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  1. I do think having a few out there is kind of cool, because it gives us something to shoot for. most of our rides are "beat it up on the way to the flag pole, then a short break & head over to the the dunes over by Brawley" or something like that. But....... Yea there is such a thing as too much. even the existing ones are getting kind of junkied up with everyones own personal memorial to "the next guy"....
  2. That is bitchen. It's almost not there when you have it out.
  3. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    I turned on my street this afternoon and saw this sitting there. It's normally tucked away in his garage under a cover.
  4. Take the steering wheel off of the car. Take some of the wheels off. Cover the car. Kill switch. Remove relays. Cable lock. Sleep in the car. The rotor lock would be a problem for me. I would certainly forget it.
  5. So do you take them apart every year and replace the fluid, like you would do the trans or engine oil?
  6. 2015 PSD 5 Seat. LS, 2D, Fox Eibach Springs Length; ID; Lb./In; Silver in color Front Top: 0800.250.0350S Bottom: 1200.250.0450S Rear Top: 1200.250.0450S Bottom: 1600.250.0550S Weight (3/4 tank of fuel, no passengers) 2571 RF 404 LF 357 RR 900 LR 910
  7. This is an interesting comment. How long does it last & what is the trigger you use to know you need to replace it? Ive never done it on my big buggy & was wondering what I should use as that guide (it is planned for this off season).
  8. would you throw in a picture of how they mount in the bed of the truck?
  9. off topic, but has anyone had one of those aluminum trailers for a long time (>20 years). Do they stand up to the miles? Are the frames underneath steel & then the aluminum trailer is made on top of the steel frame? Ive never looked very hard @ one.
  10. Sorry for your loss. Most pets work their way into our lives and do become part of the family. He kind of looks like our Kona. My wife and I have had 5 cats since 1988, we swore after the last one, we were "taking a break". That lasted about 35 minutes and she was at the shelter.....
  11. this was sent out by our HR Dept, just prior to the Supreme Court releasing their statement (the same day, just hours before). I asked our local HR what the SC decision meant with regards to us & she said "not sure yet". The whole thing is frustrating, and every day this goes on it gets worse.

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