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  1. Great racing this weekend!
  2. Someone's new favorite? Nickname is?
  3. Sorry! Page wouldn't update so I kept trying!
  4. Turn on the subtitles/closed caption.
  5. Have a question? Why don't they groom the track for at least the start of the races? Or they groom it once for when the riders get there and that's it? If it's groomed, is it to fast? I'd like to see it groomed and then the 4 races.
  6. It's usually just the 2nd 450 moto.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10898177/Four-dead-one-missing-military-aircraft-carrying-nuclear-material-crashes-California.html 'Five people presumed dead after military aircraft carrying nuclear material' crashes in California A military aircraft carrying nuclear material has crashed in California, leaving officials to believe all five passengers are dead. The plane crashed in Imperial County near Highway 78 and the town of Glamis - 30 miles north of the Mexican border, and 150 miles east of San Diego. The crash was confirmed by Naval Air Facility El Centro, 30 miles from the crash site. Officials believe at least five people were aboard at the time of the crash. Investigators have presumed all passengers are dead, according to FOX 5 reporter Malik Earnest. It is unknown what caused the crash or what type of nuclear material was onboard. Military officials are currently at the scene of the crash and an investigation is underway. The Calexico Chronicle reported that 'radio chatter' suggested the aircraft was a V-22 Osprey. Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, which is en route to the crash site, has a fleet of Ospreys. The day before the crash, MCAS Yuma posted that it was carrying out exercises last month. 'An MV-22B Osprey with Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 (VMX-1) transports ordnance during an Expeditionary Advanced Base Operation (EABO) exercise to Old Highway 101 near Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, May 25, 2022,' they said. 'This exercise will continue to assess the overall U.S. Marine Corps' EABOs to improve requirements and sustain lessons learned for future deployments to support the air combat element and objectives of Force Design 2030.'
  8. Wait until the electric bikes start racing!
  9. Luckily I get MAVTV through my DTV for now. Sounds like a BS service to me. Good luck and I hope they fix it for the online customers.
  10. Prints and copies everything up to 11x17. Put in a new toner cartridge about a year ago. They’re about 200$. Prints/copies great. No color copies or prints. Not a scanner. The auto feed on the top doesn’t work but everything else does. Not wireless. Unit is about 10 years old and functions great. Has a storage stand with wheels. We upgraded to one that does everything. Torrance area 310. 947. 7212. $300

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