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  1. I was hoping to get some kind of clarification on this also.
  2. On the walls either get a gallon of primer or a gallon of whatever color with a high percentage of primer in it. I didn’t and painted mine white. I came back the next day for touchups and the walls were a brown/white. Ended up buying another gallon of white with a high percentage of primer in it. Still looks great after6 years.
  3. Busy weekend for us. Last night went to a really nice restaurant and celebrated Silvia’s birthday. Today I’ve washed the vehicles and getting ready to go to Arrowhead for October Fest. Then I will be chaperoning some drunks to the Kid Rock concert. Sunday will be a recuperating and watching Nascar. Everyone have a great and safe weekend.
  4. Enjoy your show with your pink Boa
  5. I get to see Kid Rock Saturday.
  6. Who’s your nomination for DOTM? Remember it’s duners helping duners.

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