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  1. Wish you guys would come to needles/ fort Mohave and kill some of the doves here right know I must have 40+ of these dam bird in my back yard...
  2. I love it, the 4 door has all the bells and whistles. In the past I would have sticker shock and buyers remoras but not this time. I looked at the Gladiator and wasn't impressed as a jeep pickup for the money I would look at the chev or ford if I wanted a pickup they're better suited for that kind of stuff.
  3. I just bought a new 2019 jeep Rubicon and I ask the dealer if I needed to brake it in and he told me no brake in required, the new vehicles now days don't need it.
  4. I miss the good old days of duning with my friends especially the nightrides...
  5. Mr.DUNE


    Happy New Years from the Dunes family and stay safe everyone...
  6. I missed the photo shoot on Saturday because we lost our cat at the show, but we found her in the wall of the camper...dam cat.
  7. I always use light string tied to a piece of cotton ball and blow it through with a air compressor. Always works for me...
  8. Mr.DUNE

    2006 AG

    Coobie, I didn't know you duned I thought you were just a party buddy...LOL
  9. My advice is to not sale because things are starting to boom here in bullhead and give it a year and you lot will be worth much more...
  10. I'm planning on taking my girls on a date to Laughlin Nv for a little outback and a walk along the river.
  11. Back in the early 2004 I started Tres on the 70 kick and from there we started the "Tres Regatta's" that was a lot of fun, I miss those days.
  12. The only thing I can see the big P buying it is for R&D to put a big super store there would not be cost effective. I would be willing to manage such a venture. LOL
  13. Great I'll start looking for one in good shape, something I can tear down and rebuild from the ground up.
  14. The first 3 wheeler I road was a ATC185S, but the first ATC I customized was my brand new 1984 ATC200X. Maybe I should do a custom 200x that would be a real fun build, going back to my roots as it were...

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