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  1. I believe you, "no one gets paid to STAY at Roadrunner." How is my application going for membership?
  2. The next time you go there that idiot won't be there. Just in case bring a 5 gallon dump can. If he head toward you start filling it. Then pour the 5 gallons into the drum, repeat as needed.
  3. They are going to fire you. 28 day without pay is the longest disciplinary action the county can take below immediate termination. After you do your 28 days. If you receive even a 1 day suspension they can terminate you and that is what they are setting you up for. It's time you call your union and file a grievance. It won't stop anything but it will keep you in the fight. Also keep copious itemized records of lost income, including overtime and any added expense do to lost benefits, any lost assets etc. In 3 to 5 years (it take a long time) when you and all the other county employees win your law suit, get reinstated, the next legal action involves getting payed all back owed money. You'll be happy you kept a record. The law suits from all this vax BS will take years to work through the courts. Don't forget the only reason to work for these A-holes is that pension. I personally know guys who have been fired and reinstated years later and handed large checks. You will lose this round but in the end the county almost always loses. If you could have been injured on the job before your last shift you could buy yourself a year or two but then you have to go underground and watch for strange cars. Did you hurt your back on that last shift and it's just not getting better? Good luck and Fawk LA County!
  4. I always thought it would be pretty funny to drag a whole group of dropped trailers, a good ways out into the soft sand, off of the Pads. It would be quite entertaining watching the owners show up, see their trailers and think the poor guys that moved into the space they had ghosted out did it.
  5. Don't forget to wire for surround sound. I'd also wire for ceiling speakers in most rooms. I mean if I was single and could listen to music and an enjoyable volume.
  6. I have spent a lot of midweek days out there since I retired. It wasn't until I retired I even tried to camp on Gecko. I surprised that the BLM is even out there during the midweek. That said there are plenty of ghost camps. last year being the worst I have seen. I have seen the shenanigans. Things most of you have no clue about. The fact is most what people will call ghost camps usually have 1 or 2 people but there are the trailer droppers with no one around for days. I've been camped next to them. I might have played games with their cones, I might even feed my fire with their wood. Regardless one constant is the BLM never fallow though and never enforce anything consistently. We all want to camp with our friends, so to get upset at people trying to do that is hypocritical at best. Also pulling onto Gecko Rd the day before Thanksgiving looking for a spot for your group is just being stupid. It would be a dune season without ghost camping drama, let the season begin!
  7. I have a Safe Glo whip I'll make a deal on. The quick release base breaks every time you use it, but if you drive to San Dimes and hang out at their business, they might show up and fix it so it will break on the very next trip.
  8. Sorry for your loss, she was a great dog. I'm going to miss her.
  9. I enjoyed going down there a few or more times a season, I'm going to miss it. I'll add it to the list of things not to hold my breath over, like The Glamis Bar, Mama Jeanies Pizza, Boardmanville on a dune toy, and our latest victim Duner's Dinner. All gone because of the criminals that run Imperial County and Commifornia.

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