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  1. Thank you! - they havent given me a date, just told me today they are almost complete. What day are you heading there?
  2. Thank you - i might take you up on that!
  3. Fox Tune - note big whoops on bottom, jump off top, jump down, big whoops at speed (70 mph?) - and a jump at end - 30ish feet long jump I'd guess...not high but travelling fast so distance 274534654_327633452663747_5316041517785524974_n.mp4
  4. Possibly, but for how good it rides I can't justify spending money to make it better...and I would really enjoy comparing someone who had work done to what I have...side by side video going through whoops and over a jump would be ideal. Almost every time I do runs where there's a crowd, other CanAm owners come ask who did my shocks, etc - when I tell them Fox tune on stock shocks - most don't even know what that means...and start preaching they want to go to shock therapy and spend thousands.
  5. Anyone driving from Havasu to San Diego in the next week or 2? I have some seats being completed at Jet Trim. Thank you!
  6. Where are you measuring ride height? Be sure you follow how the manual tells you to to measure. Leave it stock - i hammer the crap out of mine and it' still great / no sagging...if my springs sag I'm putting back on stock, i would not pay more money for it to ride better because I can't imagine it can get any better - or not worth the money if it did. I wish CanAm would advertise the spring rates, but they do not - then buying aftermarket would be more doable. I look forward to meeting people who spend a lot of $ on aftermarket and doing a comparison. Maybe in 2020 they changed things up, because my car performs great.
  7. Yes, 32's..but even with the stock 30's the thing rode awesome. Yes I followed the low speed, high speed, and rebound settings...i didnt have to change anything else as it was already sitting at the correct height - and all other shock settings were close enough if i recall, it was 2 years ago now...But, i get confused on all the different models...RR, RR DS, etc...Do you have the Fox 3.0's in the back like I do? For me i read the owners manual on how to check ride height - as well as how to adjust the shocks - and then put them where the fox tune suggests...for all the settings on the shocks just tighten them all the way and then as you loosen count revolutions (using wrench location for when you've completed a 360 degree spin aka 1 turn) for the low speed and high speed, and the amount of clicks on the rebound (owners manual might explain it better than me)...it takes about 5 minutes to do all the settings for all 4 shocks. What mine has - and 2nd pick is all i changed per fox...i purchased new and assume the dealer didnt change anything...point being possibly other things should be changed for you, but if you do not have what fox suggests, try that 1st.
  8. 72 inch for me too...i literally have other owners come up to me and ask what aftermarket shocks i have...and they usually dont believe me when I tell them it's stock. Your tires look n the small side, are those 30's?
  9. For the record, there isnt a trail i can think if where i'd want to invest and put this much effort into. There's too many places in the US you can ride directly from camp...Tahoe as mentioned at the start of this thread..But, Mammoth is awesome and pretty mich the same terrain, and honestly, if i was in Tahoe - a side by side would not be something I'd want...too many awesome walking trails, lakes streams, etc. I'd leave it at home if camping in Tahoe in other words. So curious - all the people trying to solution this, where would this actually make sense to put forth the time, effort, and $?
  10. Fox tune...and anyone who says shock therapy I'd love to meet with you in the dunes and do a comparison...nothing against them, but the stock shocks on my x3 with the fox tune is amazing for me. Fox who made the shocks has info on their website depending upon the X3 model you have if you havent noticed: Powersports Help Center | FOX (ridefox.com) Gordons - Whoops Test
  11. Ya true - i guess if you're uncoordinated and can't drive in a straight line this would be tough. :D- Cab over campers prob put more stress on a sway bar and don't tie directly into the front frame like these appear to do. I do more insane things when i drive in the dunes that this setup would ever do.
  12. There's a few companies out there that make them...when I had a dually an 5th wheel i thought about doing this, but never pulled the trigger. FABITUP | Washington UTV Cage & Rack Fabricator
  13. eat lunch at quarterdeck if you like seafood (fresh crab, peel and eat shrimp, etc - an eat with your hands type place)...it's not walking distance from DC but a fun place. Someone took me there while i was on business travel and I try to go back when I'm out there. Quarterdeck (quarterdeckarlington.com) If you like caverns, the Luray caverns is pretty cool. A 2 hourish drive from DC. Another cool thing they have outside of DC is Breweries - which are more like wineries...this place has an awesome view - Home - Dirt Farm Brewing - again, a bit of a drive outside of the city. I guess I'm assuming you have a rental car. Tell google to avoid tolls and freeways if you wnt to see some really pretty / cool homes / landscapes when driving to these places. DC is cool, but I prefer to see the country.
  14. Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Resort - Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta All inclusive and this is one of the "free" restaurants...all rooms face the beach and u can hear the waves from your room. If you do go, take a cab ride to the boardwalk - its beautiful / cleaner than any boardwalk ive been to in the US

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