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  1. Its 100% bullsheet. the folks I feel sorry for are the women college athletes who will get screwed out of scholarship opportunities & whos records will be destroyed by men.
  2. well @ least he has a helmet on. LOL.
  3. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    I'm pretty impressed with myself on this one. I grabbed my phone, hit thw button, pointed it and shot the picture without looking. LOL
  4. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    Nice old.cheby. I see it just about every day.
  5. they show up & demand Crap & get Crap done. the "silent majority" has been silent for so long, they are getting run the ph.u.ck over....
  6. "normal sick time" until your tested positive, then they get "state/fed Corona money" to pay you to be home until you get a "clean test". we have had quite a few folks play the "I got the 'Rona, I cant come in" game.....
  7. about 6 or so years ago, my son rode one & he said it sucked. VERY under powered & there was no way it was going on grass or dirt. So he built his own deal. Mind you in "Tech years" that was forever. My suggestion would be to ride one before buying....
  8. they pulled up all of the "please stand here. 6 feet apart from everyone" stickers off of the floor. But we still have to do temp checks. And wear masks (if you have not proven to have had the shot). Bob we have done over 31,000 temp checks & sent NO ONE home....
  9. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    that is a rugged looking beast.
  10. Does orientation matter? How about the velocity of air going through them? seems like you could over filter something & not get enough velocity to make them work. thanks Bob
  11. Might try Ricks RV in El Cajon & see if they are down for it. they did a bunch of work to my team owners toterhome. Bob
  12. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    The cruiser was super deluxe. That thing on the roof is a solar panel... The donk was on the way down to the roller coaster by sea world. My wife goes "why do they do that'"? My answer was "for the same reason I would have cut the back half out of it and put huge tires". She got it.

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