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  1. Next time, follow the rules ...... fill six gallons, shut it off, put your card back in and do six more gallons, repeat until you have the gas you need! Problem solved and you followed their rules, lol.
  2. I agree with wanting to camp with friends. I agree with not getting to Glamis the day before Thanksgiving and wanting a spot on Gecko Rd. However, I think it is a little ridiculous to be dropping trailers this early and leaving them all season. That i a little overboard in my opinion.
  3. They already have robots that mimic humans and can run and jump and walk up stairs. They have probably already weaponized them.
  4. Gonna camp anywhere I can find. I didn't get the memo that it was already time to set up ghost camps so i missed out on the prime spots. 😢
  5. I have 5150's for my Can-Am. The magnetic base is super easy and I have never had an issue with a whip coming out. They only issue I have that I do not like is after two seasons, the fit of the whip base into the base that is bolted to the car has got a little sloppy/loose so it makes a rattling noise that drives me nuts. I took the bases off and tapped them for two set screws each and that stopped the play in them for a while but at the end of last season they were starting to get sloppy again. Other than that issue, they have been great and always worked.
  6. I don't really do the ghost camping thing. I do lock the toys up every night. I have had a gas can or two disappear and beers from an ice chest but that's it. Like I said before and like others said, being so remote, so close to Mexico and so easily towed away, I am surprised more stuff doesn't disappear. I bet if that started happening, the ghost campers would start thinking twice. In my opinion, a $75 to $100 ticket is nothing to guarantee a good spot all season, however, if $75,000 to $100,000 worth of your toys disappear, that's a game changer. And on that note, what keeps someone from hooking one of these trailers up and towing it down the road or to the area near the ranger station by the shitter and leaving it and taking the spot? I bet the ranger's would tow it if it was left there .....
  7. I am surprised rigs and trailers don't get broken into. I mean when they are left like that and there is not one person around, what is stopping the hoodlums from breaking into them? Stuff gets broke into and stolen from in front of homes and businesses and storage yards. Why doesn't it happen out there where it is so remote?
  8. I'm just curious, if it was so easy and quick for you to fix, why did you have a tech take a crack at it? Seems like it was an easy enough fix that you could've just handled and avoided the wasted time?
  9. Has anyone heard if and/or when Duner's Diner will be open this season?
  10. Take it to Glamis, set it up, BAM! new destination spot to ride out to and sit and drink beer!
  11. Getting started on preseason maintenance so I do not have to rush it at the last minute.
  12. Wetsounds has sound bars as described above.
  13. But, what is the popular make and model of residential fridge being used in an RV?
  14. I tell them it is closed and redirect them to the high desert.

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