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  1. Well looks like RG did not have enough money to get good Wi-Fi in China. lol! No show tonight. I was looking forward to seeing a huuuge pile of parts.
  2. And many of the people that are anti-abortion were also screaming "my body, my choice" with the vaccine mandates. It goes both ways it seems.
  3. The way production is currently looking, I would say 10-20.
  4. Oops!!! Kind of crazy speeds to be going on a track with no safety gear.
  5. You would think they would mention it. HAHA!
  6. Need to get some of those trophy truck co-drivers to do that. They can change a tire in about a minute.
  7. I was on a cruise. No offroad trips to Mexico until maybe Sept.
  8. Hopefully in the next 90 days full production starts and we will find out which plan they stick to.
  9. Love the Ride Command on the Polaris and wish all would come with something like the Ride Command. The Ride Command is so awesome on group rides where people get spread out. Love the power and reliability of the Can Am X3 Love the suspension of the X3 once it has been re-done by a capable shock tuner. I also like the that the live valve stuff is getting better with each generation.
  10. A few seasons ago we were going around a good size bowl and there was a group going in the opposite direction riding the ridge above us. Dude somehow rolled his SXS as we were passing below him. Now that was thrilling. LOL! There is no denying the power of a turbo sandcar or V8 powered car and the fun of being able to hit the turning brakes coming into a corner. Especially if the sandrail driver knows what they are doing. I enjoy chasing down my friend's that can drive a rail in my Can Am. It is a workout for sure.

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