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  1. I wonder what year this is, it looks like the pretty sister to mine. Bitchen car!!
  2. what cut on the paddles? How wide are the wheels? Backspacing on both wheels? you going to be in Glamis for Vets? Bob
  3. If you have any left come dune season, Id love to pick some up. for sure we will be in Glamis for Vets if your gonna be there. Bob
  4. Not exactly what your after .... buy its a chevy..
  5. Im super intersted. what is the mileage? which motor?
  6. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR-SALE:Walker-Evans-wheels-and-BFG's-189762 ???
  7. If you have a commuter car that Poule does not want, I might be interested. I've been looking for a while now and the market is tough.
  8. good luck. There seem to be more what I would call reasonable values in AZ, but San Diego they all seem to be either super high Mileage, they want more money than they seem to be worth or they are sitting on used car lots with questionable histories....
  9. Sorry, but want to be clear... Does it have an exhaust brake? Does it run off of pressure or vacuum? Is the brake controller built into the truck? Does the compressor for the airbags have a tank for tires & stuff like that? Does that truck have a vacuum pump that runs the AC doors? IMO, the 06 and 07 trucks are the best ones out there.
  10. what is the cable for that comes off of the back side of the generator? does the cable coming off of the Dissy, still drive the Tach ( or something else on the EFI cars)?
  11. IIRC, My STU's had a "normal" date code like a radial tire. Those look like Aug of 07.

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