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  1. Can I guess at the Coyne games? Does it start with the ADM is $5,000, but we are not charging as much as the others and we will discount the freight to $2,500.00, even though we pay $750? or we will sell you a unit but you have to purchase a warranty at full price? Coyne is not my choice when purchasing. Surprisingly there parts depart is great when you need something when in Glamis. They stock a lot of stuff. Check with Corona Motorsports those guys are usually pretty straight forward. If you don't mind driving the dealer I got my X3 from is super easy to deal with and make deals over the phone.
  2. I have been in a few YXZs and it was not a fun ride in the whoops or the rough stuff. Put at least the YXZ does not catch on fire. LOL!
  3. If you get someone to meet you with gas you can ride from Vegas to Dumont.
  4. It will be tough to find non-political stuff about the vaccine on-line. Lots of anti-vaccine organizations online that make it look like they are a medical website. You can try some of the legit medical journal websites. Best to talk to doctors you trust and ask them.
  5. Can Am has resumed production. The fire only destroyed cars in the outside area. Inventory between Can Am and Polaris is pretty slim.
  6. Maybe they won't let Supercross into the new Raider stadium so they said no Vegas at all.
  7. Can't wait to be back in the stadium watching it live.
  8. I decided to get matching upper a-arms. So I ordered some S3 Powersports upper a-arms. They arrived yesterday. Much like the lowers they are very stout and I should have not worries with the a-arms. I am sticking with stock ball joints as they were never an issue for me on my last X3. I will start installing everything in the next few weeks.
  9. It will cost you way more in legal fees to prove he did something to your tree then to pay to have the tree cut down. Sucks that you know he did it, but much less stress cutting the tree down and moving on.
  10. Those shows are always entertaining. I watched the shows on the various super cars and how they were built.
  11. I doubt the manufacturing set up Speed is using could keep up with BRPs morning production line. They have 3 factories in Mexico LOL!
  12. Here is 6 days of Can Am production up in flames. It was over 1000 cars. They claim there will be no disruption and production will resume. I bet they get those customers orders filled. Kinda of puts in perspective the 80 cars a day goal of Speed UTV is really not that many cars a day and should be doable.
  13. I have the top one you pictured. I use it all the time when working on stuff. Very handy tool.
  14. Not to worry production will start up again. Per the article they only lost 6 days of production. Just say no to walking golf courses. LOL https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-brp-preparing-to-resume-side-by-side-production-after-fire-at-facility/

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