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  1. Was the car Max raced in the turbo class the same n/a car he raced?
  2. I did not see where it was just for the turbo class. Still impressive both finished the race. Good marketing for sure.
  3. I only mention Max's car because they were discussing how they basically put a bunch of Speed UTV stuff on their. So I was counting it as a Speed UTV.
  4. I guess he is not counting Max's DNF in the n/a car with the broken steering shaft. LOL!!!!
  5. The minute that OSHA mandate is issued the lawsuits will be filed. I agree they are playing a game of chicken right now.
  6. The dude had cancer and was 84 years old. Whether vaccinated or not getting covid was not going to be a good outcome.
  7. lol! I do have a GoPro that seems to never be used. I have a friend that has a drone and occasionally he will film us in the dunes. Next time we go to the desert I will see if my friend can do some filming. I can’t wait to try the car in the dunes and see how the suspension works.
  8. I do not recall seeing a list of what you get with a race Speed UTV other than some of the obvious stuff.
  9. If you plan on racing seriously you order the Speed UTV race chassis and all that comes with it for the $125K price tag. Race UTVs are like Class 10 cars with belt drives. If I were racing a Can Am I would go right to Geiser and pick up their race chassis and build away.
  10. I was able to finally get out to the desert this weekend for a shakedown of the car. We did a nice 105 mile ride on Saturday and a short ride on Sunday that gave the car a good test. High speed trails, whoops, chatter bumps, sand washes, and some rocky canyons. Not bolts fell off which is a good thing. LOL! My radio was not transmitting very far. It turns out you actually have to hook up the antenna cable to the radio so it can work properly. LOL! Radio worked perfect after that correction was made. I can not get over what a great job Tom Morris did on my shocks. I ran them as he gave them to me and did not touch them all day. Chatter bumps were nothing. No legs bouncing around or feeling like your kidney's were going pop out. Just nice a smooth. The suspension soaked up the whoops and bumps really well at 55+ mph. I found myself look for the rough parts to see what the suspension could handle. The car was supper stable at speeds of 70+ (I managed hit the speed limiter of 89mph) and in the turns. The suspension at slow speed felt great. Never bottomed out once. So far I am super happy with how the car drives and performs. This car feels a little more peppy then my last X3, which had a tune on it. The car accelerates hard from 40mph up to about 75mph. Still want to put a tune on the new car when they are available.
  11. Yes, I agree those that do not understand desert racing would be all over a DNF. I guess the luxury of being a big manufacture is you don't have to race the test mule. LOL! The offroad world did not melt over the bolt, they just had fun poking fun at the guy that like to point out the crappy welds of the other manufactures. LMAO!!!!
  12. Matlock was supposed to be racing the new Polaris all season. Hence why he has been racing in the unlimited class in Baja and not the production turbo class. He will be racing it after 11/9/21 when Polaris releases the new models. If they DNF'd it would not of been a big deal. They are still testing the car and what better way then a desert race. Parts fail on $500K-$1mill trophy trucks.
  13. No moving the goal post. They kicked a 30 yard field goal and you think they scored a touchdown. LOL!!!! They did great and Max Gordon will be winning races consistently when RG and company stop thrashing to get ready for races. He does not need a Speed UTV to win, he just needs a well prepped car. In watching the videos of the Speed UTV from the race there was nothing I saw that was mind blowing or showed me they are going to be dominating races anytime soon. The top guys have years of R&D and know what works to survive races. Speed UTV is in the beginning stages. I said Baja because that is what he built the Speed UTV for and was the inspiration. Maybe next year we will see them do a full race season with the Speed cars. After all it should be in production prior to the 2022 San Felipe 250.
  14. LOL! Max took a line that was not allowed so he got DQ'd. It happens all the time in desert races. So Max should feel like he is one of the guys now. He did awesome in his done up Wildcat XX. The kid can drive and the XX in the hands of skilled driver can do well. The Speed cars did well. I am more interested to see how they do in Baja where they are not doing several laps on the same course.

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