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  1. Thanks guys for the input, the older I get the harder it is to work through the heat. The garage is already drywalled and insulated, only thing that is not is the Garage door, but that's not to bad to do ( once the AC is blowing ) HAHA Time to go shopping
  2. Im thinking of adding a mini split to my garage. Who has done this? What brand did you go with? Where did you get it or did you just order it from the world wide web? Thanks
  3. Ill take a look, thanks.
  4. I need to replace my fuel pump in the buggy with a vortec 4.3 Chevy. Last one/ original one was a Pierburg 7.21565.01, I'm not having any luck finding that one. What have you guys had luck with? Thanks
  5. I think it was in 05, reservoir shocks and stroger frame. I bought an 05 for my wife a couple years ago just to be able to cruse around with the kids but now my oldest daughter has clamed it, so I need another. HAHA Just trying to get a jump on the season but damn prices are outrageous, I paid $2800 for my wife's 05 pre covid and that was a little high then. I have seen prices for trashed bikes in the $4K.
  6. Not at this time but Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info, i'm hoping to find something in so cal so I don't have to spend a million dollars in fuel to go get it. HAHA
  8. Anyone have a Suzuki LTZ 400 that they are looking to let go? Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the info, so many options. I’m going up to mammoth in a few weeks, I’m thinking of renting a few and see what I like.
  10. Who has what? Totally new to the hole E-bike thing. I’m looking for more of a cruise, little dirt, little pavement and mostly camp ground.
  11. For sure, That was a fun one
  12. I have a couple Wyze cam V3, they work pretty good for the price, I found that you can have multiple people view the camera but only the original profile that set the cam up can do the play back. Put in a SD card and its all a free service.

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