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  1. if the supply chain issues dont start easing up, we are headed for layoffs...... we have been working through this but it just does not seem to be getting much better.
  2. Its a long trip for me. southern boarder (almost) to northern boarder (almost) in an old Dodge. LOL. Our group talked about doing that & the west coast, but that is a hell of a commitment. LOL.
  3. That is awesome. This is certainly one of, if not the best trip of the year, and this will make it much more enjoyable!!! As always thanks to everyone involved in this effort.
  4. that was cool. It makes me want to plan a trip up there. the drone footage was bitchen.
  5. Good hike this morning. We have never been to the fortunas. The app kept getting lost and thought we stopped. Total time was 2.5 hours. And I managed to slip and fall on my ass and hurt my shoulder. LOL
  6. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    Today's highway star is really just a funny bumper sticker.
  7. Went to see Toby Keith last night, it would appear that he played both types of music. Not a fan of any of it, but it was a bunch of fun with wife and friends. Oil change is turning into brake job on the wife's car. Going to visit mom this afternoon. Hike at mtrp tomorrow morning then, packing for zion trip and .... not sure.
  8. The corruption is nuts.... the thought that a bunch of rentals will increase ownership is just stupid. It will ruin neighborhoods and the equity us long term owners have in our properties. Ph.u.ck I want out....
  9. I have sensitive eyes to uber bright light. When the sun is blazing, I have to wear a "tinted" lense. I like the "smoke/black". it works well for me. @ night I like a clear lens so my 50+ year old eyes can see as much as possible. last year I played around with an amble lens, during the dusk period. it was helpful when it was hard to see the dunes due to strange shadows. but it hurt my eyes during the day when the sun was uber bright. Last year I bought a couple of Dune therapy goggles, & really being able to reach into my side bag & swapping the lenses w/o having to unbuckle or even take them off.
  10. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader!!!!
  11. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    Today's highway star is a good one. Sorry for the crappy picture, it was dark and I didn't have coffee yet. This was on the 15 north, right before Miramar. Dude was movin right along...
  12. Bobalos

    Highway Star

    Dude with the Lexus lost the rubber band that holds thw beer on. Fortunately for him all of the bolts are still there. What is mohica? Is that the PC version of bohica??? LOL Anyone know what is on the back of that flatbed? Looks like some kind of racy Porcha. I loved the look of the dart. Looks like the ultimate sleeper.
  13. I had to put the "new style" filter on my 99 & have yet to break the plastic cap (although Im sure it will happen). when it does I will put the billet cap on it. Ive had good results with the OEM setup. it has the fuel heater in it & the WIF sensor & a water drain (which I use to get "fire starter juice). https://www.genosgarage.com/product/ram-cummins-fuel-filter-cap-with-fuel-pressure-test-port-lt-59fuelcap/fuel-caps

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