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  1. I am looking for a pair of DWT 155-41 15x5.5 (3.5" backspacing) billet center competition beadlock wheels, see them here: http://dwtracing.com/product/billet-center-competition-beadlock-buggy-sand-sandbuggy-sandrail-dunes-aluminum-lightweight-dwt-douglas-wheel-rim/ Everyone has been out of stock since last year so I am hoping that maybe someone has some (new or used). Call or text Joe 909-841-2063
  2. I know there was a thread before that had it but i can't find it. Can anyone tell me the wheel specs and back spacing on Gen 3s? Thanks
  3. Some of the changes from the Gen. 3 to Gen 4 1. More travel, from 17" front to 18" and 18" rear to 20" 2. New style airbags w/ rubber bumpers internal to the bag 3. Uniball trailing arm pivots (from Derlin bushings) 4. Longer axels w/ 5.5" backspace wheels so car will still fit in a trailer 5. Better power steering rack. 6. 4" longer wheel base 7. And a bunch of cosmetic stuff 8. Midboard hubs (12 bolts) on the Gen4 instead of microstubs (3 bolts), which accomodates the longer axles to allow for more travel without abusing the CVs. 9. Better radiator setup, uses a cradle instead of hardmounts 10. C&R radiator instead of Ron Davis radiator 11. A-arms are bigger tubing, heavier duty 12. Larger front spindle axles 13. The overall length is about 6 to 12" longer than Gen3, depending on Subaru or V8 14. Bigger gas tank, hold 3 more gallons 15. Cast iron rear suspension pivots 16. All cars have Uniball pivots on the rear($250 option) 17. Gas gauge for gas tank, instead of visi-gauge mounted on tank. 18. Billet rear view mirror
  4. Came out of a Gen 3 Funco Buckets approx 18x14.5 Bench 18x46 $600 obo Call or text Joe 909-841-2063

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