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  1. I keep thinking there is a pivot point or suspension link that is causing the clunk. Maybe an oblong hole, defective bushing. I’d be shocked if it was a body issue, but anything is possible. It would be hard for a dealership to justify, but if it was in my garage I’d probably tear the whole rear suspension out, inspect, see what the bolt & bushing tolerances are. You can tighten a bolt as much as you want but if there is a few thousands slop in the bushing boss, it can cause a clunk as the weight is loaded and unloaded over bumps. Then reassemble to see what happens. Maybe even replace some of the cheaper links on that side.
  2. The law is not about pigs coming from California. It’s saying any pork products coming into California must meet California’s regulations. It’s part of that same free range chicken law from a few years ago. The pork industry just got a few more years to comply. So an Iowa pig farmer must meet Cal regs for his pork to be sold and brought into California. I love pork, but would be willing to sacrifice the meet to piss off the rest of the state and for people to get pissed enough and overturn these laws that were voted in, without understanding the consequences of what they are voting for. The Dems spin or even alter the reading or the proposed law and the dumb people vote this crap in. Now it’s time to pay the price. California thinks just because they are the 5th largest economy in the world they can bully the rest of the Nation into following their laws. It’s a power grab!
  3. About 18 years ago a friend bought a full plans and garage kit from Dixiline in San Diego. It was a full wood frame kit. It came with everything including the asphalt roofing tiles. The sides were T1, 11 but they chose to wrap and stucco to match the house. He said it was easy to permit as the building plans that come with the kit was pretty much all the neeed minus the site location plan which was hand drawn on paper. This was built in La Mesa. They’ve since sold the house, but it’s still standing today and looks like it’s part of the property.
  4. It’s a Can Am! The chassis just cracked in half.
  5. Reminds me of back in the day when we were on 3 wheelers and bikes. We had a few guys when doing the top ends go over to Duncan and have them work the engines over. While fast those guys would be buying Trick fuel, fouling plugs, and go through top ends. Us guys with stock bikes just kept running. Eventually everyone was back to stock and having fun again. Then we get into buggys and we were racing Baja. Going to the desert with the play buggy’s for fun was a struggle with racing being the focus. When we did it seems someone always had an issue. Seemed like we were at camp fixing something or someone’s buggy’s. Then racing was a whole other level. Made going to the desert or dunes like kids play. The prep, money, logistics etc. was a whole other level. I loved it, but over the years it to was not the fun it once was. Then some other friends & family who did not race, and just went to Superstition desert for fun had UTV’s. After my racing was over and I was more family focused, we bought a Polaris XP4 900 so we could go with them. GAME CHANGER! All of the sudden going to the desert was fun again. No sponsors, no crews, minimal prep, 1/16 the cost ect.. The UTV brought back the fun in going to the desert, and with the family. I have not prepped a CV or stained my hands with Bell Ray in I don’t know how many years now. We still have the XP4 900 and have a Speed UTV on order. But it took going to something simple, slower and reliable for me to find the fun again. And I’m enjoying it with my wife and daughter. I still love going to Baja, and I try to do 1 or 2 play trips a year, which is what I grew up doing with my Grandfather. Once he quit racing, he kept his flame going by doing 3-4 days Baja adventure play trips. Now I do the same. So I totally get the lack of motivation and wondering if it will blow again, or will I be pulling it because the trans broke this time, ect.. When you start doubting or lose motivation, even just loading the RV or trailer becomes a burden. My racing partner still has the race car, and he’s asked if I want to race again? I’ve told them I have no interest in getting back in. I still have my Baja Bug Prerunner, which they will bury me in! Lol! Once my backyard project is a 100% done (I’m 95% there) I plan on uncovering the Prerunner and going through it and updating it a bit. But it will be a fun and at my leisure project. (I’m going to have to do the CV’s, Yuck!) Meanwhile we will keep it simple with a UTV, I wash after a trip and put away. This long story is basically saying find away to keep it simple and the enjoyment will come back!
  6. Open till Closed! We get our money’s worth! Past few years I’ve just been looking or helping friends get what they need. But this year I’ll have a small list of things to get.
  7. Spending my day on GD.com and on the web. The past two weeks I’ve been dealing with 2 pinched nerves in my neck and into my left arm. Several doctors appts, several meds and starting PT this week. Meanwhile I have allot of sharp pain in my arm, shoulder & neck which mean I can’t do crap! So I’m on here!
  8. NIKAL


    Funny you mentioned Trojan battery’s as I was a believer of them and have had two sets in my RV ownership lifetime. Then when I needed to replace them the second set, that’s when I was introduced to the US Battery. The owners of Viking are Trojan dealers and they had told me, I will not get the the same life out of new Trojans as my old ones. He said unfortunately they are riding on their name as the quality is not the same. The US Batteries were a little cheaper then Trojan, but he said the quality was better. So I took a chance. So far I’m on my 4th soon to be 5th year this season with no problems. But I keep my RV plug in most of the time and I check the water a few times a year or before a big trip. I think maintenance is a big part of longevity.
  9. Interesting article in the WSJ about Polaris. In May they raised prices on all products & vehicles 2.5% and might have to do another increase this year due to rising cost, shortages and transportation issues & costs. One way to increase the cost might be to increase or add surcharges for transportation or a commodity cost. Also they are seeing order & delivery times increase to 6-10 weeks, as the can’t build enough vehicle to meet demand. They have even redesigned the gauge clusters to use more readily available chips. https://www.wsj.com/articles/polaris-considers-more-price-increases-11627646400
  10. NIKAL


    Look at US Battery. When I went to replace my RV 6V house battery’s I went over to Viking Battery in Santee. They’ve been around for a long time. He turned me on to US Battery, and I have Zero complaints. Since I’ve used them, I’ve had two others we camp with put them in their RV & Trailers and no issues. https://www.usbattery.com/products/6-volt-batteries/ If your in East County San Diego go to Viking battery in Santee. Their Good people!
  11. Yes I suspect you will see a 72 or 74 from Speed. I know the smaller Bandit will get released as a 77 and 72 or 74. Earlier this year their was a chassis tube change in the rear fender bed side area to a accommodate for a 72 in width tire clearance. So I’d expect at some point a 72 or 74 will get released. Maybe in a second year model. It’s going to be if the consumer demands it for all 3 models. But because all 3 models share the same chassis, all 3 will have the ability. I won’t say how I know this, but Speed is releasing the “Ferrari” of UTV’s first, where the industry starts with utility and then goes entry sport and then high performance sport. Speed UTV has plans of releasing lower tier sport machines later on down the road. From my gathering in a few years we might see a Speed UTV in the XP1000, XX, KRX market. I also think part of the settlement with Textron/Arctic Cat was Speed UTV can’t compete in the same category as the XX. So that would eliminate the 64 N/A category for a specific time period. I was listing to the latest SXSguys podcast on YouTube. Once you fast forward through the first 30 min of them talking about all the stuff they are doing, they got to some interesting stuff. One of the guys said he has confirmation that Kawi has something impressive in the works. He said he’s under a NDA or something, but all he can say is somethings coming. Not sure when? Maybe next year? But Kawi wants to play in this market. One of the guys on the podcast is the marketing rep for Full Throttle battery, and they are talking with manufactures all the time and bidding contracts, and so many times they get a glimpse of what could be coming. They also mention that they have heard rumblings out if the Yamaha camp that they are working on a refresh or new model. Some patent stuff was found awhile back. But patents don’t mean it will be built or used. Many times it’s to protect or keep someone else from doing it. But history has shown Yamaha like Honda will always stay on the conservative side.
  12. If your not stuck on having to have a turbo and if your not strictly a sand dune guy, then the KRX is a great option. Another car that’s still amazing for the price is the Arctic Cat XX. For 2022 they have 3 trims starting at $21.2K and the top trim is only $1200 more then the base. For 22 they have upgraded the Fox 2.5 shocks valving and to have better bottom out control. They have a new ADAPT CVT clutch that Arctic cat designed to replace the Team clutching. The ADAPT clutch has been on their sleds with great success. They also redesigned the axles last year to solve the boot issues. But for $1000 you can get the Speed axles and never have any issues again. SpeedSXS is still going to continue to build and support the XX with accessories and upgrades for the XX. Oh and the XX is still the highest HP N/A UTV in the market with 130 hp. Just noticed Bass Pro’s Tracker off road XX is still listed at $17,999 “No haggle pricing” same car just says Tracker vs Arctic Cat and it’s black.
  13. Well the current 2022 Pro 2 seater in the top Ultimate trim which has the Dynamax Fox shocks is $29K. 4 Seat Pro in Ultimate trim with Fox shocks is $33K. So I’d guess you will add $5K for this in 72 inches wide version of the Pro? All of the sudden the Speed UTV at $30k for both base 2 seaters or $32k for a 4 seater is not that expensive or out priced for the market. Yes that’s the Speed base model price, but look at what the base car is. It’s still going to have more power, wider, Chromoly boxed suspension & DOM chassis with the same 3.25 inch diameter IBS shocks as the two other trims.
  14. Just found this video showing ZZ Top and Dusty’s last show on July 18th. Looks like he was playing, but he was sitting on a trunk. Probably like you mentioned about him have hip issues or recent surgery.

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