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  1. Putting a pice of metal on rack while standing on forklift 15 ft in air. I turned my back fora mere second and the 15ft long piece of sheet metal decided to jump off and slices my arm open pretty damn good. Off to get stitches I went
  2. https://www.facebook.com/bob.schaefer.9/videos/10215608767771211/ just a stock VW
  3. My oil changes go from a day to a year depending on the usage
  4. My view isn’t exciting, same view all week
  5. A pic of our m5 competition, these things claim 623 hp but dyno tests of stock cars have them putting more than that to the ground at all 4 wheels. 0-60 in under 3 seconds 190 mph car. Can’t say how impressed I am with this car on and off track. Pretty wicked in 2wd with dsc off….ask rubs
  6. Too many toys started downsizing last year i consider most of them essential to my life dragster buggy rhino to tow the race cars x3 2 enclosed trailers toyhauler 1 ton truck 3/4 ton truck 1/2 ton truck jeep van jetta M5 competition boat Well over 5000hp there

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