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100 gallon aluminum aux or transfer tank

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Had this in my 2014 Silverado and removed it becuase my son does all the transports with his truck now.  It can be used as a auxillary tank or as a transfer tank.  I used it for a diesel auxillary tank plubmed into my stock tank.  The "T" fitting kit is about $90 on Amazon or at Camping World.  Having 134 gallons of fuel was nice when I was driving a lot.  Don't need it now.

47" wide X 22" deep X 24" tall

Dual 2" NPT threaded bungs on either side, 1/2" NPT bung for a vent line, 1/2" NPT bung on lower corner for auxillary hook up to stock fuel tank.  Comes with a locking cap with keys and a vent valve.  Also has two brackets to secure it to the bed.

$500 obo, delivery can be arranged to San Diego, anywhere in between LA and Phoenix, or Vegas













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