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  1. I always keep a cop car in the driveway, never had any issues
  2. Price increase of 8.5% starting august 1st product us still 3-9 months out
  3. Finally put a winch and bumper on the jeep so we can flat tow it behind the Rv we are finally getting next week.
  4. In Excess


    Nitro has really become an issue with supply this year, let alone the price. Need a drum now and another at end of year. Might hurt a bit more than usual. We haven’t run the nitro car since last year, time to clean it up and go racing
  5. That’s what I’m talking about right there, I have two projects to deal with first. I need to pay off BMW this summer and wait for contractors to slow so I can can remodel house and add more garage space. It’s been 30 something years since my last 911 time to go down that road again.
  6. So I’m not alone in my thoughts, that’s scary. I like hp, a little less hp and lightweight works too
  7. We are at 9 months right now on all brands of public safety two way radios
  8. We made it through 2021 without an issue, now it’s hitting us hard. Just trying to stock up the best we can. most of our products were 30-60 days out previously. Now we are 6-9 months trucks we are receiving used to be 330 days now at 450 days just for us to do our part
  9. I have varying interests in cars, for my 4 door needs I went with a 21 m5 competition. For a super heavy car this things does everything pretty flawlessly. It doesn’t stand out unless you know what your looking at it. Doesn’t have the sound have the performance v8’s out there, but it will run with most of them. Mileage is not good 16-17 ish, last I checked I didn’t buy it for mileage. Next car I buy will be a Porsche maybe a gt3
  10. Hopefully everyone is better prepared for this one. Prepare yourself and make sure the seatbelts are tight. I survived the last one barely without losing or selling anything. I have been laying the groundwork to survive this one as well and keep all employees on board no matter what happens with the economy. By the end of summer the only debt we will have is utilities and taxes.
  11. Everybody makes pull up lap belts, kinda hard to have pull downs in a dragster. There is not even enough room to buckle in a dragster
  12. I keep my dash plain and simple
  13. We sold our 40 ft 5th wheel after 17 years this season, honestly it was pretty much perfect for the desert, it was getting older, but was in perfect condition, really no complaints. we wanted to do more river stuff and just go camping without toys, hard to do it all with one rig. Big fifth wheel doesn’t work at some campgrounds or beaches Also wanted to flat tow the jeep on occasion But we do more trips racing than desert or river so this played the biggest factor. Last year we raced in Missouri 3x and the long travel and hotels sucked on us, the dog and the crew. To get our stuff to races took 2 trucks and 2 trailers. we went with a used toter home and a 40 ft liftgate stacker, approx 72 ft. We also order a new toter that will arrive next year. This summer we will know better how our decision plays out. Now we have a real truck that can tow a big trailer, we can take both race cars plus support vehicles all in one truck and trailer. Between the truck and trailer we have plenty of space, plenty of water (210 gallons) holding tanks are the weakness at 50 gallons. we will also be buying a gooseneck flatbed so we can take jeep and side x side to desert instead of the stacker, this will also keep us at or about legal length. I kept one dually in case I change my mind again which happens daily
  14. I’ve lived on septic tank properties since 1992. Bought current house in 2006, it has a 1250 gallon system, pumped it in 2006. Have not since. Probably should do it pretty soon. Have never added anything to the septic system. Just try to avoid putting too much down the system, scrap food, tampons and so on. shop has a 1500 gallon system since 2011 and I dump the rv pretty much every trip. No issues. just take into consideration the chit that’s going down the drain

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