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  1. punkur67

    Highway Star

    Finally got the fairlane out of storage. She was in storage for 9 months and still runs like a champ VID_39020719_114355_692.mp4
  2. Took my son bass fishing about a month ago and got a few nice ones
  3. Check these out. They are made local. https://www.evolutionweaponsystems.com/p/backed-ordered-buffer-less-bcg-223556-with-pistol-end-plate
  4. I will be soon. I'm a riverside county resident again and it's much easier up here.
  5. Looking for some off roster pistols if anyone is selling here in CA
  6. I got a new blackstone and it had the same problem. I had bad propane pressure regulator from the factory. I bought a new regulator and fixed my issue
  7. I wanted to build my wife one of these. Such a beautiful car
  8. I would have been all over it if it was farther south.
  9. Blowers also make heat. My 6.2l Roush Raptor gets hot up the grade with my enclosed if I stay in the boost. It would pull as fast as I want but gets warm if I stay in the boost. I stay around 60 and off the boost and it's fine
  10. Got my mount back from my buck I took in 2020 a couple months ago
  11. Shot this 8 point buck in Virginia back in December Shot my first turkey ever on Sunday. After 6 years if failure in Southern California I finally made it happen. Had an 8" beard and 1" spurs
  12. The NRL hunter rifle in the wild at her first match
  13. New rifle for NRL hunter competition -Terminus Zues action with QC system -Benchsource 6.5cm heavy Palma barrel -MPA hybrid chassis -Leupold Mark 5, 5-25 with H59 reticle -ARC rings -Triggertech diamond trigger
  14. 67 fairlane 500 with a 393 stroker 2013 Roush Raptor with a supercharger from Roush

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