engine combos. We landed on the Northstar V8. Why? Because they are affordable. That morphed into better tranny designs, bigger engines and more structurally sound chassis. So from pan buggies (all those poor hacked up 1950s VWs!) and water pumpers, to the era of 2000hp long travel cars and everything in between, I've got a handle on em. And for arguments sake, the Georges build the BEST performing SAND CAR in the dunes. Just sayin. Now. What I know of current sport SXSs is this... RZRs burn to the ground, have a Crap ton of recalls and come from the factory already broken. But they have great visibility and suspension. X3s front ends wad up and need bracing if driven hard or raced, plus have poor "look over" visibility. The 4 seater has a longer wheelbase than a Chevy Suburban (WOW!) YXZs are fast, but ride like Crap. KRX quality is fantastic, and the car is beefy. But slow as Crap Tomcar. Probably the best out of all SXSs but ugly as sin Arctic cat/Textron SS, epic car, designed by Gordon, but the company is a Crap show And then there's the car i want. The new Gordon SPEED SXS. Why? Um, because a Baja race team is designing/building the car. Everybody's upset at the wait, but you're not going to get a better SXS from ANY manufacturer. So my money goes to SPEED UTV. I have followed and read every post in the Speed SXS thread, NIKAL has the best input, information, experience and opinions of anybody on GD.com, although I particularly enjoy reading BUFFS posts and LOL as he gets everyone's panties n a wad. He does make some good points. THANK YOU Nikal for studying the SXS market, so guys like me that don't invest the time, effort and energy into that market (to me, SXSs are "throw away" machines) can make a well informed decision. Nikal, as far as your predicament? I'd go with the Can Am. The XX, while an amazing car, is going the way of the Daewoo automobile...
  23. Conrad

    Highway Star

    AZ is a test bed for lots of manufacturers, here’s a GM pickup “under wraps” at my local gas station…
  24. I bought a 2 seat roller from Cooley in 2004, i never saw any numbers on my chassis

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