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  1. I'm not 'happy' with Polaris,.. but after all the dough $ I've put into it.. boxed arms coming (can't wait).. I think I'll be happy with the 'end product' that's taken a couple of years and about $50k per car. I'm not a fan of pursuing any 1st gen product, so this isn't a surprise to me. I was really hoping RG could 'stick it' to Canned Ham and Polaris/Joyner. Maybe it's just more of the same. Wishing the best for the SXS community. Driving a SXS (compared to a good buggy) is like having sex with a condom.. you're having sex, but it just isn't as fun. abc
  2. You never know with the temps.. abc went 10/7 one year ,,, about a decade ago.. 72 high ,,, no one .. totally sick abc
  3. Starting to work on my camera installation. You can see one of my old cameras in the tree, going next level with a 4”x4”x8’ foot post. Gonna put a 2x4 T on top with 3 cameras… up the street, down the street and across the street. Also gonna put camera signs on the post. Run the cables to the tree and then to my eve’s and along the house through the wall to the hard drive. Should effectively capture all activity including license plates, faces. Fortunately, I’m in unincorporated Laguna Hills, no HOA, etc and the post is inside my property line. Nice, I kept a few different flat beds in my driveway without ever having an issue for a decade. Excited to up my game! abc
  4. I'm not sure yet, latest data shows Americans still with Trillions of dollars in cash from all the COVID type give-a-ways, so it might be until next year that we see people run out of funds to lesson the crowds. Also, unemployment (reported, not sure if it's true) is still low. Fed wants to see unemployment go up before they stop hiking rates, which would then reduce incomes/crowds. I can remember 4th of July, 2008 we went to Pismo and it was the most I'd ever paid for gas, $4.99 for 91 and for sure Pismo was EMPTY and I'm sure it was directly related to high gas prices and everyone going BK, etc. I try to do 'off-weekends' so I don't usually see the big crowds. We like Sat-Tue/Wed before Thanksgiving and it's about 10% of the population you see on the following weekend. This year I plan to store in Glamis and with Starlink, I'm looking forward to really really long stays, 7-10 day trips. I love those, you can even just chill in camp for a day wihtout riding and not feel like you're missing anything. Foodrill took my CC yesterday, so boxed arms are on the way which should be the final 'upgrade' to complete my two Turbo S SXSs. I think after that they'll finally be as bulletproof as I can make them. abc
  5. I put 3 cameras in my tree at the end of my driveway, up the street, down the street and across the street,.. they pick up the plate as they're only 10-15 feet away.. just a few feet from the curb. Today, cop asked if we had plates for my break-in. abc
  6. ... I don't let people rent space in my head, so anyone can flame on .. frankly I probably deserved much of it for my drunken behavior back in the day.. but now I'm just another SXS group.. a no body. abc
  7. You bet.. I had this brand, switched to RING (hate those).. my new system will better DPI as my old. Brand is SWANN and you have your own hard drive... all hard wired to it. I have 16 cameras (still in box). Also, you can set up a Gmail account and stream to your phone from anywhere. I don't set mine for motion, it records 24/7 and on the old hard drive than means I got 9 days before it overlapped. Not sure how many days the new set will get me. NEVER us wireless, they suck.. oh and to your point, no monthly fees! abc Not sure if this is the exact one, but it might be.. oh and audio too! https://gwsecurityusa.com/product/gw-security-16-channel-5mp-poe-ip-security-camera-system-16ch-4k-nvr-with-12-piece-hd-1920p-weatherproof-dome-security-cameras-grey-video-surveillance-system-for-24-7-recording/?gclid=CjwKCAjwp9qZBhBkEiwAsYFsb6bjhM_AuAZWvVguV-ZxMjiaKb5H6DV8FJdsU8Zih-sqxq400I6DtBoCBgIQAvD_BwE
  8. Man I miss the early 90's. ..when chat rooms just started.. I'd get in there.. and announce it was SCROLL TIME.. and you had everyone begging and pleading.. warning not to do it.. cause the Adimins couldn't monitor all of them at once.. I'd do a count down.. 5,.. 4... 3.. 2.. 1... then you hit . and return as fast as you can .. back and forth.. all the 'chats' would disappear and all you see is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Until and Admin finally came on and booted you.. that was a fun troll thing to do...
  9. I'm thinking this is the most likely scenario. A buddy up the street from KS, left a gun under his seat, unlocked car and it was stolen. That dude was eventually caught and is in prison largely due to the video evidence I caught him with my cameras. I have a new system after ditching RING, but haven't put it up yet, need to ASAP. This is getting bad. Time to move to MT. abc
  10. OK, so kinda an update, last night mail boxes were broken into and here's a really weird one. My neighbor with the plumbing company across the street, started to lock his work truck behind his RV access gate after being broken into a few weeks back. This morning on the cinderblock wall next to the gate he found a loaded 9mm Glock magazine just sitting on the block wall. Not sure if that was some sort of threat or what to make of it. But as someone else mentioned before in this post, we have to assume these thieves are armed. abc
  11. Posting for a friend. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/431489538970108
  12. On the street right in front of my house, yup shitty for sure.
  13. I've actually done this one a couple of times...
  14. Yeah, but they were sometimes on the side, so if there's a clean shot (no background) maybe they could have taken it.. not sure they had a good shot. Crazy bitch. abc
  15. Probably would have been justified to shoot her as she was threatening so many lives. .. wouldn't have bothered me one bit (if that was the end result). abc
  16. Yeah, 19 years I've owned my Laguna Hills, CA house and crime has risen steadily .. especially in the last 5-10 years. It's such a shame.. I'm not far from the 5 freeway, so easy for folks between LA and San Diego to pull off and mess in our neighborhood. The car, mailbox and catalytic converter thefts seem to be a regular occurrence now. Such a shame. Youngest graduates in 2 years.. maybe we'll leave if she goes out of state for college. Tired of the crime (never thought I'd write that living here). abc
  17. Yup, I'm more worried about the escalation and eventual home armed invasions.
  18. Jackery is awesome. I use a CPAP machine and it will run it and charge phones for 4 days before I have to recharge it.
  19. So I'm lazy and didn't empty my truck from the trip. I use the back row for tools and what not. Smashed the window, opened and grabbed a large tool box. Probably about $500 in old tools. Didn't get the race radios or most importantly the Jackery ($1800) on the front seat which I had covered with a leather jacket... I got away lucky. Neighbors have camera footage, but none shows license plates. Happen around 5am. Have a new camera system in box (for 6 months), but was waiting for my new gutters to be up first (happened last week)... guess this will light a fire under my butt to get the cameras up. I actually put them in a tree at the end of my driveway so I WILL be able to read license plates (if they are displaying them),... not that it will do anything. I'm not even calling the cops.. waste of time. Need to just bail from this sh__ hole of a state. abc
  20. Speaking of patents, etc. .. fun ABC fact. My Great-Grandfather INVENTED Simlac (not the brand, but the actual make up of ... baby formula).. he thought it was so important to the health of babies' survival for mothers who couldn't make enough milk he GAVE IT AWAY!... Like open sourced or just published it, can't remember the full story Mom loves to tell me... Could you imagine? .. I could have been an heir to that fortune... Oh well, probably better, I would be dead most likely had I been born wealthy. OK, back to the SPEED show! abc
  21. Yeah, my buddy who came with us lives across the street, owns a plumbing company, they tried to steal his truck last week (dead man switch), but instead managed to grab about $5k in items. He has an RV spot with a locked gate on his property, so he's going to pull in his truck each night and use my dually to block the gate (otherwise he could get blocked in). I bought my house in Laguna Hills 19 years ago and in the last ten years, mainly the last 3, it's gotten really bad here (crime). They don't prosecute the tweekers/criminals, so they have free reign to commit their crimes. Usually between 1am-3am. Cameras just capture the crime. I've had detectives at my house 3 times to share footage and only once did it result in a conviction (cause they could easily identify him). I put GPS in my TH and Toy Box. I'm insured, but the models I have, Turbo S Velocity's were only made for 3 years and would be hard to replace. Sucks. I agree with the trail riding, it can be extremely dangerous. Didn't used to be that way. Probably need to move to Utah. abc
  22. Not sure that jump would scare any driver, it was what 4 feet?… but as explained it was a ‘worn out’ car. abc

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