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  1. The lower temp will allow the meat to take more smoke flavor.
  2. What is the lowest temp you can smoke at? I can get mine down to about 140* I do that for 3 hours and then crank it to 225 till done.
  3. I hope everyone is enjoying their Father’s Day.
  4. Wait what 50? You don’t look a day over 35.
  5. I didn’t even order some windows. Is this like the stimulus checks they just show up someday?
  6. Does my wife bitching at me count?
  7. I saw that on Facebook. You picked it up pretty quick. Fun project good luck.
  8. Did a Tri-tip a little different today. Smoked it till internal temp was 145*. Wrapped it in aluminum foil and cooked it for another hour at 350*. I the wife loved this version. And like a moron I didn’t take pictures of it sliced up. I just started eating it.

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