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  1. 896whp on Westech's dyno. Their dyno seems to read about 10-12% lower, but it's more about getting the tune right and safe. We dialed it in with 0% auto correction to make sure everything was good and safe. After he was happy with everything we set it to 5% auto tune for small changes.
  2. The Racer was my favorite. 2nd would probably be Dillon’s blue funco!
  3. Finally got the flex fuel tune all dialed in! The car was setup for flex fuel but originally just tuned on 91. But I had a couple issues getting the e85 tune dialed. First flex fuel sensor issues. Then the O2 sensor failed. The final issue was blown out spark. The stock LS coils “round ones” didn’t have enough juice to keep the spark going at high boost and rpm. I upgraded to the Holley Smart Coil kit with the big wire kit. It solved the issue and I was even able to increase spark plug gap. Here are the 91 numbers to the wheels at 10psi before e85 tune. Holley Smart Coil upgrade E85 dyno run IMG_5204.MP4 Any guess what the WHP is with E85 and about 18psi?
  4. Here is the original SU that weighed about 1,100 pounds. Everything was drilled and made extra lightweight. Had a VW 2275 and kept super basic. This was in the mid 90s.
  5. Found some old pics. This is our mid engine SU cars in 2005.
  6. Forgot about the transmission breather upgrade to the middle of the car. I think I posted this before the site crash. Before After
  7. So the season is officially over. I started to work out the little bugs of a new car. First thing was a spring change a little valving adjustment. I need to wait awhile to see how we did on the shocks. Next I added an oil cooler. I went with Mocal heat exchanger which should drop oil a decent amount without a significant drop in oil pressure. Finally is the E85 tuning. We had some hiccups at the higher boost levels on E85 where the spark would get blown out with even with a low .016” gap. I am going to upgrade to the smart Holley coils to see if I can fix that. But of course like everything, they are on backorder! Also got a nice set of firecore50 plug wires to go with the coils.
  8. Where are you located? I have always had good luck with Kartek in Corona, Ca
  9. Yeah most the time those weights are dry. This was wet with 10 gallons of gas, tool bag, fire extinguisher, ext.. ready to run. Also my drivetrain is probably 250lbs more. S5D is like 220lb and the turbo alone is 50lb. It has more beef in the suspension and frame to handle the power and 36” tall tires. I was thinking it would be 2600lbs, so I was happy. It would be interesting to see more cars with similar components total weights. The ones with 934s, 2” hollows, 3” bypasses, sand master 36” tires, turbo’d ls, S5Ds or Albins, ext…
  10. Yeah it is. What are the specs on your car? Any pics?
  11. Thanks for the advise! I talked to one of my insurance companies and they were able to do an AZ policy on it, but recommended to transfer it to AZ soon.... What is everyones premium like? I was quoted around $600 for 6 months. Stated value was 85k

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