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  1. Happy BDay you Quad racing maniac!
  2. PM him Cheff!!! / It will be way less $$$ and headache in the long run!!!!
  3. go grab it and nurse it back to AZ where they installed the motor! / I dont trust these guys!
  4. I hear you Loud and Clear....The house feels empty.....I drop food and wait for her to slurp it up.....Its amazing how much love one dog can bring to a family. Very sorry for your loss
  5. Thanks everyone. Soo weird to not have her when I get home. She always s made me feel like the most important person in the world when I opened the door. thanks for all the kind words!
  6. Poule43

    Glamis 911

    No, I believe its tows for the season for one vin.....I may be wrong but thats how I understood it!
  7. Poule43

    Glamis 911

    they had a deal for $250 for the season going on.
  8. Happy Bday you Glamis Nut Job ! Enjoy the day!!!!
  9. A tough day today for sure. My family lost a piece of us today. RIP Penny ! 6/1/2011 - 10/13/2021 My angel girlfriend & and Glamis partner in crime is in Heaven right now. I shed enough tears to build my own pond. This dog was an absolute Angel. My wife and kids and I were able to spend time with her in her last hours. It was very emotional. Godspeed Penny! I know you are waiting for a carrot to munch on and go chase around the atc 70 when we meet again.
  10. Those are most likely peeps who went into town to get groceries!😀
  11. Fix It / Keep It.....That coach is AWESOME!!!!! if you do decide to be crazy and dump it / call me first!!!! That thing is EXACTLY what is needed for what we do!!! It is Dialed in and Better Quality than the new ones! My 2cents!
  12. Great Time For Sure!!! to that maniac from Texass!
  13. It looks like you will have the ULTIMATE Attic Space for a GIANT Lionel Train Set! Make sure to insulate and finish the attic space so its comfortable. I say at least 5 trains running at the same time and a BIG switch yard!!!!! I suggest something based on the 1949 Lionel showroom layout BUT Bigger!!!!
  14. This is scary / I got the Moderna Vax and I don't know what to believe...........Crazy times
  15. It is soo Crazy and doesn't make ANY SENSE!!!!! I hate what California has become........ I X the days off the wall calander till I can leave after my son is done with High School.
  16. It is INSANE / My daughters Cat was stolen off her Honda Accord....The Cats are $100 bucks BUT guess what.....the CARB approved ones are 10X - 16X that/ CRAZY!!!!! California is driving residents and Business and their TAX DOLLARS AWAY!!!! It Sucks!!!!
  17. Coop is gonna call you / These are PERFECT for his rail and he needs new seats!
  18. I need a slider hitch. I have the rails mounted and have a stationary hitch / Looking for a slider ........Let me know 760-443- 754 EIGHT Andy
  19. CONGRATS !!!! Man I wish we still had the Compound......Pipe and Steph would be cruising this thing starting Thursday Night!!!!!! Miss those days and the @Wicked Good / @Pipelayer stuffed Jalapeno wrapped bacon poppers!!!!! AWESOME you are back into the
  20. Dig the Grab On Grips!!!!

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