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  1. Uber productive day. Got the house wrapped up (as much as I'm going to anyway). Gonna re-seal the patio roof tomorrow. Then I'm almost out of projects. Well.... the ones I want to do anyway. LOL Church at shadow mountain then fireworks. We got the God sons today. Great boys!!
  2. Mission Trails church. They are an offshoot/start up of our church out in Santee. I'm SO glad to see them doing well. With as strange as times are now I'm afraid what will come of churches...
  3. First stop of the weekend. I think I got all of the material I will need so I should only have to make 20 trips to the hardware store. LOL
  4. finishing up the the 95% on the house re-paint (mailbox, letters, rock area, hanging stuff in the backyard, etc). putting the trailer away. getting the Genny & paddles out. some fireworks @ the lake on the 4th. Maybe a hike or 2 would be a good idea (been too lazy). some research on a car. probably a few adult beverages.
  5. It's right off of waring road at zion in allied gardens. It's the rec center property. Dropped pin https://maps.app.goo.gl/DtpRmqqTwP3pS6pq7 Let's see of I got that right...
  6. & IMO, ........... the EPA and the "financial investment groups" will destroy the aftermarket hot rod industry, one regulation/profit margin @ a time. in 20 years, there will be no significant market....
  7. yes I do. Maryland, Mass, NY, a bunch of those liberal run states are already on board with the automotive smog ball crush and have been since the early 2000's. its just a matter of time and political pull. Im not talking about aftermarket parts, Im talking about OEM stuff like cars, mowers, power washers, .... household & industrial equipment, etc. When it was CA & 49 state, it was easy, now a bunch of states are specifying their own flavor so they build worse case scenario & everyone gets it. Wait until NewScum gets in DC.............. then its on like Donkey Kong. these agencies will comply with the Whitehouse or get their funding cut to nothing and/or get fired.
  8. http://www.agfirstfridays.com/ Because some of Yall are taking stuff WAY to seriously.......... For those of you folks in San Diego, the AG concert series, is back this year. Its simply a community park with visiting bands. lots of family fun. 2nd show of this year is tonight. bring your dinners, kids & lawn chair & see you there. FWIW the Coronado shows are pretty bitchen too.
  9. And this is not limited to CA any longer. most folks dont make 49 state stuff any longer. it all complies with CA Standards because so many states adopt/adopted the CA standards. This will bleed over into other states @ some point.
  10. I love that Impala, I would drive the crap out of that. our getaway car for our wedding (to go from the church to the reception was a 59 convertible. It would not start............. he cranked on it for what seemed like an hour. he started getting all nervous & sweating profusely. the crowd erupted in cheers when it started & blew black and blue smoke all over everyone standing behind it. ROFLOL.
  11. Putting on my tinfoil hat..... Kind of makes me wonder, how much of an "accident" this really was.........
  12. And isn't there a wall between them??
  13. Sue the sheet out of the AG, sue the phuc.k out of governor. This is bullsheet...

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