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2008 Extreme Performance platinum series $115,000

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Since my last listing went so well last time, I was asked to help my brother sell his car! 

Placing this ad for a family member that does not have glamisdunes.com. Please do not contact me. Please use the contact info at the bottom of the this ad.

This is not a fire sale, but will entertain Best Offers!

Here is a chance to own a true icon! This is not just any Extreme Performance Platinum Series car. This is the FIRST Platinum car ever built! This is Platinum #1! The car is the best of the best with no expense spared! The car was recently taken down to the frame and professionally rebuilt from the ground up, by a professional race shop with zero time on it! So it's basically a brand new car at a used car price! Don't miss this opportunity to buy one of the best cars out there! It doesn't get much better than this! Contact Eddie (951) 905-8239. Located in Beaumont, CA.

CHASISS -4130 1.750 tubing powder coated silver BODY -6061 t -6 black hard ano skid plate flooring -Curved windshield and carbon dash -Collision light wind with led lights

Suspension (front end)- -12.00 2.5 in king coil carrier with 14.00 3.5 in king by pass custom black bodies with blue ano ends -4130 sheet metal lower control arms with 1.00 aurora uni balls and nylon inner pivots -7075 billet upper control arms with 7/8 fk jmx serious inner pivots and spindle side joint -4130 chrome tie rods with 3/4 and 7/8 fk jmx serious rod ends -4130 spindels with 2.00 hollow fully welded snouts and hd brakes -17 in omf wheels with bead locks and inner stiffeners (service- all shocks are brand new never seen dirt, front end is completely gone through all hardware is new )

Suspension (Rear end) -16.00 2.5 king coil over 18.00 4.0 bypass black bodies , blue ano. ends -4130 tubing rear trailing arms with HD brakes and 934 mid bore hubs (plunging cv) -Custom 300 m axles -17 in omf wheels with bead locks and inner stiffeners (service- all shocks are brand new never seen dirt, rear is completely gone through all hardware is new ) Power steering box gear one large Trophy truck rack with custom billet bump rack adapter (service- box has been resealed )

INTERIOR -(PRP) leather seat upgrade W/ seat heaters front and rear -Driver seat and pass seat slider -Sparco suede steering wheel with sweet quick release -Suede head liner and side panels

ELECTRONICS -Auto meter gauges -Lawrence gps -4 way intercom and race radio commutation -Motec m 48 ecu LIGHTING -Rigid ind. curved upper light bar-with adjustable actuator -Rigid ind. mid and front light

Transmission -Mendeola s4d trans with triple disc clutch upgrade 4.63 finial drive ratio with 37 in tires 1st -2.91 2nd-1.93 3rd -1.50 4th-1.20 (service- trans is new has no time on it -changed oil because it has sat in shop since it was new )

ENGINE -Chevy LSX cast block 427 (4.130 bore and 4.00 stroke) 891 HP 837 pounds of Torque -Bryant racing billet forged crank -Carrillo rods -CP pistons -Solid Rollor cam -PSI valve springs -Jesel adjustable rollor lifters dog bone -Jesel rocker arms -All Pro heads with arm head and main studs -Aviad balancer with aviad external oil pump for a dry sump system -custom dry sump oil pan -Comp Turbo CT 4 TBB 67 compressor P trim turbine wheel Ball bearing T4 .96 AR, P trim turbine housing from Precision Turbo -Custom Turbonetics bar and plate design intercooler -Wilson manifold -Custom oil coolers and alum shrouds

$115k. Contact Eddie (951) 905-8239. Located in Beaumont, CA.












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