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  1. Jason’s the man, can’t wait to get my 440 4.0 from him.
  2. Oh man, I only met him once but what a great guy. Sorry for your loss gods speed
  3. I was taught, a long long time ago that you use the clutch when slowing down and blip the throttle. The theory is since the motor only has lubrication when fuel is moving through the motor when you close off the throttle but let the wheel spin the engine it’s bad for the crank bearings. If you constantly engine brake when riding downhill it could take a toll over time. More likely it’s a little lean on the main jet or mix is off.
  4. SU cars are supposed to have the cut stars. You can always call Ed to get more info. Limiting the shock internally is also a good idea too. Assuming you have Fox socks, most SU are set up for fox. Switching to king changes over all length and compressed length and can screw up a lot of things.
  5. I bought the blue ox set up with the d-ring bracket. I personally don't like flat towing behind the RV. I feel like there is a lot of drag on the jeep, I expected it to feel much lighter. I didn't want to cut into the factory wire harness so I picked up some harbor freight magnet lights. I also didn't hook up any braking system, not that you really feel it behind the RV but going down steep grades and breaking the jeep did get a little squrely. It can't be that great for the jeep, wear and tear on tires and moving parts. I know of a few people who had brain farts and forgot to unlock the steering column. Behind an RV you aren't really going to feel tire scrub until its too late and a tire blows. They both lost tires and one actually lost a wheel and did some body damage when the tire blew. You can't back up, at least with a trailer if you get into a situation where you need to back up you can. Finally if you break your jeep a flatbed trailer sure comes in handy. I picked up a 16' Carson trailer cheap and its perfect for the jeep and feels like less drag when towing. That's my $0.02. If you want to do it I have the set up I purchased I'd sell. https://www.etrailer.com/Tow_Bar/Blue_Ox/BX7380.html https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories_and_Parts/Blue_Ox/BX88358.html
  6. I took a 5th wheel Toyhauler in on trade. The flooring is a little hammered and before I list it for sale I want to spruce it up. Looking to see what works in a toyhauler. The Lifeproof stuff looks nice but not sure it'll hold up in toyhauler garage. I can always do coin floor but I'm thinking something a little nicer.
  7. I had ORU in Burbank do one for me, it was perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if I owned a GM truck. With that said my 2021 F250 is amazing, by far the best towing 3/4 ton I have driven. You can get all your money back on your truck in this crazy market but finding a new one without the stupid mark up might be a challenge.
  8. There is a great youtube video on this where they took a bunch of intakes and tested them. The stock manifold was better than a lot of the aftermarket and the few that were better it wasn't worth the $/HP gain.
  9. Mario at Neri (714) 497-9378
  10. I have a set of Douglas billet center Beadlock wheels 15x12 powder coated black 3.5” BS $850 obo (new they are $520 & hard to get)
  11. Looking for a set of Douglas 17x12 beadlock wheels 3.5 BS I have a set of 15x12 powder coated black possible trade + cash if someone is looking to move to a 15" wheel
  12. This car came out so nice, can’t wait to get my 2-seater from them.

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