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  1. Good for 450 ft/lbs in a sand car/prerunner application
  2. Thought I would resurrect this thread as it didn’t get much attention the first time around. Pretty important topic especially when you have to deal with an injury and you are unprepared to do so. I approached my first aid kit with the mindset of keeping someone alive until help arrives. Tourniquet, splints, pressure bandages, chest seal, blood clotting agent, compressed gauze to name just a few items. Knowing how to use these items are equally as important as having them in the first place. If you had a major injury in your group, are you prepared to help until help arrives?
  3. Thats a good question LOL. I should have clarified. I have two pairs (back and seat pads for two seats).
  4. Best single disc clutch made IMO
  5. Clutch was used with a Mendeola 2D. Rebuilt the 2D and installed a new Weddle disc/PP and flywheel. Couple of hours on the rebuild and I break reverse on the 2D. Decided to upgrade to an S5, Chevy bell housing, Weddle 11” clutch package.

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