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  1. I literally just got off the phone with my doctor to review my latest blood test and she was mentioning that doctors are being censored and that she cannot post anything on social media or other places regarding what she is seeing in the field. this Physician is young and healthy and was also raised by anti-VAXers. I believe she actually has no vaccinations whatsoever. that being said she still prefers that her at risk patients get the vaccine and other than that she believes it is a personal choice but I got the impression that if you were relatively young and in good health she probably would discourage it, although again I felt like she was not comfortable expressing her medical opinion generally. my ex-wife has severe food allergies, very strange ones and her physician specifically told her she should not get the vaccine. my decision was based on my health, age and desire to travel. I highly doubt that the Covid vaccine is what he’s going to kill me. ABC
  2. I’ve had to ‘pull back’ on seeking vengeance… don’t like jail and have too many assets, don’t want to lose a lawsuit… …. That being said, something serious happens to family by a scumbag… all bets are off. abc
  3. Yeah, if it’s 100 units, that’s nothing… if it’s 2500… it will change the market
  4. I couldn’t even fit any of these models in my TH… happy to stick with Polaris.. at least I know what I’m getting.. Put probably $7k in my TH. So easy… way too much work to ‘change teams’… maybe in 2-4 years. We’ll see .. just want to ride with them… I can tell you with the 32” tires.. huge clearance and short wheel base, I was eating $100k JKs for breakfast…with my Turbo S. … all day..
  5. Glad to hear it was a false alarm. Enjoy the ink!Glad to hear it was a false alarm. Enjoy the ink!
  6. The Jewish reference is not lost on me. I am 1/16 Jewish and know a lot of folks who went through that. Most of them are dead now but I met quite a few with the real thing. that being said I am having a lot of fun with it. Most people are too young to understand the terminator reference so I have made up some more scenarios to have fun with. when someone sees it I ask them with a very alarmed and confused look… What do you see?… How do you know?… Let me see your arms… You cannot see that you have one too? all I know is that I’m actually a clone. The first Kevin Thomas Wxxxxxx (my name)… born in March of 1972… he’s dead... was killed January 17, 1987. He was riding a motorcycle through a red light straight into a tractor-trailer…. killing himself instantly. I am not his first clone… I became self-aware October 12th, 2017 and I don’t know how I know all these things. I can tell you everything about him, parents names, memories… but they’re not mine… All I know is that I am the fourth clone of this model. I’m not sure how number 2 or 3 died but we have to keep this between our selves because they are watching us and I don’t think there’s many of us left. Watch your back …. I think they’re coming for you too.
  7. Spoke to my buddy and he’s like number 277, has a 2 seat Diablo on order… fully enclosed with factory AC. He’s not tripping and thinks 95% of haters are just trolls who don’t have one on order.. or they work for polaris… 🤣 My $.02 Abc PS. Unrelated I went to Cook’s corner today
  8. Ha my 18th anniversary is in the 25th! congrats!
  9. Yes sir… Front page of the Los Angeles times the day after my rson was born on March 1, 1997 shootout was February 28, 1997 In the old days we always bought the front page news paper when our children were born in so that is the photo on the front page.
  10. When the tattoo artist grabbed the UPC symbol off the Internet we just removed the numbers so I actually don’t know what the scan is. When I’m in target or any other place with a scanner I am going to try to scan it to see if I have a pack of tampons or a box of Triscuits 😬🤪🤣🕺🤦‍♂️
  11. Yes it should be more faded and the lines should be more spaced out but whatever I’m down with it it’s pretty fun. I’m not sure there is a Sara version but I was basing it on the Kyle version
  12. That picture is my home screen on my phone… I wonder if any you know who that is or when the photo was taken?
  13. I hope it’s like an angle grinder. With my luck it’s a dildo or some Effing disposable diapers or something. ABC
  14. I am generally opposed to tattoos and I do not let my children to get them unless they no longer want money from me. Prejudice from the era I grew up in…. I guess. That being said I’ve always wanted this tattoo for 30 years and today I finally got it….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dpSshtTM8o ABC
  15. Man, I wish I was back there.. not that I have a tough life or anything… but the beach, ocean… cocktails all day, the food.. the grass… no cares.. I need to spend like 4-8 weeks per year there. abc
  16. Yeah … had the benefit of watching the pros race one time. We had the dope high private spot because a dude got me into the Troy Lee Designs deal. Our own private Porta potty‘s, unlimited beers and tacos. I’d like to just come sometime during these track days where they do amateur races and just watch people tear it up. But not in this heat😬😮‍💨😱💯
  17. Regular motorcycle tracks are open. The UTV track is a little ways away but I was throwing up a bunch of dust so I only went a few laps before I got out of there as I don’t wanna get busted for trespassing or anything. Anyhow it is a fun track I was going to rent it and I looked into it it’s about $2500 and you can have three UTV‘s on the track and they even provide safety and flag people. I turn 50 in March and I am thinking about arranging a track day for me and my buddies. From what I remember you get the track from 9 AM to 2 PM. oh and… Get some! ABC IMG_1072.MOV IMG_1071.MOV
  18. All my track run files exceed the mb limit.. I’ll try to make shorter files tomorrow. Hopefully it will still be ‘closed’ abc
  19. Get some… Darn videos are too big to load so sorry I can’t take you around the track did you get the idea… I’ll by my self .. done wanna be.. I’ll by my self.. anymore
  20. Out breaking in my new motor.. (I will make a thread about that later)…. at my moms in Rialto and the glen Helen track is completely empty and I found a way in… sorry it is not GoPro footage I’m doing the track holding an iPhone in my hand abc IMG_1064.MOV IMG_1064.MOV IMG_1064.MOV IMG_1064.MOV IMG_1064.MOV
  21. Yup.. even saw Laird there again … he lives right up the river. Ready to go back. I can’t believe how disgusting the air quality is around here (Laguna Hills) right now. Seems worse than normal … Might be back there in late 2021. abc

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