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  1. You are all over the place, you seem drunk. Don’t drive or handle firearms.
  2. Do you have to work on coming up with arguments this stupid or do they just come natural to you naturally? You blame the RZR, do you also blame Alec Baldwin’s gun? You can’t possibly be that stupid.
  3. Nobody said the armorer and others weren’t at fault. Not unlike a bartender that over servers a driver who kills people. The bartender’s culpability does not alleviate the driver of his liability. In Baldwin’s case, his actions and decisions were particularly egregious. Not only did Alec Baldwin serve on the board of an international firearms safety board, we know for a fact he has been instructed on multiple occasions on the possible outcomes of the actions which Alec Baldwin took to end the life of Halyna Hutchins.
  4. Yep, car doesn’t go into gear until everyone has their restraints on properly.
  5. Sad, i blame the rental agency for not expressing how important body restraints are. I drive all day on the street without safety belt because F U can’t tell me what to do aside from backing in and out of the trailer, everyone in my car must be properly in 5 point or it doesn’t go in gear. RIP, kid just trying to have fun.
  6. ^ mine doesn’t look as nice as yours But I like it It should be running for next season
  7. I’ve made some real headway in the last 2 weeks. I got my long block back and it’s pretty nice got that slapped in and then got my intake and exhaust on Now I’m looking at a new fuel tank. I need bigger AN fittings, to move the fill hol out of the center of the tank (whoever did that was an idiot) and add a access to instal the hydromat. Rehabbing the old one would be expensive and it’s pretty rattty and has thin spots from 25 years of bouncing around the sand dunes. I’m thinking of building on from carbon fiber, I’ve done some fiberglass work so I’m looking into building it myself.
  8. I’m picking up my engine later this week, I have an appointment with Greg Holman for Valentine’s Day for the exaust. Right now I am looking for a small turbo scavenge pump. The turbo’s oil orifice is only about .030” I’m looking for a very small pump.
  9. Still waiting for an engine 😞. I’ve started working on other things now. I’m having a new center consul made for the keypad and intercom old one new one
  10. It does, I just don’k know if I’ll even get a trip in this season 😞 I also bought a boat…. Which means I’m now running low on disposable cash 😞
  11. My builder caught rohna a few weeks back, now his whole shop is out with the Kung Flu…. I have it on good authority he is working on my long block now and it may be done as soone as the end of next week. I’ve already paid Greg Holeman to build the exhaust… chassis Harris is almost done and what I have left is the engine harness, a day or two on the dyno and get my ass to the dunes!

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