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  1. So we are changing up our game a bit and decided it’s time to sell my older truck to make some room in the garage 2015 2500 duramax ltz long bed. local Chevy dealer that I do a lot of work with offered me 51k……damn is all I can say
  2. 2005.5 Cl40 Weekend Warrior Trailer has been stored indoors most of its like so its in really good shape inside and out no damage inside our out except where the sandrail rubbed on wall on very rear inside of trailer Trailer was waxed today, I still need to clean up the interior from last weeks trip this week. 4 Trojan T105 Batteries 3000 Watt MasterVolt inverter with 5" touch display two led flat panel TV's, one in bedroom one in living area, both with DVD Players 12V Air Compressor with 8 gallon tank and QD fittings under Right side of Body two 40 gal pump stations plus 20 gal Generator Tank, One pump is new and the other pump recently rebuilt 12v 4.8 amp Dual USB Charger in bedroom and under TV All lighting has been switched to LED, This includes DOT Lighting, exterior and Interior Lights, The Flood lights are Whelen Pioneers that are 10,000 lumens each Winch Under step stereo with outside speakers, 2 Amps 2 Ac units, main 15k AC Unit is new and includes Bluetooth control of thermostat Rear bed has been raised to fit side x sides (Not Electric) zero roof damage, roof has been checked and or re sealed every other year Bearings just serviced, brakes inspected and serviced All the standard updates have been performed suspension updates as well as the outriggers tires are dated 2019 and in good shape with little wear Slides have all been serviced in last year, main slide motor recently replaced due to a mounting problem which was updated to prevent future failure New water pump and Porcelain Toilet Awning Fabric replaced last year All screw trim was replaced last year, all moldings were re-siliconed last year, any plastic that was yellowed was replaced or painted, water and fuel doors were replaced New day/night window shades installed last year Craftsman toolbox in side compartment included without tools Interior Pictures will come in a few days, but inside is as clean as the outside Original Owner, nothing needed on this trailer Contact Greg (714) 397-1700, 35K OBO
  3. We have had a few failures the past 6 months with both our trailers. We serviced everything well enough we thought, we did drive to Missouri 3x this past year though. Point is check everything. box trailer we had a caliper fall off and rub on the wheel, I guess this is pretty common, we were told to safety wire the bolts on. The major problem here was that the bolts are m11, not easy to find on road. 2nd was on our warrior we had a bearing cage fail after 17 years of use. Plenty of grease as the rollers were still there and stuck to everything. Unfortunately this took out the brake assy and our roadside repair meant replacing the axle when we got home. I try to pull everything apart once a year but these were weird failures
  4. Broke on 2 step, honestly looks like a valve spring issue. We had a bye in first round today we did not run it hard. now on to round 2 and test it, we don’t feel it’s fixed so will test it on the line
  5. Burning some nitro this weekend after two rounds of qualifying we are #1, we have not made a pass in the 2.60’s yet. We have a feeling that will happen in Q4 tomorrow
  6. Yep, I can’t help it, claimed 617 or 623 or something like that but they appear to be under rated and are closer to 700hp in reality. I keep hoping it’s going to wake up and pull like the dragster though
  7. We had our Vw in dealer with a misfire for 5 months under drivetrain warranty at 98900 mikes waiting on a new head from Germany. only have 3500 miles on our m5 cs, no issues at all except excessive tire wear
  8. Putting a pice of metal on rack while standing on forklift 15 ft in air. I turned my back fora mere second and the 15ft long piece of sheet metal decided to jump off and slices my arm open pretty damn good. Off to get stitches I went
  9. https://www.facebook.com/bob.schaefer.9/videos/10215608767771211/ just a stock VW
  10. My oil changes go from a day to a year depending on the usage
  11. My view isn’t exciting, same view all week
  12. A pic of our m5 competition, these things claim 623 hp but dyno tests of stock cars have them putting more than that to the ground at all 4 wheels. 0-60 in under 3 seconds 190 mph car. Can’t say how impressed I am with this car on and off track. Pretty wicked in 2wd with dsc off….ask rubs

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