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  1. Helmets are fine, just outfit it for a trax intercom if you get one
  2. If you plan on listening to music in your headsets, yes(stereo sound vs mono like all others are and have been). Beware if you spend the extra coin on the trax, to make sure all your headsets and helmets are also trax or you’ll have to buy cables to dumb them back to mono sound
  3. View Advert Switch-pros RCR-Force 12 12 switch switch pro brand new in box customer decided to step down to an 8 button on his canam first $820 takes it 714-936-9418 Woodcrest / corona johnny Advertiser Intro2Rhino Date 01/10/2022 Price $820.00 Category Sandcar / Off-Road parts  
  4. Time Left: 8 hours and 17 minutes

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    12 switch switch pro brand new in box customer decided to step down to an 8 button on his canam first $820 takes it 714-936-9418 Woodcrest / corona johnny


  5. Let me know if you need a switch pro at a GD forum discount as for the switch pro, you can program how each switch operates via the app. So as for your whips, you can set those to battery, you can also set up non blinking items (dust light, solid color whips) to strobe for flash function as well as momentary switch for push button starting rugged radios advises wiring radios directly to the battery yet also sells a master switch that interrupts the feeds from being a direct wire 🤷‍♂️
  6. Kevin at TFBB was telling me his current pro xp cage would not fit the new pro r. Nothing was confirmed as he has yet to put his hands on one. Hoping it’s minor like the canam x3’s
  7. I do. Pm me what you’re looking for and I’ll get you a price. Please include your location
  8. I carry odyssey batteries in corona if you interested I can get you pricing
  9. I agree, the power output on this is minimal. I use this because of is compact size and convenient control for volume and track change it does have an audio output that makes it perfect to match up with nicer speakers as you grow the system. In its packaged form it will not power some wetsounds rev10’s but a $1400 tower speaker budget means you sound coin an amp that can match. again if you are limited in space, and in general, very few multi channel amplifier for full range speakers put out more than 100watts quality per channel (this micro Bluetooth amp is maybe 25watts) in a Rzr or canam space and lack of stator (alternator output) narrow the market on available products that would fit in the trunk of a car or inside the steering console of a pontoon. The lack of a a true alternator also means you need something that is efficient on converting what little power you have to actual watts and not just heat… marine micro amps I like Rockford Fosgate and JL audio’s MX line for this reason
  10. Hit the free shipping and take advantage of the 50% off items and you can transform your garage or enclosed trailer nicely
  11. https://ca.shopnewage.com/products/bold-series-24-in-wall-cabinet-50000?variant=39643005222979
  12. I agree with both previous comments if you have a budget that will dictate the info and direction to take. im in the process of setting up a small Ssv display with their micro Bluetooth amp and a pair of their house speakers and pods. it’s at my shop in corona and will have a sole purpose of selling the right setup from the start. Also helps me know what: “I don’t want anything crazy just some good sound” means. Then I can advise only what is truly needed and not disappoint.
  13. Yes. The Milwaukee kits posted are ok if you want a nice set of multiple tools to use sparingly. If you want the real benefits of modern battery powered tools to need to get their fuel lineup of tools. They are smaller and when used constantly that a huge benefit. Along with increased power
  14. Post up some links, screen shots deals that we should be made aware of. I love me some Milwaukee M12 but nothing screamed but me that I don’t already have.
  15. This is the perfect setup for under $1000. Cage mounted pods you can hear outside of your Sxs during piss breaks or bbq’ing at camp. Not enough to disturb the peace but a great complement to an accessorized toy. I don’t agree with the car audio being just as viable as purpose built marine audio. Cost isn’t much more on marine, rather the “purpose” built is that for a reason. The linked Ssv amp/ Bluetooth unit, I stock dozens of for a reason. They are cheap ($180 retail) and effective. They can get hosed when washing your Sxs, the Bluetooth physical controller keeps your cell phone or iPod safe stored in a door bag (ever lost anything out of the removable floorboard drain plug holes? I’ve had rugged hand held radios wiggle their way through those holes). marine speakers are designed differently than a standard car speaker, they will suspend the tweeter over the woofer (cone shaped part of the speaker) the purpose is so water and sand / dust don’t get into the sleeved portion of the speaker. That will dust over time and lock up a speaker similar to a piston in a cylinder. marine will typically cost 25% more over comparable standard car audio but again, it’s purpose built. an Ssv system as mentioned would be ~$600 all Ssv product. most expensive part of Sxs sound systems is usually the enclosures. Ssv $180 Bluetooth controller ssv cage mounted empty pods $270 ssv marine speaker $100 Upgrade to kicker marine speaker $150 car audio kicker speaker would be $130 in this example

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