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  1. 1 hour ago, AlpineFunco said:

    I'd update that on your Facebook post about looking for them. If you've got good news friends will be more likely to get in touch with them.

    I was hoping to keep it on the down low as to not start the glamis CSI guys from asking questions :classic_biggrin: But you're right, I went ahead and updated FB 

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  2. The fellas in the picture had their box trailer and buggy stolen. They posted it a couple of years ago, i saved the pictures of the sand car (because I like it), but not the contact info as i figured the sand car was long gone. Lo and behold, the stolen sand car has surfaced. I don't know the whole story, they may have got it back? Sold it? Insurance paid out etc. Was hoping to reunite them with the car 

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  3. I moved to AZ from OC in 2004 
    Pros- drive any posted speed limit while towing. Easy drive to Glamis. Roads are on a grid, freeways are on a loop system. Affordable housing (compared to CA) but listing prices are sky high in my opinion.

    ADOT upgrades/maintains/builds freeways in a timely matter, they just shut the whole thing down and get it done! Far cry from CA watching one guy dig a hole with a shovel while 4 guys watch. Street licensing of your OHV of any type! Take yer Sand Car to In N Out or grocery shopping, cops just give a thumbs up. 
    I’ve lived here almost 20 years, started in Surprise, then Phoenix and now I’m in Gilbert. Next move will be to a horse property in Queen Creek. 
    Cons- A LOT of people have moved here and continue to. A LOT. Race tracks are closing, while high rise units go in across Phoenix. More people, more congestion. Growing up in Costa Mesa, having season passes to Disneyland, going to Knotts, the beach, San Diego, Glen Helen races, Elsinore MX, to me at least theres nothing to do. It’s definitely a slower pace here. 
    Move here and buy a boat, SXS, fishing poles and guns. Oh! And get the BEST quality tint on your car windows, it’s ALWAYS sunny here

    I may know a thing or two about housing here, hit me up if you like 

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  4. Aceco is/was run by Mike Monahan. Similar chassis were built by a fabricator in AZ that sold them to Off Road Buggy Supply (ORBS) and Foddrills. The main difference (and simple identifier) in the Aceco chassis is the INBOARD rear shocks, see the yellow Aceco above, the rear shock runs inside the chassis and tin work. 

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  5. zero jabs/vaccinations for me (i refuse). I got covid January 17th, in bed for two solid days, exhausted and weak ever since but getting healthier every day. My 70 year old mother got covid from me 2 days after, similar scenario of sickness and recovery. No jab for her either. Live your lives folks, its gonna get you sooner or later 

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  6. The response i got...

    "Yeah thats correct i have a Mickey Thompson intake for a 215 oldsmobile v8 for sale all i want for it is $200. Where are you located and how are you going to make payment so I can proceed with the shipping process"

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  7. Was just reading AZDUNERATS thread "Idiots with trailers," and decided to start up a topic similar to the Highway Star thread! Post up YOUR pics of unsafe setups you see on the road! Oh, i'm starting this thread with a great video. Arrive safe at the dunes my friends!


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  8. On 9/17/2021 at 12:43 PM, Lord of the Dunes said:

    I don't use goggles, full face street bike helmets. I bought one about 6 months ago because of it's light weight. When it arrived, I was surprised to find out in addition to the outside clear visor, i had an inside dark smoked visor that had a little thumb lever on the outside that you slide down to pull it in front of your eyes. Pretty slick, just slide a little lever up or down.

    LOTD, I'd like to see the helmet you bought. Post up a link, I may get one! Thx


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