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  1. I won’t discuss openly the actions I am involved in. There is already a high enough probability they will negatively effect the financial wellbeing of my family. I may or may not be taking several actins.
  2. You know, you look over the boat for 2 hrs, hop in it and give it a run and it looks great… until you start digging into it. Fortunately, a good friend of mine made the drive from his home in Henderson NV to look over the boat when I bought it. He negotiated with the seller to pay to repair the starter problem and the broken shift cable. The shifting was just a cable but the starter was a bad ring gear caused by an improperly installed starter. Seller paid to have my mechanic preform the repairs. While the engine was out of the boat, I took the opportunity to spend 3 days at my buddies shop repairing 25 years of crappy stereo installations, cracked and brittle hose, messed up wiring, grime and grit etc… there are a few merc OEM doodads on the way but here it is ready for the engine Stopped home for lunch and gave my wife the swim step all dried out and by the time I got home from work last night, she had it all sanded and oiled…yea, really 😄
  3. And just yesterday announced it was death by manual strangulation. It does appear that my assessment was incorrect. I’m sorry to anyone whom I offended.
  4. You are aware they didn’t start by hurding people into cattle cars, first it was requiring papers to travel, then it was a star/mask to indicate the undesirables, next came making radios, (the social media of the day) illegal for the undesirables, then they started deleting content and censoring content that didn’t agree with state propaganda, but in 1930’s they burnt books to that end, then they made it illegal for the undesirables to have certain jobs or shop most places, then they started limiting where they could live… this all took about 8 years of progression before the boxcars and showers.
  5. LOL… yea, I’ve decided to do some upgrades… also, I’m thinking about moving away from E85. It’s going to be inner-cooled and now that I own a boat, I can pump 110 at downs energy. oh, and yes, it flies. This is at 5,000 rpm. Was running 50/50 old gas/91. The carb is being rebuilt and the prop is being massaged right now hopefully, probably, ill be able to get it to 6,000 RPM next time it gets wet.
  6. That may be the exact same pedal setup I have in my SU, I do have CNC break and clutch.
  7. I kinda want to that away from having a cable at all. I might buy some stock SXS pedal and take a band saw and bench grinder to it and fashion something I can mount right behind my existing pedal with a short solid rod linkage.
  8. Right? That boat came up for sale and I was standing in it with cash in hand within 36 hrs. It was more than I had been planning on spending so I had to barrow $8k from my turbo engine project but when a Hallett comes up at a reasonable price, you kinda have to jump.
  9. My sand car flies, should I rent that too?
  10. Close but …. I would rather not change my clutch and break pedals. I’d prefer something I could connect to my existing accelerator pedal.
  11. Just in time for winter….. and I’ll have $1k in repairs before I even bring it home. After a water test, the seller agreed to fix a couple things with my mechanic and I’m have it a few other things done.
  12. I’m looking for a floor mounted fly by wire pedal, better yet an adapter to convert my existing pedal to fly by wire, I’m coming up empty. I tried searching summit and come up with about 3,000 hits… I made it through 3 pages of not what i want and gave up Kartek says they don’t have anything. Am I stuck modifying an OEM pedal?

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