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  1. Are they just a heavier duty version of the factory trailing arm or do they give you more travel or ground clearance as well?
  2. My feelings were hurt before I could read the title of the thread. Off to find the phone number for the internet polices.
  3. We don’t bother the sheriff after hours, we call the coroner.
  4. I have had good luck with the Shurflo ag sprayer pumps.
  5. Would that new diet be called the “push away” diet? It’s easily demonstrated if you have a table and chair handy.
  6. My opinion is that a 5th wheel pulls nicer.
  7. Should be arriving at St Anthony’s sometime Sunday afternoon.
  8. It doesn’t matter what your purchasing, it’s intent is to discourage those purchases.
  9. One post on a sandrail forum for a tortoise…..
  10. My observation is that Commiefornia just does what ever it wants irregardless of whether its legal or moral. Or Newscum said so the state complies.
  11. The governement had a moritorium on evictions for roughly the last two years. It’s bad enough when you have squaters, worse when the givernment is preventing you from removing them. Landlords will not profit from this like eveyone thinks.
  12. All do respect, but that is not reciprocity.
  13. Shock Therapy has a good youtube video comparing the different machines and their weaknesses.
  14. Unless something has changed Commiefornia does not have reciprocity as they do not recognize other states CCW.

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