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  1. I like fat tires and I cannot lie 🎶
  2. Awesome! Looked like a cool group. I wanted to go say hi but we left early.
  3. Ima sucker for bikes and buggies. The old ones have such nostalgia since they take me back to first experiences as a kid riding with my dad, and mom too. Daily Canyon in San Bernardino, and Alabama wash that now has a freeway running through it. Thanks for posting big Crus, just watched it lol! 🤪 Wheelies and rippin on that old stuff, man! Look at the gas tank lol! And frame 🤣
  4. Aw man was it! We’ll have to make up for it the next trip. Despite everything though, couldn’t beat that perfect weather with that bright full moon and soft sand of the wash 19 hike. Great pics! Great to see you as always.
  5. Haha! I try to keep’em in the lounge in case people are at work and what not
  6. Full moon calendar summer trips bbbrrraapp
  7. Totally! Your $7800 just went so far. Best your money could buy and now you won’t have to worry about paint forever. No reason to save a little on non-SW paint when you have to pay double just to re-do it in 5 years. Nothing beats SW! Especially their prep rite pro-block primer. That stuff was on my south facing eves, just by itself no top coat and looked brand new even after 8 years of full sun, snow, and our bad winds.
  8. Heal up fast Carlos 🍻
  9. Have a great birthday! 🎊 Thought of your name when I saw these last wknd 😁
  10. If you’re buying Milwaukee and want the better line... brushless, more durable, ergonomic, weather resistant, longer battery life, etc. check that the sets say FUEL on them
  11. With this admin takeover, there’s way more things to worry about now. When things are going good, people get bored and create something to be upset about.
  12. I hear that! Make too many trips to be dealing with even 1 flat.

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