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  1. I need a breakfast bowl and a Bloody Mary STAT
  2. I have pull up Impact’s. They are much easier to tighten when in the seat. But they where a little tricky to get installed because the tension buckle is in a different spot, so it just took awhile to get them adjusted so the seat doesn’t interfere.
  3. I have a Back Flip and it works great. Highly recommend
  4. MakinHP

    Highway Star

    Glad to see an Impala HotRod
  5. With a SwitchPro you can select inj-on and inj-off circuits. So you can run your wip light off an inj-off circuit and have it on with out the engine on.
  6. 66250023015__DC2F1416-84C8-4C90-8A65-10E070C715AA.MOV
  7. Same, only have a few sites that have screen names. Got a keep it simple
  8. Did my part to support! Drive thru line was xtra long. Walked in and only a few people in front of me. I asked if it seemed busier today. She said the drive thru was definitely busier today. Side note, adding pickles to your DoubleDouble is a glorious decision.

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