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  1. But, the question is will it work with their dash? Like Todd said you can buy the Razorback belt sensor for $50 less then theirs will be, but it would not work off their dash. Maybe aftermarket will make one? Plus Todd told me with Delphi (Aptiv) supplying the wire harness and connectors. You will have to get the Delphi (Aptiv) connectors for any aftermarket accessory. The connectors are reasonable, but you will need the crumpet tool to make them. If you cut off the Speed harness connecter to plug in your own, you can void the electrical system warranty. For those that don’t know these connectors are GM’s version of Weather Pack connectors. They are really nice.
  2. Same here. I want the rear camera, and the belt temp would be nice. They did say we will eventually be able to buy the pieces separately and they did show the pricing on the video. That’s probably the way I’d go. Looks like you would have to get both cameras though. I can’t imagine unlocking the dash will take more then 30 min to 1 hour of labor time from the dealer to turn on. Tire monitors would take longer like Todd said because of the dismounting & mounting if the tires. Honestly why can’t that just be activated from the dash manufacture? I don’t see a reason the program could not be turned on as standard, so anyone buying the accessories can’t just be plug & play like originally proposed. Guessing it’s a way to “Up Sell” and make you buy it now. Just like they made it clear even if we have closed out our buyers form we can still add it and it will be installed. I wonder where the rear camera will be mounted? Originally Robby talked about the tailgate, but if you remove the tailgate you’d lose the camera. Then it was said it could be mounted on the roof next to the upper chase light. I’d bet that’s where it ends up?
  3. Good & informative on everything that’s going on. Everyone on this thread should watch it to answer questions. Even FOG’s question about why is Robby & the engineering staff in Asia still? The new Polaris Stop/Ride was used as a perfect example of why they are there. Todd explains why they have not faced some of the challenges the others have with shortages or using a single source suppliers. They sure seem very confident that all pre ordered customers will have cars, including Bandit orders by the end of the year. The goal is to start delivering before Sand Sports, with a potential 150 cars delivered at Sand Sports and cars being delivered every day after that depending on your location.
  4. New Speed UTV accessory package. Cool accessory, but a bit pricier then I would have guessed. I would have thought this would have been around $800? Am I wrong and do you think $1300 is fairly priced for front & rear cameras, belt temp and tire pressure monitors?
  5. Looks like a “Leaked” picture of the new Can Am X3 or whatever they might call it was posted on IG. Guessing from the music this was at the Mexico plant and you can see they guy is taking some of the leftover decal wrap off the side. Looks big! Could be a threat to the Pro R and Speed UTV! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfB4zGfJRRt/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. It’s says assembled with incorrect inner tie rod. Not sure how the incorrect inner tie rod could be installed? It’s a different size & length then all the other Polaris models. They say say Stop /Ride, yet they have no remedy yet. My guess is it was the correct tie rod, but either a poor designed part which is failing, or a bad supplier parts. I’m guessing it’s a design issue and the reason they don’t have a remedy is because they are having to re-design it, then get their supplier to manufacture it, then get them on the production line and to dealers. After hearing about the rear toe links coming loose and the cam rotating. I was expecting that to be the first recall.
  7. Robby & team are there because there is tens of thousands of parts being made and he and the engineering team are inspecting, testing and more inspecting of every part they can. They have been assembling engines, putting them in cars and then tearing them apart. They are randomly grabbing a trans or dif from the assembly area and tearing it apart. They are testing Rockwell and tolerances. They were actually putting parts in a test car and testing it on the facility track. I’m sure they have found little issues, and being on site means they fix them right infront of him. Not sure why they did not have the show last night? But today they were spending the day at another factory that was producing the parts for the shocks. Robby said they have hundreds of shocks to go through to make sure they meet Speed standards. I think last week a engineer from a Korean factory met up with them in China to inspect and work through the parts they are supplying Speed. Robby and crew are checking each part they can. If you have not figured out, Robby is the most hands on person you will ever meet. His saying is he only works half days. That’s 12 of 24 hours a day 6 days a week minimum. He never expects his employees to work harder them him. But he expects you to keep up. Not a life for me and why when offered a job with RGM many, many years ago I did not accept.
  8. I’ve never really got the chance to drive a XX. I have ridden in one a couple of times. It felt the most like a traditional buggy due to its suspension & geometry design. I was very impressed with how well it worked and felt. It’s the only UTV I’ve driven or rode in that can pop the front end up in the bumps. Hands down the best riding UTV. The seating position in the chassis felt very neutral. There is lots of passenger room and like the Polaris General the interior with finished door panels, door handles, clean dash layout with plenty of room for accessory mounting , make it more finished then most sport machines. For being a N/A engine IMO the power was very good at 130 hp, and is still the leader in the N/A segment. Not being a huge dune person, I would be very satisfied with the power. Only complaint would be the high sustained RPM’s due to the CVT.
  9. A couple of years ago I got to ride in a 2 seat Polaris General XP. It was really nice. I liked the interior and always felt Polaris should have put the Generals dash & center console in the RZR. It has finished doors & very usable bed. From what I understand the engine is the same 1000cc as the NA RZR. The one I road in had 30 inch tires and ST spring kit, but all stock. If I lived in the North or somewhere else besides the desert regions, I would totally buy a General. Our friends live in Kingman AZ and it’s actually great to have there too. They have it licensed and another cool feature is the the transmission has turf mode, so it turns easier and does not tear up the tires driving on the streets.
  10. DTA is exactly right. Day 1, the base model was not offered, but you got the LE for base pricing, which was $30K & 32K. Since day 1 the base price has not increased and both Robby & Todd told me they are doing there best to not increase the base price. I’m assuming just due to inflation they will have to increase the base trim pricing soon, plus they don’t price control their dealers, so the dealer can mark up as they want or consumer demands. What has gone up since day 1 is the LE & RG trims. I believe there has been 3 price increase? Plus after the initial round of pricing, the Speed key was no longer a free option. That was an addition perk for being in the first round of pricing that ended on Dec 1, 2020. The Speed key is now a $1250 option.
  11. Base model is the best bang for your buck for what you get at that price. Especially if you did not get in under the original LE & RG pricing and free Speed Key. The car is identical to the LE & RG in performance. The LE & RG have some nice features that are super convenient right off the show room floor, but not mandatory. If I bought a base model Diablo, and I might do that in a few years for me & my daughter to do some local D38 racing and maybe NORRA. The only must have for me is the roof. Then again I could just skin it with aluminum. The rest like radios I would just buy & install myself. With a base vs LE you lose the custom graphics, & chassis suspension color change. The choice of wheels & beadlocks, the roof, and the carbon fiber seats. Additional things lost compared to the RG trim are the LE trim plus Suede seats & steering wheel. Race radio & intercom, window nets and RG edition graphics.
  12. I had mentioned that I heard/told that they could do 3 rounds of 400 Jefe’s (1200 units) first then do Diablos. Looks like Todd publicly confirmed it.
  13. Hope your friend does not get mad at you for calling him stupid, and costing him thousands of dollars if he still wants to buy one. Because he’s not going to get one for the price he could have.
  14. I would guess for tracking orders, that makes sense. But since you have three models all mixed within the master numbers, and they are manufacturing batches based on model. They would need some sort of way to identify who’s cars are being built in what order & batch.
  15. Whats your car model #? You have a master # and a model #. I’d guess they will build in rounds of 500. Originally they were going to do two rounds of 500 of 4 seaters, then 500 of the Diablo, then another round of 4 seaters, then Diablos. Then after the Jefe & Diablo’s were built they would start Bandits. But I’ve also heard this has changed to rounds of 400, then I heard because of the demand for 4 seaters, they could do 3 rounds of 4 seaters, then jump to Diablos. So if your car model # is within 400-500 your probably is the first round of Diablos. If higher then 500, then I’d guess second round. But as Todd said after the Sand Sports release they hope to have all pre orders built within 60 days and delivered by the end of the year if possible. At least that’s the goal. If you just plan for the first of the year, then you should not be disappointed and maybe happily surprised if it’s earlier then that.

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