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  1. Packing, packing, and more packing. This is the last weekend to be out of our house. We should close escrow next Wednesday
  2. We are looking across the country too. I am focused on the Discovery 40G right now after some feedback on the Berkshire here and from a few friends. I have several I am looking at between $150k-$225k. I missed out on a 2018 for $185k that I would have grabbed if we had closed escrow on our house. We should close next week and we will get serious about the hunt after we close
  3. South winchester by French valley Airport (Murrieta area)
  4. Some seats like Corbea come with the tabs like that. I have a set of Corbeau Baja SS seats in my fairlane and they are the same. But those should be mounted to something flat, not floating on a post like that. Desertanddune, I would weld angle iron in with whatever height you need and box it so it doesn't collapse side to side
  5. We have found several Fleetwood 40G and Berkshire 40XLC coaches across the country that look clean from the pictures. I was ready to buy the Fleetwood until I saw the layout in the Berkshire. We are planning to go look at them at a local dealer before we decide anything
  6. I have heard the same thing from a couple other people. I really like the Berkshire layout, but I dont want to buy a $200k POS and regret it
  7. I was not a fan of their bunkhouse Phaeton layout
  8. 40# Sand blaster cabinet. It is brand new, just needs the last few items assembled since I never finished it. $90 Air hose reel $35 2 peices of thick aluminum. I believe its 1/4" thick. I used it for skid plates on the buggy engine cage $130 3 peices of aluminium diamond plate. I believe it's 090 thick. $65 Four 2' lights $25 20 ton shop press on casters so it can be rolled around $175 Heavy duty Plastic folding picnic table $100
  9. Thats a really nice rig. We are trying to find the bigger engine so we have been passing on some nice coaches like yours
  10. They are nice and I would love one, but they are out of our price range. We are looking for something used (2015 or newer) between $150k-$225k.
  11. We are moving in to our motorhome in a couple weeks and looking to step up to a pusher. We really like the Berkshire XL40C. I only know one person who had one and he had some issues with the subfloor being too thin. Do any of you have any experience with them? We are also looking at the Fleetwood Discovery 40G. Our wish list includes: -380-450hp -King bed in master - Bunk beds - Large shower - Residential fridge

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