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  1. This thread got more traction than DOM Vs. Chromoly. My work is done here.
  2. Don’t fool yourself. GD. Is an echo chamber. Just watch what happens if I say: “guns kill people” there are a lot of useful idiots buying into this Schiff, if they avoid taking a moment to think about it, it makes them feel like “good people” for buying into it. Shiny packaging, just like Obama and re-elected Obama.
  3. Most confusing day of the year for some people.
  4. This is all to promote the Marxist strategy of critical race theory.
  5. They Quanza, Martin Luther king day, Juneteenth and black history month!!! All we get is Father’s Day.
  6. I know that for Christmas, there is Santa Claus and presents and a tree, for Easter there a bunny and mass, for New Years we get really drunk (St Patrick’s too) and Halloween we give out candy to children, but what sorts of activities might be appropriate for celebrating Juneteenth?
  7. Researchers testing if weed can ease lobsters pain they feel when getting cooked https://nypost.com/2021/06/10/lobsters-doused-with-pot-smoke-to-test-pain-during-cooking/
  8. As someone who has never owned a slave I’d like to wish a very merry Juneteenth to anyone who has never been a slave! Seasons greetings and happy holidays!
  9. The idea is to slow the velocity of the return fuel to more of a dribble and less of a jet.
  10. I’m using -8 for fuel and -10 for oil, it’s a VW. I’m thinking I’m going to use -12 for the fuel pressure regulator return ……. Try and reduce bubbles and aeration.
  11. I’m installing a new engine soon and will need to be making up a lot of hoses. I’m not using stainless ever again.. perhaps coated stainless braided but for now it’s nylon braided hose, -8 for fuel and -10 for oil I already bought this for putting them together, but what is the best tool for cutting the hose?
  12. Friends don’t let friends fill their tires with sealant.

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