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  1. My infectious disease DR. & pulmonologist both recommend that I get vax'd. They said I have natural immunity that will be good for 3-4 months and then start to taper off from there. I will have to wait a month or 2 before I have recovered enough to get the vax.
  2. @basketcase Matt, glad to hear you are doing better and seems to have definitely turned the corner for the better. I have some personal questions for both of you, if you would care to share? How was your/their health prior to COVID? Diet? Diabetic? Last doctor check? BMI (though I have issues with the usage of this number)? Working out on a daily basis prior to? Not trying to pry, BUT asking loaded questions, as when reporting deaths or bad cases, it seems there are a lot of underlying issues that just come to the forefront with COVID. If you dont care to share, I understand. I have type 2 diabetes. Runs in my family. On the BMI chart (which I have issues with too) I was a 30. Exercise: not much (being truthful here) My BP and cholesterol are that of a healthy young man! Even with the type 2. My pulse is typically mid to high 60's resting. I don't drink a lot - 3-4 beers a week on avg. & 1-3 hard liquor a month. Don't smoke, never have. I'm sure my type 2 and being over weight added to it, I'd be a fool if I didn't.
  3. Ill share my story. This is not preaching, just my personal, what happened to me when I got Covid. Not vaxed, wasn't taking the vitamins (zinc, b12, d3, c, etc) Got sick Aug 2, like a mild cold for the first 3 days. Wife gets a home test, I test Positive for Covid, she test Neg (she is vaxed) We were joined at the hip for a week to week & 1/2 leading up to Aug 2. Doing all the things in regular life, saw my son, saw our daughter and grandkids, dinner with my mom and sister and their Bfriends. Grocery store,,,,,,,,, Have no idea when or where I got it. It got worse and Im stubborn, 11 days sick at home. 1 tele-conference with Doc, paramedics came to the house but all my vitals were good (Covid doesn't care about vitals except blood O2 level) I decide I don't need to go to hospital. I figured it would run its course,,,,it was running! My wife finally insisted I go to the hospital, vitals still good except for that pesky blood O2, that day I was 64-66 (you're not supposed to be below 88-90) They wasted no time! In the ER, forced air mask of 100% O2, stripped me down, gown on, IV in each and hand and they started pushing I don't know what. Admitted and up to ICU that night. Double lung Covid pneumonia. Spend the next 9 days in ICU, 2 more in a regular room before I could go home. On an O2 machine at home, have bottles for leaving the house. Doc says 1-2 months most likely. Long term he predicts Ill be ok but it will be 6 months or so. This thing kicked my A$$!!! Meds while I was in ER & ICU: Actemra for my lungs, 5 days of Remdesivir, antibiotics, steroids, blood thinners and insulin for my type 2 diabetes (the steroids affect blood sugar so they were chasing it the entire time) Had the mask for 2 days then a high flow cannula. Lost 25lbs while in the hospital. My status in the ER was Critical but stable. At my 1 week follow up I asked my pulmonologist on a scale of 1-10, 10 being dead where was I? He said "you were a solid 8." That's scary! Today: I am doing good, feel good, still on O2 but I can take it off for up to an hour if I am sitting, 15-20 min if I am up and about. Have to monitor my O2 level. Chad and I were talking and txting the day I got home from the hospital, comparing notes, treatment, the long road ahead and what we were going to do together to get down it. He was progressing, we were progressing. He'd tell me "I want to be where you are, I can't wait to get home" I'd tell him him we are on the same road, I'm just a mile ahead of you,,,,catch up!!! POINT OF THIS! If you are still reading. My infectious disease doctor and pulmonologist are adamant that if I had the vax, I wouldn't have been in the ER. ALL of their ICU patients were non-vaxed. ( I know there are vaxed people that have been in ICU and worse - dont kill the messenger) They are convinced the vaccines are safe and they recognize there are risks that are associated with them but said it would have kept me out of the ICU. I am still reluctant and skeptable about the vaccines but I have a new lease on life and realize this is bigger than just me. I don't know what it was like for my wife, mom, son and family & friends to worry about me for 11 days. I had 100's (literally) of people sending me good thoughts and prayers - people I don't even know. One of my best friends had his entire church praying for me. If the vax gives them some piece of mind and betters my chances of staying out of the hospital if I get it again then it's worth it. Ill be getting the vax when I have recovered enough. Again, I still don't believe in it 100%. It's too bad that I don't know what to believe based on what's out there. Go on Google - don't trust it, too 1 sided. Go on duck duck - maybe too right wing or what ever you want to call it. I am looking at this with as much common sense as possible and there are arguments on both sides - though I lean away from main stream media (a lot) but I am no doctor. What ever they did/gave me in the hospital worked. I am alive and on the mend. I am still being treated by my doctors that saved my life so I am going with them. Vax or non-vax - I don't judge. Its is and should be a personal choice! I have read about everything @Squatcher wrote above and see the merits of it. At this point I can't do it (my decision) while I am being treated. I am not saying it doesn't work - there are a lot of people that have done it and been successful. Bottom line is do whatever sits well with you! But do something to improve your odds! Lose weight, eat healthier, vitamins, have the kit on hand but do something for yourself and your family.
  4. Damn, That dude could cook! We'd bounce bbq back n forth. He was always cooking! Godspeed Papa Perry
  5. @Poule43 That's great. I almost bought that car after Chad sold it. The owner after him did some changes and I called Chad to talk about the car. Great to hear his voice!
  6. Could someone put together a meme using the scene from Joe Dirt, when he shows up in the Road Runner and the hot blonde says I thought you said you had a Hemi. Yea, Im having a footprint gas peddle installed so I stole this pos. but instead on the RR put in a Speed car!
  7. Large hose clamps to secure the pvc to the trailer if you want to mount it, think underneath (up front) to save deck space
  8. Chad, my friend, I'm searching for words. Everything said about him is spot on! I feel bad because it had been too many years since I had seen him. He got out of the glamis thing and that was when I would see him except for the bonsai run with Poule to LV to deliver atc70's then crashing at Chads. I have been talking with Chad for the last 3 weeks about his recovery. I haven't posted this but I was recovering from Covid as well. We were on the same road but I was a mile ahead of him. We talked about getting together when we were both well enough, going fishing and celebrating. Squatcher hooked up my wife with Chads while I was in the hospital. They supported each other even though they had never met. That's the kind of guy Chad was, he attracted a like minded, sweet, loving Lady for a wife. Though it had been years since I had seen you Chad we picked up right where we left it last time I saw you. Thank you for the support you gave me even though you were fighting your own and much worse battle. We'll be here to support Misty in any way we can. Love you Brother Godspeed
  9. Beer breaks just got a whole lot better!
  10. Republicans' showing up to vote only to find out they already had? Dominion voting machines being used? Hundreds if not 1000's of mail in ballots stolen. CA sending ballots out of state - my friend who left 2 years ago got one mailed to him in Tennessee. The Prez & VP campaigning for him - aren't there more pressing issues going on? I want him out but I'll be surprised if it happens!
  11. Huntington Beach, 5 points. Going to dinner at Marios. That was a sight!
  12. The gains! Check with your tax guy or accountant. We have a house in Havasu that is rented out year round. We looked at selling but because we haven't lived in it for the last 2 years we will have to pay capital gains tax on it, which is a crap load!. Unless we buy another piece of property of equal or more value. Which we have to identify in 45 days and close in 180. Oh, HOA's suck!
  13. All I know about your truck is its a 2014

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