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  1. That her/me/it/them reporter was stunned....it was like....i towed the line for them and this is how it treats me.....
  2. But Hey...no mean tweets.....kind of a trade off ya know......can't have people sending mean tweets....
  3. Is it a plug and play harness or did you crimp it? I would think the harness has something to do with it...once it's in the controller that is all solid state stuff, the fact that wiggling the connector makes a difference makes me think its in the wiring right there.
  4. Realbadlarry

    Jeep Rubicon

    Pretty sure the rear end in that thing is wore out....gonna need seals at least.
  5. We call the "maybe chicken".... may be chicken....may not.....it's good though.
  6. Alameda county already admitted that their death totals are off by at least 25%....at least..........so they are all liars..... Healthy people die from the flu every year....sick people die from the flu every year...this was no worse than Obummers swine flu.....but his didn't have the press pushing to kill the US economy and get Trump..... These people are all Effing traitors and should be treated as such.
  7. cause the courses are rough and they don't want to end their careers....they are just too damn fast... once mistake and you are done...
  8. The stealership will want to put all new parts in there, they have mobile column guys that will rebuild that for probably less that your deductible. Call the insurance...let them deal with it.
  9. In CA you have to have a sign in front of your house listing all firearms in the home. Just to be safe. #itsforthekids.
  10. I hope the Sheriff tells the talking heads to pound sand when they want to attend the services....this is a story we see and hear about all too often......Don't know if it's enough for the unions to stand up to the machine yet.....so sad RIP Sir....
  11. That's a great quote for a PIA, but the reality is since law enforcement has started backing off of pursuits the number and the insanity involved has increased. It's really not the cops fault, their masters in Sacramento have decided this is the way to go... it doesn't happen in other states nearly as much, the still shoot at them and take aggressive action to stop them.... California is pussified....the chp just seem to me more so then other departments... SBSO and Kern are two that still do stuff the old way.
  12. That's an Aligator lizard F him.....
  13. Oh, bummer...I used cunningham windows in Tustin for mine...not the cheapest, but everything turned out great.
  14. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO...KEEP IDIOTS FROM GOING 120MPH OFF THE ROAD. I agree with you if they decide they are too risky, then THEY should shut down the chp and have the county sheriffs patrol the highways. We are seeing the results of the "woke" policing on our communities....IT doesn't work.....Time to either get rid of Cops all together or get back to putting people in jail....just don't put on a dog and pony show and act like they care.

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