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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ci8x3QMAKih/?igshid=NzNkNDdiOGI=
  2. Pfffttt. Just another day on the 405 Fwy in So Cal
  3. Edelbrock makes a water pump with threaded ports. Cartridge style pump that out flows stock. Quality piece IMO.
  4. I ran a set for years at Glamis and never a problem. 1600 pound V8 car.
  5. SSSS Friday night. My son and I made a new intake for the car today. Beer and barbecue tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!
  6. https://www.schmidtyracing.com http://www.offroad-engineering.com/ Kartek or McKenzies Performace
  7. Might need a new o ring on the internal floating piston in the reservoir. Not a big deal to change. Do you use a valve on the end of your fill line?
  8. Emulsion shock or remote reservoir?
  9. You know what they used to say,,, Dik Cepek before he Diks you!!
  10. How many brands does Holley have under their name now? I think we will see more and more of these acquisitions as original ownership continues to retire with no plans for a second generation.

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