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  1. So I tried to buy this Alfa. He was asking $17k and we had spoke a few times, sent me more pictures etc. It was a fully loaded Alfa with Adventure package. Called him tonight to make arrangements to drive the 2 hours tomorrow to see and buy it, and he tells someone bought it this morning. Bummer as it had been for sale for over 4 weeks without much interest or only low ball offers. So now I’m back to looking and I think I only want an Alfa/Adventure which is going to make it that much harder to find!
  2. Not at Costco, but I saw a guy filling gas into empty antifreeze bottles. He must have had a dozen of them. He was probably half way done when a station clerk came out and asked him to stop. At first they guy was ignoring the clerk, but after finishing the bottle he was filling he stopped. He tried to explain that it was Ok to put gas in an antifreeze bottle. The gas station clerk showed him the sign saying only fuel approved containers can be used and antifreeze was not one of them. Also he was filling these on the tailgate of his truck with a plastic bed liner and when filled he slid them to the front of the bed. Crazy!
  3. I have a Hypertech programmer on my truck but it’s only being used to recalibrate my Speedo because of my rear gear and tire size change. I wonder if this will be an issue next time I need to smog it?
  4. Wow drive that all the time as my parents live right off of Jamacha as do my in laws. I’ve never seen this!
  5. So what do I do if a black out happens when charging up my generator? Lol! What a Joke!
  6. Can’t wait to see an electric generator?
  7. I don’t know anyone with this engine in a truck. But I was talking to the guy I’ve used for RV repair. I asked how the new 7.3 was doing? He said he was very impressed with what he’s seeing. He said the real test will be to see 3-4 year old with 30-40K engines come in. If & when we are ready to by a newer/used RV it will be the 7.3. I only have 25k on my 03 Southwind, Workhorse 8.1/Alison combo, so it might be awhile before I commit to buying something new.
  8. $13k is a great deal! I wish I could find one like that for $13k, heck $15k for all that would be cool! If it’s got leather, then it’s got a Luxury package. From what I’ve read there were a few luxury packages offered. Leather, power seats and seat heaters, was the main part of it, but then you could get a better sounds system and sun roof were also part of that luxury package, but not all got them. Main way to tell if you got the adventure package would be looking for the rear locker switch on the dash. This red arrow is pointing to the electric locker switch. You get other things with the adventure package, but the switch it the easiest way to figure it out.
  9. Awesome! Congrats! What features does it have? Base, Adventure, luxury, Alfa? What mileage? Where did you find it and how much? Are those 33’s? Looks like they adjusted the torsions to level it out. Tow bar already set up is very nice too. Anymore pictures to share?
  10. I’‘ve done quite a bit of homework on the H3. Spoke with a small family run repair shop that I trust and have used over the years. Sad to say they are retiring and closing up by the end of the year 🥲 Steve told me that the 3.7 I5 is a good little engine. He said it won’t win races, it’s not a powerhouse, fuel mileage by today’s standers is not great. But overall it’s a good running engine with no major issues, that he has seen come through their shop. And a course we know the 5.3 v8 are good engines, but have their little issue too. Coincidently just today I dropped my truck off a MIT Driveline as I’m getting a new rear dif put in as the factory limited slip is plain wore out. I’ve got over 250K on my truck all original Powertrain. I mentioned the H3 to get their opinion. They said they have only seen a couple in the past 10-12 years come in their shop, so can’t give a fair observation. But said the only ones they have seen, have not come in for broken parts or repairs, only mods. They are not big fans of the IRS front suspension as they don’t articulate like a solid axle for off road and these guys are mostly Jeep guys. Another guy in the shop pointed out that he did not like that it was built on the mid size Colorado frame, and it’s just beefed up. But then another guy asked him if he’s ever seen or heard about a tweaked or bent Hummer frame? He said no, but he thought they should have made a specific frame for it. In their limited knowledge of working on the H3, but overall opinion. They said they would buy a Jeep, because it’s what they know, and it’s got tons of aftermarket support. But the Hummer H3 is a nicer road driving and for its year a more comfortable ride vs a Jeep of those years, and with some standard features Jeep did not offer in those years. But don’t expect to off road or wheel it like you could a Jeep. But for light to mid off road, and for the pricing out there it’s probably a decent choice if looking for used off road capable vehicle, in that era and in the $13-18k price range. BTW they were not aware with only adjusting the front torsion bars, that a 35 inch tire fits and does not rub on the H3. He said that was surprising and they did not know that big of a tire would fit stock with no mods or CV issues.
  11. I definitely know I don’t want a 06 H3 as they had the 3.5 I5 and they had valve seat issues. Read where Chevy fixed the problem and those engine with the valve problem. But I’d rather find a 2007 -2010 with the 3.7 and not deal with possible head issues. BTW the most you see are 06’s as that the year they made the most. One I was looking at happened to be in Colorado. Right year, low mileage, 3.7L, right color, had the Adventure package, which is lockers, 33’s extra skid plates etc. But after getting more detailed pictures, it was not in the shape I am looking for, or price. Plus the car fax showed an accident back in 2010. No airbag deployment. So not a deal breaker, but not worth going to Colorado for. Would like an Alfa with the 5.3 V8, as I know that engine, but those get harder to find with lower mileage and other options in a decent price that Im willing to spend. That’s why I think I would consider the 3.7 I5. But I don’t really know the 3.7 engine that well and was hoping a few on here might have or do own one.
  12. Anyone own or use to own a Hummer H3? Any opinions or info about them? They seem to be pretty affordable for its capabilities, especially when comparing to Jeep. Parts look to be easily available being that it’s all GM. Not much aftermarket available, but not sure how much is needed? Looking for something that can be towed behind the RV, off road capable, yet still comfortable on the road.
  13. I too thought Yamaha did something internal when Arctic Cat put the Yami in the XX. Or maybe it was only for the XX batch of engines as the XX has more power then the YXZ. I think Nate @ Alba said the cam profile was different too?? I don’t remember.
  14. Can I assume with pulling the little trailer that pretty much any decent 2wd could do this who trip? At anytime was 4wd or ground clearance needed? We’re all the dirt roads maintained?
  15. Sorry, Nothing solid as to when, but I’ve been assured it’s coming, by a few that know way more then me! My best guess is it will be a 2023 model, so released mid 2022. I honestly thought we would have seen it this year. No one has said, but my speculation is that Covid, supply shortages and transit logistics are playing a roll in its release. Also no info what’s so ever if any power changes are coming for it? While compared to a turbo the KRX is way down on power, but overall it does very well for the N/A category it’s in. It has 3 more HP then a RZR N/A, but the dual clutching and overall weight makes it feel less peppy. So with that said I think they will need to improve the HP for a 4 seat version. They vehicle is going to gain a few hundred lbs, but then you added another few hundred in passengers, and now you just added 500 lbs. it’s going to need more power. If they could bump up to 130 hp, which is a 17hp gain. I think it would be more comforting to the consumer, and in reality it’s going to need it. 150hp would be awesome, but I just don’t see Kawi doing that. Also I don’t think the 4 seater it’s going to be as big as some might think it’s going to be. For one, they already have allot of room behind the seats that will be used and not replaced. The current WB is 98.8 so even if they added 20 inches to the car, the WB would still be under 120. The Turbo S 4 is 117, Speed is 120, Pro4 is 125. Can Am is stupid long! They are going to want the KXR4 to be able to do most of what the 2 seat model can do.

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