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  1. Took the little guy out to ride his quad after getting it fixed. He was so excited he wore his gear all the way home when we picked it up. He even walked through the store and refused to take it off
  2. I just bought adapters to run my stuff off the motorhome tank or full size tank.
  3. I had a pro x in my car for a few years and had to keep tools to adjust it in the car. It always needed fine tuning. I finally got rid of it and put the pro am in and absolutely love it. Fast and easy adjustments that hold.
  4. I put them on. Not big on all the Tacticool stuff but I really liked them. It's a Loaded target (pre TRP)
  5. I love 1911s and have had both. I got a para and sold it pretty quick because it did not do much for me. I prefer the single stack myself
  6. I always laugh when everyone runs drop hitches even though they don't need them. Just cause you have a truck does not mean you need a damn 6" drop hitch
  7. Heading home today after deer hunting for the last few days in Virginia.
  8. Had the same exact thing happen a couple seasons ago and I just needed to adjust the shifter
  9. Still trying to look at a Berkshire xl 40C or xl40e in person if anyone has one
  10. Does anyone own or have a friend who owns a Berkshire XL40C? We are trying to look at one before we make a final decision and we can't find any local ones. I have spoke with several other people about them and heard good with the bad. I still like their layout better than the others

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