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  1. This ain't a beater but it will haul what you need it too.
  2. Gonna put me on the spot! 2013 think its an LT, not the fancy one. Does have leather, drivers seat is electric. No heated seats. 6 seater. Electric windows & locks. Rancho lift with Fox shocks. XD wheels, 295 tires SRW, AMP steps, Vair compressor, air bags. Bed cover 56k miles $45k
  3. He has a deal in the works. Saturday is the day.
  4. @Grease Monkey @Greengo 1A86D2B7-9310-44F8-891C-748090CC4BCC.MOV
  5. You can't ride a bike either! @Grease Monkey am I right?
  6. Yellow, yes, not golden. Thanks. My buddy caught one last year, cool fish
  7. @wapawekka I see a Golden Yellow Eye! On my bucket list
  8. Got the moho loaded up and the jeep in tow. Headed to Pt. Mugu Naval base for 10 days of camping! Great place if you know someone or have family with military id.
  9. Because they aren't in China! They are at the same movie set that they filmed the moon landing!!! None of this is real! The world is flat! They ran with the $$$! No one will be getting a car! sorry, just trying to help reach 200
  10. Brad Williams - Short jokes! Steve Trevino - video posted above Others mentioned above too
  11. 360 camera doesnt show the stick most of the time. Its also in the editing/angles
  12. We were on Harleys, some of those edges were STEEP!

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