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  1. Congratulations! Not many get to retire once, little lone twice.
  2. Just watch this video on how to wire your switches. It will show you which spade does what and your options to wire it up. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xpIgaZyOvvs
  3. Cool how did you get California registered? Regarding the switches, there should be another jump wire? It’s been awhile, but I do remember on the switches I had making a pigtail to plug into a lower prong on the switch.
  4. I have a friend who lives in Kingmen AZ and has a 2020 XX. He can ride right out of the driveway. He has a neighbor that has one too and the pair ride together regularly. Gene is not hard on equipment, but he does use it. He’s had basically no major issues. No belt failures. He switched to the Speed axles just for precaution, as his buddy had a failure on one of their rides and he’s switched to Speed axles. He’s talked about the engine mounts, and I suggested he look at the 775 Fabrication urethane mounts. I’ve heard great things about them. No idea if he’s got them yet? He does not like the stock tires, but said he will replace with a better tire once worn out or flat. He’s going to stick with a 30 inch tire as he does not want to screw with clutching issues. Im pretty sure he was getting new springs, and he talked about getting the shocks revalved. Not sure if he has yet? He’s also talked about putting the better Speed water pump in both XX’s more for precaution then anything else. I asked if he’s had any issues with swaybar links or clunk in the steering rack? He said no issues. Arctic Cat might have made that rack bushing a standard production part.
  5. Don’t know if Speed won’t have these issues? But so far neither Robby or Todd have hinted or used the “supply chain” card as why they have not released cars. They could have easily done so months ago. They have never used the crutch that if Polaris cant get parts then we can’t either. In fact most would say or agree that the way Speed UTV has gone about everything from selling cars, engineering cars, developing parts, using engineering, & manufacturing outside the typical UTV industry. Then sharing everything about the process, right down to dealers & distribution is very unorthodox. So maybe with the way they have proceeded to build this company, maybe they won’t face as many challenges as the Big Guys are facing. Remember Polaris & Can Am are structured to run based on specific profit margins and contract manufacturing is based on lowest costs, not necessarily quality or availability. Here’s a perfect example. Let’s say the supplier or suppliers for wire and connectors are back ordered or just late to deliver. Polaris can’t just call around and buy wire from XYZ company. Their buyers can only purchase from approved vendors who are on their 2022 supplier lists with locked in price quotes. This situation gets 10x worse if engineering has to get involved with specs changes, part or drawing revs or QC approvals. All this can cripple a manufacture that has box themselves in. Polaris & BRP are ISO certified and all vendors will have to be or follow their ISO requirements to do business with them. If they run out of zip ties, they can’t just buy them at Home Depot to finish the day. Speed UTV can make vendor changes, approvals or engineering & design changes overnight if needed. Accounting does not make the final decisions. I highly doubt at this time Speed UTV is ISO certified? They might want or require some of their vendors or manufacture partners to be ISO certified. But if Speeds not they can have many more options as they are not as boxed in. Plus they have less red tape to get through to make a decision. If Robby & Todd are not in the same room to make a decision, their just a text away. Lastly it was said the Speed UTV consists of 28,000 components. They had 300 things on the fix list, let’s say that effects 2,000 components. That leaves 26,000 pieces that have been green lighted for production and those parts would have been in production and being stock piled for months. I’ve heard 4th hand that Hisun’s #2 warehouse in McKinney has been getting containers in for awhile. OK back to Can Am. So Veys is saying they are getting cars without electronics. Dbart said his dealer got cars without electronics and steering racks. I suspect there might be more parts missing on different models that are shipped out. Anyone else hear about parts that might not be on the Can Am’s when shipped out to the dealers?
  6. What’s most sad about this thread is the fact that growing up we never ever thought about our stuff getting stolen. Generators, gas cans, tool boxes, 3 wheelers, buggy’s. No one locked stuff up or or came back to camp to find their stuff ripped off. Heck I don’t know if we locked the Motorhome or trailer doors? Has anyone tried the Apple AirTag? $29
  7. It looks like Veys got another 8 or so Can Am cars in? The back lot no longer looks like storage or staging for customer repair cars, but a storage lot for Can Am crates. If this keeps up they are going to have to consider getting an off site storage building like MotoWorld has to store their inventory or customer cars in.
  8. Do what your doing and put a tracker on the car. They’re pretty cheap now and I’ve seen some with 3 year battery life and no contracts.
  9. Wow, Veys claims the only items the cars they have in crates just need electrical items. I wonder if there are more parts missing and they just don’t know it, as they are all still un-opened & crated up.
  10. Veys Motorsports in El Cajon has had stacks of Can Am crates in the back lot. There has been probably 25 plus, and today they got more. There has to be 35-40 Can Am crates now. So I called to see what the deal was? Are they full, empty? I was told they all have cars in them, and BRP/Can Am keeps delivering them to the point they are running out of room. Some are already sold (deposits), but many are available. But here’s the problem which Sand Shark has mentioned before. Can Am is shipping incomplete cars. All the cars Veys has are incomplete. They are missing the electronics. These cars are shipping without ECU’s and other electronic components. It’s all plug & play parts, but they have no idea when they are getting the parts and for which models. He said the 200hp X3’s are the biggest issues, as those are the cars they need parts for, but can’t get. Also they said while they have allot of cars in crates, they can’t actually sell them incomplete. They also don’t know what models are coming in or when. For example the RS trim. They don’t have any and don’t know when they could get any? Not a single shipment has been on time, and until they get the manifest, they don’t know what model or trim is coming in.
  11. I had read & mentioned this many, many posts back. But it just popped up again. Starting in 2022 Polaris is charging a new $400 Logistics Surcharge on every unit. This is not a fee that can be waved as the money is sent to Polaris, just like the Destination Charges we have always paid. In a WSJ article it talked about the 2.5% MSRP increase, and another way to recoup the inflation costs was adding a surcharge. This helps keep the advertised MSRP price down but still allows Polaris to cover rising costs. So now you have Destination Charges, which last time I checked was $750? Then you had dealer set up & prep fees, which seem to be different depending on the dealership. Tax & License fees, and now this $400 Logistics Surcharge on UTV’s. I guess be great full as the surcharge on a Slingshot is $900. Anyone know if Can Am is adding other fees or planning on it? Typically when one does it the rest follow.
  12. I too like Rock Auto, but hopefully you don’t have to try to speak to someone! There is no one to speak too. The only number out there is a corp number and they tell you they do not help or take customer calls. You have to send a message online. I have a part with a core charge. They give you a date you must ship the core back by to get your core change money back. Due to several circumstances I was not going to be able to get it done in time. I’ve had no luck getting anyone at Rock Auto to help me or to be able to explain the situation to see if I still send it back after the date, will I get my core charge? Rock Auto has better parts and OEM brands, but in the end it seems like they too have little to no customer service to help you.
  13. A few weeks back I stopped into Motoworld and was surprised inventory in the showroom was still pretty empty. A few bikes, quad, a Slingshot and a couple UTV’s but that was it. I asked if they were getting the new Pro R for display or any to buy? They did not know about getting a display car, and the sales guy said they’ve taken a dozen or so deposits. So it will be awhile before you see one on the floor to buy. I asked what trims they were getting and what was the price? He said they have ordered several of each trim, but won’t know what they get until they come in. And he did not know what the final price was going to be until they start writing up the papers. I asked then how do I know what I’m going to pay if I give a deposit. He said the deposit was to get in line. When it comes in if you don’t like the price marked or the trim that came in, they will just call the next guy in line. He did think they would be slightly above MSRP, plus set up, tax & license fees. Say what you want about Speed UTV’s way of taking deposits, but at least Speed deposit holders know exactly what they are paying for the car and any accessories they choose to buy. Also he had no idea on when the new Pro Turbo might get released, and they have taken deposits on those too.
  14. The SXSBlog guys are goofy, and I have a hard time watching their videos, but they got a 4 seat Pro R and they said they paid $50K. Assume that’s out the door pricing. Ouch! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IU9BYZqzxH8

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