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  1. I have yet to have a bad day at the track, some days just cost more than others
  2. Great info from all aspects, So I wasn’t super clear on this and my plans that change on almost a daily basis. We have a toter with a gooseneck hitch which is the tow vehicle. we are going to flat tow as we apparently are old now and will be traveling a bit more We are also getting a gooseneck trailer so that we can put both the jeep and and x3 on a trailer for desert trips. This should keep us at California’s 65’ length limit. we also have a 40’ stacker that we use for racing which puts us over 70’ which won’t work for us on some of our desert trips I don’t see us flat towing until summer but I need to get everything on order and installed so I can get installed before it’s time to hit the road
  3. Lots of good info, still debating on how to do it. I have been liking the lod bumper already
  4. Looking for input on flat towing a 2020 JL wrangler, don’t really like the idea of the tow plates as we will use the jeep off road. Probably going to do a flat bed as well so we can take jeep and can am on some trips. need ideas for which parts, pieces and thoughts
  5. Bought this to get us through the next year waiting on new toter to arrive
  6. This is what we use in some of our new fire trucks
  7. Not all of them do that, they also have Fxx cars
  8. What I can’t believe is that I don’t have any other pictures. 2021 M5 competition, pretty impressive car honestly 11 second 1/4 mile@ 130mph. 198mph straight off the showroom. Not too bad for such a heavy car.
  9. Crew cab long bed diesel, pretty much everything imaginable on this truck. I kind of forgot what I ordered, I think this was ordered 9-10 months ago. the plan for the past 5 years was two trucks and two trailers at every race in order to get both cars to track, fast forward to now we decided to sell both trailers and one of the trucks and buy a toter and 40’ liftgate stacker. im not out a penny on this, just trying to get someone an opportunity of a loaded truck before it arrives this month and is sold
  10. I ordered this truck earlier this year, white pearl paint, black leather, every option, may or may not have sunroof though. It’s brand new on way to dealer if anybody is interested send me a message so I can send you to dealer. I’m not out anything just trying to give someone the opportunity to get a new bad ass truck immediately.
  11. This is affecting the cities as well. jaws of life and other brands of rescue tools are now battery operated. two cities in so cal have electric fire trucks being built, the first one will arrive first quarter of 2022, should be pretty fun to deal with
  12. Fortunately yes we were able to get discs that were close. We have them in our log book which is not in front of me now. A couple of points apart. The discs we got are probably pre covid, we run a 9” and most v8’s are on a 10” clutch, not as much demand for these. changed 3 of 6 arms, changed the cups, changed from 5135 to 5191 discs. Set it up as a baseline of 23 grams per arm. our last pass last year had zero weight, and could not get enough slip. Wear was only .003. We ended up hurting motor because of it

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