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  1. I’m failing to see the issue here. Returning it from whence it came. Just filtering and recycling it looks like.
  2. There’s no secrecy behind it at all. It’s all about control and it’s blatantly obvious. Sure there’s some SARS involved with it if you have a bunch of comorbidities but the average Joe needs to be getting prepared to lose a bunch of liberties and freedoms.
  3. I’ve driven through SlabCity on several occasions and oft wondered why it can’t be kept clean and more orderly? If it were possible I don’t see that being a terrible option. Just too much trash strewn around for me.
  4. Somebody with the proper skills please change car to Jeep.
  5. Why would anything found on google be reposted here? Thought we had learned our lesson about them?
  6. I did study up over the weekend and the VA will unprescribe your opioids if you let them know that you self medicate with Mother Nature. Gotta be careful what you spill to them folks.
  7. I would never claim to know it all, or even know much at all, but I will admit to being a little thick around the middle. Being six foot four though, as Sir Rod Stewart would say, I wear it well.
  8. My theory is, and this is because they are fast tracking 500 Million of the test, that they have figured out a way to introduce the “vaccine” via nasal swab. So while we’re all joyously twisting the q-tips around in our nostrils we’re jetting the jab that some of us prefer not to get. May not be the “vaccine” but I’d bet that it’s something that we wouldn’t voluntarily do otherwise. Just some thoughts from an old dumbass country boy.
  9. Fauci keeping tension on a rope would bring all of this to an end.
  10. Ummm, I think one of them went where only 14 teams get to go! I’d say that’s going a little somewhere. Been a bit since they’ve been there but at least this time they’re entering without a QB with a broken leg. Gonna be some good games this weekend regardless of who you root for.
  11. Older guy huh!😆 Was being forced out but didn’t want to give them the satisfaction so it kind made my choice for me. Had plans to retire August of 2023. My resignation is official the end of this month, my FERS annuity is deferred until September of 2023. It’s all good. I’ll be able to move up to Visalia where my wife has been since October of 2020 and get to see my granddaughter more than just holidays. FJB keeps moving the goalposts and changing the rules and it just sucked a lot of fun out of a job that I thoroughly enjoyed. Just glad I was at a place in life where I could make my own medical decisions, unlike dozens of guys I work with who must comply due to age or life situations. Life is good. I’m buying a Jeep and have many adventures planned.👍
  12. https://www.govexec.com/workforce/2022/01/agencies-must-establish-covid-19-testing-programs-certain-unvaccinated-feds-and-contractors-feb-15/360607/

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