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  1. Looking for a nice set of headers, preferably an 8 into 1 or 2. Please send pics of what you have! Cash in hand. Will be in Glamis Presidents’ Day week/weekend or can figure out shipping!
  2. WTB- ls headers



    S4 vs S5

    So just trying to figure out if there is a huge difference in going with an extra gear or not for the dunes? Is the S5 going to be a lot weaker due to the smaller gears? Please let me know what the pros and cons would be as I’m trying to decide which way to go! Thanks
  4. Sad sad day to see this beautiful new Tatum upside down… it’s just the start of the season.
  5. I’ve never had an issue, but I’d recommend the Florence one.
  6. You don’t need emissions in Pinal county. Just go to DMV with your title and get new plates/registration
  7. So I order a new S4 for our car in April and sold the tranny out of the car early thinking I’d have the new one here in time, unfortunately doesn’t look like it will be here so looking for an S4 to buy to get me through the season! Please let me know if you have one you want to part ways with!
  8. I’m in the same situation, ordered my S4 at the end of March. Doesn’t look like I’ll have it this season. 😢 So it’s time to pack the cooler, find an open seat and enjoy the ride this season!🍻

    S4D S5D

    Ahh I appreciate the response!
  10. SCUMAN

    S4D S5D

    @Sean@Weddle so if we ordered a S4 around April time frame what’s the chances of us seeing it this season😬
  11. View Advert McLeod RXT twin disc clutch for sale Used but in good shape, asking $550 for complete set up. These are $1500 new. Will ship on your dime Advertiser SCUMAN Date 07/29/2021 Price $550.00 Category Sandcar / Off-Road parts  

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    Used but in good shape, asking $550 for complete set up. These are $1500 new. Will ship on your dime


  13. Have a set of headers I’m selling that came off of a ls3. In good condition! Make offer. Just need to clear out of my garage. Located in Arizona. (602)753-6122
  14. Another amazing build by Arvizu fabrication!! Congrats!

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