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  1. I think the demand for old cars will die over the years. I think most car people, when young, put affordable performance at the top of their list. As most of us get older, and make more money, we want the more exotic performance vehicles that were never an option before. Not saying that there won't always be those that put cruising at the top of their list, but will always be secondary.
  2. Now add a minimum of $75.000.00 dealer markup! Brand new GT3s are selling for $300k. Insane.
  3. I went from a CLK63 Black Series, to a C63 BS to a GT3. The GT3 is just on another level. Not that it fits what the OP is looking for, but not many cars will give you as many smiles per mile!
  4. https://soulbeachcruisers.com/ Here's the link. They are located in AZ, but they have a warehouse in Cerritos CA, that you can will call. I just had a buddy buy 2 a couple weeks ago. He called them up, mentioned a friend had a couple, and got a couple extras no cost plus no tax.
  5. I picked these up about a year ago. Basic cruiser style with a little suspension in front, hydraulic brakes etc. I paid about $1,800.00 each, no tax. I think for the money, they are about the best quality, best looking bikes I've seen for the money.
  6. All good, I was just adding some food for thought. There's a lot of ways to skin a cat.
  7. Whatever man. I also own my own corporation which pays me a salary. If it makes sense to pay less to the Feds, but spend even more overall by adding an employee then rock on. I'd rather buy some tools/supplies, vehicle, etc for the company than send it to the State. Your mileage may vary.
  8. No, your buddy wanted to save money, I doubt he cared which line item it came from. I'm not arguing that your advice wasn't wise, just saying his overall savings that you are stating are probably about $10,000 a year off which is substantial considering his overall income.
  9. Sort of tax related if you live in California. My dad recently became a wholesale car dealer. The total cost of the school, test, license and insurance was around $1200. As a wholesale dealer, he can buy a car, doesn't have to pay sales tax, registration, or smog and you can drive said car that is part of your inventory. Downside is that you cannot sell to a private party, must be a dealer. That said, when the time comes there are plenty of dealers that would handle a sale for a relatively small charge. So do the math. Lets say your fortunate enough to buy a $150,000 luxury / exotic car, you're gonna add another $15,000 to the price plus registration each year after...
  10. What about the other costs you need to include when you have an employee? Workmans comp? How Much Does an Employee Cost You? By Barbara Weltman on August 22, 2019 Category: Industry Word When you think about adding a new employee to your payroll, determine what the actual financial cost of doing so means to your business. When you think about adding a new employee to your payroll, determine what the actual financial cost of doing so means to your business. This includes the dollars and cents over and above the basic wage or salary you agree to pay. There’s a rule of thumb that the cost is typically 1.25 to 1.4 times the salary, depending on certain variables. So, if you pay someone a salary of $35,000, your actual costs likely will range from $43,750 to $49,000. Some added employment costs are mandatory, while others are a little harder to pin down. Fortunately, there may be tax savings to offset some of the costs. Mandatory added costs of an employee Hiring an employee means considerable payroll tax costs, including: Employer share of FICA (7.65% on compensation up to the annual wage base, which is $132,900 in 2019, plus 1.45% on compensation over the annual wage base). Federal unemployment tax (FUTA) of $42 per employee. The FUTA tax rate is 6%, but most employers can take a FUTA credit of 5.4%, resulting in a mere 0.6%. State unemployment tax, which varies with your state and your claims experience (the more claims made by former employees for unemployment benefits, the higher your state unemployment tax rate will be). You can learn more about these costs from the IRS and your state revenue department. You also need to address insurance coverage for your employees. This includes: Workers’ compensation. Costs vary from state to state. Other insurance that may be needed for the work performed. For example, if you have a professional firm, you may want or be required to pay for professional liability coverage. Similarly, you may need to have a bond, a type of insurance, for an employee to protect a third party (your customer). For example, a bond may be needed for employees who clean homes so that homeowners’ valuables are protected from employees’ damage or theft.
  11. You're focusing too much on my reply to one persons comment that you and I both interpret the meaning of differently. To change the subject, my beef is that republicans lose way too many elections based on this one issue that the far right has decided that its their way or nothing. Nobody that I can tell on this thread has really taken that position but you know they are out there. Its just frustrating that such a small percentage of far right, religious conservative think that imposing their beliefs is worth getting liberal after liberal elected. IMO, the far right is directly responsible for the country going down the crapper the way it is.
  12. My comment was in response to the other "straw man" question.
  13. I'm for the death penalty and could do it quit cheaply.
  14. How many of those opposed have adopted unwanted babies? Would it change their opinion if they were forced to adopt someone elses unwanted, and many times drug addicted baby?
  15. Just when you think Republicans can win back power in DC, the far right will find a way to eff it up.
  16. I'll do eggshell in the kitchen and bathrooms, but satin or flat on walls.
  17. My best friend lives right by you and just had his house painted last week and was happy. I can get his contact if you want.
  18. True, semi gloss will "hold up" better, but semi on walls looks looks cheap and apartmenty.
  19. There's lots of companies that can repipe your whole house in one day with PEX. Its kind of a trip how little damage is done in most cases. Just a bunch of drywall patches. Copper pipes in slabs are a ticking timebomb. If you are planning on keeping that house for a long time I'd seriously look into repiping it, if not just fix it and cross your fingers.

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