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  1. I moved to AZ from Costa Mesa CA in 2004, I'm familiar with all cities. I'm currently searching for a similar property for a CA client, in SE Gilbert and Queen Creek. Large properties, from double wides to mansions in this area. ET Motopark, plus tons of off roading nearby. A commute into Scottsdale, as you mentioned, might suck (i used to drive that stretch) as there's major congestion at the 101/60 interchange. It would depend on time of day, and whether or not your work is in NORTH or SOUTH Scottsdale. North Phoenix, Cave Creek or Carefree have amazing properties as well, so depending on the commute time? 

  2. This is what JTMoney is talking about. It has a marble in the brass end, you drop the brass into the drum/gas tank/fish tank etc and shake it up and down quickly a few times which causes a vacuum and gravity does the rest. They work really well




  3. a few years back, I went through a divorce. Pretty much effed up my life/stabilty/well being. So I sold ALL of my dune stuff, 250r, sandrail, toy hauler, box trailer super duty etc... Mind you I've been in and out of the glamis scene since i was born in 1974. So then, the (after divorce) dune season comes and I see all the buggies and quads and rvs headed out AND coming back into Phoenix and I would get soooo bummed. Then the SXSs were getting nicer and nicer, then the buggy markets ass fell out and you could get epic sand cars for $0.50 cents on the dollar. And just about the time i said "eff it, I'm all in with the dunes again..." the Pandemic hits =( Now all the Crap I need to buy has increased in price! But I'm still going to make it happen, my mother says the "sand runs in your veins, son" She should know, she had me at the dunes when i was 10 weeks old. I'm thinking of going with Andys advice, box trailer w fuel station, toilet/shower. Then store it at GDS across from the store so i dont have to drag it back n forth. 

    I may disappear from the dunes every now and again, but I'll never be completely "out" of the scene

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  4. Yikes... that sucks. IMO the trash talking is a big part of the "show" (wwe style) The reason I say is because shortly after the McGregor Khabib fight, they both appeared in a commercial together and drove off in a car like old pals. Beyond the pain and injuries, those fellas are laughing all the way to the  bank to deposit seven figure checks and then some...

  5. 5 hours ago, richard h said:

    You could also check construction supply companies. Mines require all trucks to fly flags on site. I know the CAT repair person across the street has them on his service truck.

    Great tip! I know a fella that works for CAT in Mesa. I was hoping to find a used 10 footer locally, as Alper said the shipping on a 10 foot whip is expensive. I'm not a fan of the disco light whips, and the guys that run 3 foot whips on their SXSs are hard to see coming at ya!

  6. I'm getting the itch to build a custom Honda ATC90. Not a fire breather with an engine swap etc. Just a breakdown/rebuild with custom paint and aluminum wheels to purty it up. Anyone got an old Big Als Performance Parts catalog collecting dust? I'd like one for reference. Or if you've got any old 3 Wheeling magazines I could use those as well. Side note, back when I was a kid I had the issue below and always wanted that trike with the spindle mount/smoothee on it!



  7. My take FWIW. It's kinda like Oceano Dunes/Pismo. The powers that be can't get the place shut down, so they attempt to limit camping on the beach. CA can't get the riding areas shut down, so they'll eliminate the dirt bikes first, then follow it up with quads and then SXSs. If you've got nothing to ride/buy, they dont need to fight the masses to shut down our off road areas. 


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  8. I’ve always just dug a shallow hole, thrown a loose pile of wood in it and called it good to go. I’ve seen folks use these Wash Tub fire pits, do they work well? What does yore dune fire pit setup look like? 


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