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  1. Funco4Me

    CCW folks

    Philster Enigma. Click Here
  2. Funco4Me

    CCW folks

    The first rule of fight club is....
  3. Thanks for the lead. But he's a little bit out of my way.
  4. we can only hope....
  5. I visited Performance Radiator today, They are busy! 2 weeks to see my all aluminum radiator. Now, I just hope it can be repaired.
  6. I have a small pinhole leak and want to have it repaired during the off season. Who in the phoenix valley area do you all recommend?
  7. This one.... i really like that the panel closest to the back window can be opened on its own.
  8. Yes, it was good meeting you. thanks for the beers!
  9. I'm in that group too. Was thinking that a first offer here was the right thing to do.
  10. Hey folks. I have 25 to 30 gallons of E85 I would like to get rid of, Free just come get it. It came out of the pump February 2022. I'm in the north phoenix area if you are interested. you'll need to bring something to put it in.
  11. Its a little bare down there right now but you can see my Weldon pump mounted up. its a

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