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  1. You may not get the answers you seek first and second rule of fight club are certainly used by ghost campers
  2. If you want to put together a ln lt80 to last years, get a hold of jack Moore on his facebook. He’s a whiz with these little machines. If you don’t have Facebook like me, find someone that does. It’ll be worth the effort
  3. Factory/ oem? With or without a resi? it’ll be cheaper/ easier to find some quality aftermarket shocks try ishock in yucca valley, ca
  4. I own a shop in corona. Fell free to call me or text me for pricing or any questions you might have 714-936-9418
  5. Same thing happened when I listed some xl80’s 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Brand new, no longer needed $500 takes it. Johnny 714-936-9418 i can ship on buyers dime or pick up located in corona
  7. I used to own one of these during my quad years/ early 20’s. Great for a couple youngsters but extremely small and mine had frame problems. The tongue wasn’t properly attached to the main portion of the frame and split in half. Not fun or cheap to repair
  8. I miss that magazine. Made great Crapter material. I can’t do the digital magazine subscription thing. My brain has been fried with this instant gratification social media/ viral crap. kick ass car. Shoot for the stars if you’re not quite ready to let go
  9. Tech wanted to get fired. The PDR is common knowledge to any c8 tech and owner. If you can spring for the markup on these cars you can afford to buy the SD card that it needs to activate the feature
  10. Started back up with this project at home. Have my man cave, her she cave and this is the kids playroom. Added a porch this weekend to their little domain. it’s been quite some time since I’ve had to buy lumber. These prices are insane. It’s all a conspiracy to blindly allow for inflation with all the money we’re giving away. pics or it didn’t happen. Btw I’m not a framer or in any sort of construction. Just played with legos and trains growing up
  11. At least wait to see what she looks like 😂
  12. Just received this letter in the mail. Looks like they want to test emissions on my stock 2015 f-250 diesel. anyone know anything about this or have participated in the program? says if they select my truck, I’ll get a check for $5000 and a loaner truck while they have it 7-8 weeks. wondering if I should, wouldn’t mind the money and I’d have my truck back in time for dune season
  13. I would imagine so as the media keeps increasing talks about a resurge of the rona and masks suggestions are once again upon us if you’re thinking about going, you save a couple bucks buying online and don’t have to worry about the event selling out like the swap meet did worse case, we all get refunds issued if they cancel the event or an iou voucher for the 2022 show 🤣 (I won’t hold my breath for a quick reimbursement)
  14. September 17th-19th https://www.sandsportssupershow.com

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