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  1. https://northbrief.com/news/edgar-ivan-galindo-diaz-arrested-in-hit-and-run-atv-crash-that-killed-young-boy-and-girl/
  2. Can’t go wrong with it. I’ve had it going on 10 years. Bought it from 1 of the 2 major air rifle sites online out of Arizona. Paired it with a Hawke scope and many a rabbits pigeons and squirrels have been laid to rest. Plenty of value for the $500 or so I have invested in it. Definitely one of my lesser bonehead purchases
  3. After decades of daisy and crosman pellet rifles, my first real deal air rifle was a RWS Diana 350 magnum in .22 caliber. Plenty of stopping force for ground squirrels and rabbits. Not a horrible amount of effort to load this break barrel (don’t know how strong your kiddos are). I also have a Benjamin Trail Xl (much harder to load and heavier as well). break barrels are cheap and get the job done. Mate it with a quality scope and you’ll be a happy camper. I had a Benjamin Marauder (M-rod) but the cost to fill tanks with compressed air or to buy the high pressure air compressors with short life spans made me sell it off shortly after purchase. The high pressure hand pumps take all the fun out of it.
  4. The ‘21 canam have a sensitive voltage system the displays a battery waning in the dash when too much power is consumed. As far as a battery upgrade, I recommend a single big battery (pc1200 and a UTVINC battery hood down) vs a dual battery dual maintenance charger. Dilemma with 2 batteries is running you stereo on battery number 2 and draining it will add even more load on your charging system when the car is running. Money saved on 2 battery setups (battery he battery, tray, isolator and wiring) is much better spend on a larue alternator kit my parts list: ssv universal (left or right) 10” sub boxes (these have more airspace) are down firing (no sand on bouncing on the sub cone) and made of fiberglass. The con is you cannot run your seats in low position 6’ + problems. Ssv does also make a low seat option that specific to under the driver seat and passenger seat but air space is lost as a result still down firing and fiberglass for now. kicker kmtc9 horn compression tower speakers for the rear mated to an JL audio MX500.4 amp bridged to 250rms to 2 channels or a soundigital powersport (marine blue color) SD800.4 amp bridged 400 watts to 2 channels subs JL Audio 10W1 of kicker comp RT headunit: fosgate pmx-2, kicker kmc5 or wetsounds Mc-20 or 2 front upper dash panel replacement (as long as you don’t have an aftermarket cage with a really low intrusion bar): fosgate, Utv stereo, and kikimoto all make these sub amp kicker pxa500.1, JL audio mx500.1 or fosgate tm750.1 speakers: kicker km6 or wetsounds revo 6 i listed multiple options because of availability and brand preferences
  5. I do these for a living, the fosgate setup you’re looking at is well put together which makes it easy to take on for installation. They have a quick install video and tech support if you have questions. At that price point you could have a much better setup using parts from different manufacturers but as a result the install would become far more complex.
  6. How do electric powered rigs fair up with water crossings. Any e-jeep owners
  7. Hope that’s not the case for all special order trucks, I placed a custom order on an f-350 in March and so far have only had 1 delay, April 11th start of production was pushed to April 17th. I have a vin and just received the window sticker on my build.
  8. Ordered some hardware to make a couple more high lift jacks to keep in various places (I’m not the type to have 1 of something and move it all over). Jeff is a straight shooter and is willing to ship the parts which saves me in time and effort in traveling to San Diego to pickup. if you don’t already have one of his sand jacks, get one. You won’t be disappointed
  9. HBD Dale swing by the shop sometime when you’re in the area. Still ripping the 700 in Lucerne and have that “Sign” you made hanging up of the old rhino
  10. If all else fails I’ve got a brand new set $600 takes them
  11. Yup I’ll hook you up as best I can on any upgrades I can get a hold of for you.
  12. Helmets are fine, just outfit it for a trax intercom if you get one
  13. If you plan on listening to music in your headsets, yes(stereo sound vs mono like all others are and have been). Beware if you spend the extra coin on the trax, to make sure all your headsets and helmets are also trax or you’ll have to buy cables to dumb them back to mono sound
  14. Let me know if you need a switch pro at a GD forum discount as for the switch pro, you can program how each switch operates via the app. So as for your whips, you can set those to battery, you can also set up non blinking items (dust light, solid color whips) to strobe for flash function as well as momentary switch for push button starting rugged radios advises wiring radios directly to the battery yet also sells a master switch that interrupts the feeds from being a direct wire 🤷‍♂️

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