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  1. Have you seen Psaki's on video saying she really likes working for Prez Obam,,,,,uh President Biden
  2. These things are stupid bright! Magnets on the back but I'd add some double side sticky tape.
  3. He bought one, bummer cause it looks great! Thanks
  4. No longer looking, bought one. Got a buddy looking for a single axle trailer 12-14' to haul his Kawasaki UTV around. OC, SoCal, Arizona area. $2000 +-
  5. Red Earth is $1 less per gallon than the AM/PM in Salton City
  6. matt86m

    Highway Star

    Shhhh, someone is sleeping. Their turn to drive soon.
  7. What's a good section to sit in to be able to see the track? Don't want to be too low or too high.
  8. @Dockmaster Lets see the new rig! Walked thru a Verona some years ago at the SSSS. Very nice moho's
  9. No. Private property rules (apartment complexes) do not need LEO. Just have to have it posted. You can be illegally parked and get towed. Now Gecko road needs LEO to be towed

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