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  1. Nope they are all working just fine. Not many people out here right now. So when you take a break there is not much noise.
  2. you ain't kidding. My friend has a straight pipe Can Am. It might be louder than my friend's V8 rails.
  3. No Speed sound system in Glamis so far. Nice and quiet here.
  4. How many miles you have on your XX now? My friend just replaced his motor mounts on his XX. He had an axle failure and one blown belt. Car has been solid for him. I am pretty sure he is close to 3,000 miles. Did have a scare when he blew the belt. Some how it blew the cover off and pinched the oil line above it. Luckily he shut the motor off immediately. He recently had Schmidty do his shocks. I think his car was the test mule. Handles so much better after the new springs and shock work. I would suggest you ditch those stock tires and go to a more durable tire. A 32" BFG would work well. Although I did witness the stock tires survive a launch off a hill down 50 or so feet into cactus. Made it to the highway in Baja with cactus spines in all for tires. They held air long enough to get him back to Ensenada. LOL!
  5. I feel that Barcia is due for a win.
  6. Pismo is a different animal. Luckily FOOD has been very successful in their lawsuits to keep it open.
  7. I hear it only happens on Gecko and Roadrunner Estates. LOL!
  8. That is typical for a dealer. Tell you a week and a month later you might see your SXS. Rocky Mountain ATV shows they have 6 steering racks in stock.
  9. ECUs is what I heard most cars are missing. I also heard Bert's has a done of cars sitting in there front showroom with missing parts (Polaris and Can Am).
  10. This is why I am in no rush to get a new truck. Those people paying the mark ups are going to be so upside down in their vehicles in a few years when the supply chain is back to normal.
  11. I am talking about supply issues. Not a joke about storage in Mexico.
  12. Apparently Can Am is not comfortable storing the units at that facility in Mexico that caught fire. If can am and Polaris are having these issues how is RG avoiding this to get production started?
  13. I may of had a few heart attacks during that game. Also a lifelong Ram fan. That game would of ended differently if Goff was still the QB.

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