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  1. Thank you gents here’s to the opening of glamis.
  2. I think with anything pbs is no longer making parts but there plants around still.
  3. Yes sir and it deffently a lot more sure about the shift than the 2d I was used to.
  4. So went out for a spin and kept falling on its face. It was like a of on switch When I hit the throttle. Back in and changed the cam on the throttle plate and made a night and day difference. Amazing what a 1/4 of placement will do. Then off and yeast again driving much nicer and getting used to that sequential trans. Then let it rip I mean I nailed the throttle on its face again. It would take off like a bat out of hell then die out. I could idle around and part throttle with no issue. Try it again and it dies and won’t restart. So I start checking for what could be. It’s not even trying to fire I could hear everything comming on but I got no fuel pressure so I crack the lines and no flow so I think Maybe ran out of fuel I mean I only put three gallons in just enough to run around so that a option right? So run grab five more gallons and toss it in. Still not building pressure I can hear the pump coming on just no pressure. I’m having a fuel issue so ordered up a new pump. I’m hoping this fixes it.
  5. I have to say that finishing up my car leaves me with a chassis and I was going to sell it but seeing what they are going for makes me think I just hold on to it and build it back up latter.
  6. I thought it was to make us feel better for loosing all the rep points. But I’m a big fan of crusty’s use. 🚣‍♂️
  7. Still on the fence. it’s a drive and I don’t know about going deep to the commieforina. Might not like my masculinity lol. And try to take my guns.
  8. Ok so an update. After the second time service Az canceled my inspection I went into the adot inspection office. It was very nice and no line. The receptionist asked how she could help and I explained what was happening. Come to find out that it’s some it guy in a office some where that checks and makes sure appointments are filled out correct and if not it gets canceled. Here lies the problem to have a vin assigned the system needs a make model and year. Which if you build a car that has not ever had a known make model or year I.e. any tube chassis it’s insta cancel. So the Cricle continues cause when you call the message says to go to service Az and no option to talk to a human. the receptionist leans over and talks to a adot officer and they see the issue, so she scheduled me a new appointment that is two days away and the h 4 week wait. the officer tells me that even if I get a canceled notice to come in. so appointment time car is on the trailer and yes I am impatient so I get there a half hr early. Still no line same receptionist smiles and tells me that she had been checking on my appointment to make sure that it was still there. She takes my license and fills out the paperwork letting me know to wait outside and the officer would be out in a minute. So I walk out side where a Lamborghini pulling into the bay. The inspectors come out and start going over his car. I strike up a conversation with the man and he starts geeking out on the sand car asking all types of questions about the gear box and motor. Next thing the inspector says that his car is done so we walk into the bay then I’m geeking out on his car with the inspectors. It turns out that the Lamborghini had been side swiped wiping out the drivers side and he had just replaced it all requiring the inspection for the vin replacement. as he pulls away I continue with the inspection officers and he loved the car. He had a injects VW with a type one trans so he had all types of sand car knowledge and we talked about glamis and changes that have happened. He walks back inside and comes out with the new vin and asked where I wanted it. Such a good experience. I was thinking man to do this job you gave to be a car guy and guess what they are. Very cool guys. after that it was in to the real mvd to get plate and registration. Lucky not busy and as I talk to the clerk she says that unless I can verify with recipes half the price I valued the car at I would need a bond. Ha I came prepared here is my recipes. The look of horror with the pile I gave her that she now had to scan in. I have never added up the recipes I got now I don’t want to. She stopped and haven’t made it a quarter of the way through the pile. Guess I should have valued it higher and here I thought I was high on value. Lol not so for a bout a hour and a half under a hundred dollar and some new friends I will be in mother G this season.
  9. Red Walmart high temp for all 935 but only to brake in. You know when you got a put the Spurs to it go with the green marine stuff
  10. She out of the garage and sounds wicked. Hoping to get a vin assigned able to take it for a spin this weekend.
  11. OK so I need help. I’ve tried to schedule my inspection twice here in Arizona and both times have been canceled without a reason is there a third-party place somewhere in the northwest valley where I can get this done don’t want to wait for the season to be over.
  12. Got the break lines sorted and fired it up. Sounds healthy but with having to wait to get a vin I decided to through one of those new fancy air cleaners on.
  13. Looks legit to me but if your just cleaning up the seat. I have to ask is it wallowed out or what is the damage?
  14. So From what I’m seeing the vin will be issued then. I thing that there may be a back log from not doing the inspection.
  15. So I scheduled my appointment to get a title. I’m amazed it has to be a month out I guess I didn’t realize that so many people were trying to get titles but hay foot is in the door. I will keep you all updated on the process and what I find out.
  16. So I know before the site went on siesta there was some info on how to do it. I’m in Phoenix area and have gotten my car to the point I need to start driving and testing it so I need to get a title. Looking for advice on how to do it. I have no idea on where to start called the DMV and got no help any one with experience? Thank you all for any advice.
  17. I will tell you that I will be there. Up last night watching viedo of our summer rides. Not many like Devin. So kind still have my gd.com flag he gave me the first time I road with him.
  18. I have the ryobi version but I get your question I think you will be stuck with the m12 if size is your your issue

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