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  1. You must be the next Tony Robbins, thanks for the life lesson it was truly life changing.
  2. Whatever, you're just another one that thinks you chit don't stink. F___K OFF!
  3. Not mad, I think you're projecting. You're the reading so the issue is in your head.
  4. Paid 3.19 for 93 that is not a typo and 3.19 for diesel in east Texas. LET'S GO BRANDON!!!
  5. This is what you call rubbing it in. Break the law and gloat about it, classy move.
  6. Well I meant to type Bitchin, I'll correct that. Nice of you as a fellow Roadrunner elitist to point that out. Thanks
  7. It's not that he doesn't get it,he doesn't care. He gets away with it for what has to be close to 10 years or more, so F you and stop complaining. He only obeys rules he chooses to and breaks the ones he can. Leaving his rig on Roadrunner all season is the lest of the laws he ignors. He a bitchin guy and your not, in his mind. There it's fix, thanks TJ.
  8. Fair enoug, so they lose one potential customer and make 10 or more new ones.
  9. It would as the only person that says it didn't happen keeps his stuff out there all season and is anything but honest. His rig is even in a couple of pictures.
  10. Will it hurt J&M towing? The small number of people that do the ghostcamping crap are pretty much hated by 98-99%. I don't see being contracted to open and secured rigs so they can be towed as a bad PR policy.
  11. After so many years of duning you get to a point and say, I have enough stories that start with the phrase, "so we went on a night ride."
  12. They had so much work last year they weren't returning calls.
  13. Just a friendly heads up, bring cash, they don't take checks or credit cards at the impound yard. O I almost forgot, the registered owner, first might have to pay for the release from the BLM, not sure how they handle that.

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