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  1. Few peeps showed up, great event, thanks to all involved.
  2. Posted this in the quad section but put here to reach more peeps. Where might I find a paddle like this?
  3. As mentioned, need a paddle tire for my 70. Where might I find something like this? Thanks for any info
  4. As mentioned, Foddrill sells the swepco/belray premixed in a tube. I have never used their premix yet but I did just order a few tubes. I will say after many years and trying all the recommended greases the swepco/belray mix is by far the best I have used. This is after 5 good trips to the dunes, best cv grease retention out of all the others.
  5. Next housing downturn I will retire also. Currently 60 years old (FAK). Silly I know but while I am working I can make myself feel like I am spending someone else's money, when I retire I will start spending MY money. This stresses me out more than the working does 🙂 But I will do my best and enjoy every minute of retirement.
  6. If building/designing new build. Skimmer location in important. Take a small plastic kiddie pool and set in center of area that new pool will be built, fill it up and put some floatie things in there, maybe even a couple of leaves off of the trees around. Over the next days/week pay attention to where the floatie stuff is always at, it will blow to one corner/area of the kiddie pool. Place your skimmer in the same corner/area of your new pool.
  7. Im new here, where can I find out what Glamis is all about 🙂

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