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  1. Some places are better left unknown....
  2. This state is lost... hope the country wakes up, but have my doubts. A moderate conservative is called a Democrat. The power structure in this state has put a lock on its power... here come the gun bans and the taxes and bye bye fossil fuels... Get out while you can.
  3. Wow, know some of what your feeling... It just Sucks as my friends Wife says.... Praying for all.... words don't work... it just Sucks.
  4. Realbadlarry


    So many Hero's that day..... How far we have come..... May they rest in peace......... How did we get the "leaders" we have today.....ask yourself...how many of them would do what they did on that plane??? My guess NONE of them.... they don't deserve to lead people. Time to Remember America...what REAL leaders look like.
  5. Have you seriously just thought about starting a meth addiction? It's cheaper in the long run.....
  6. Sad thing is they are too stupid to understand why we would be beating them, or they are mentally ill. We are all at that point I think...just tired of the crap.
  7. At this point in the game, which one of the deposit holders DOESN'T know that things have been delayed? EVERYBODY is well aware of Covid and the resulting delays it has put on EVERYTHING. If you want to bitch at Robby because you need a SXS for this season..then sell the friggen spot and go buy one. To go online and bitch about this and that is just stupid. Have any of those people called Robby and spoke to him about their concerns? No they are like the people on here that come on to just talk crap. So they are pissed off that Robby is cooler and richer than they will ever be, so gotta come on and take shots at him. It's like 3rd grade all over again. There are still people on FB talking ponzi scheme....REALLY????????? I personally wish he had the time to go after all the people that slandered him online. It would be glorious to see these keyboard big mouths get shut up.
  8. Is this human trafficking ? Do we need to call the FBI? We can save you.....
  9. Hung out in PB for a couple days.... damn is every grungy, loser, homeless pot smoker live on the beach there now? It is really sad how bad it has gotten down there. There used to be cops everywhere....we saw 2 cars all weekend...no bikes, no atvs, just 2 cars actually driving thru town and not patrolling....it was sad with people pissing in the sand just off the boardwalk at night.... Glad the kids are grown...wouldn't take them down there for this.
  10. Try Calguns.net....free to join.....
  11. Look at the Nut below the W in weld, are they using those SAE/METRIC sockets from Lowes? Damn...13/14 whatever turns it.
  12. Hey I got family from KC MO.......what you tryin to say.......oh ya their a bunch of cousin humpers...nevermind.
  13. I think there is more meth consumed per person in Bullhead city than anywhere else in the world.... some really f'd up peeps over there.
  14. Car museum....food isn't cheap or good anymore....

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