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  1. They should allow 310cc 2 strokes to race against the 4 strokes.... or just bring back the 125 strokers...killer bees on the line!
  2. It's simple a buzzer 2 PCS Buzzer Alarm Electronic Beep Buzzer DC 3V 12V 24V Active Piezo Buzzer 100dB Tone Alarm Ringer Continous Sound, a relay , 2 female rca jacks, a 100ft dual male rca cable, a cig lighter 12 v plug...put it in a little plastic container...I got fancy and put a switch and a green led on it. wire the relay so the circuit has to be closed and when it opens the buzzer goes off.... run the rca cable thru your stuff...they cut it and the buzzer goes off.
  3. No way we make it to 200... this ponzi scheme is crashing any day now..... no way to spend that much on props and keep it going....
  4. I made a security system out of a 100" rca cable, a relay, and a piezo buzzer that plugs into the cig lighter...simple system like they have for jackets in the stores...if they can splice a 1/8" rca cable without breaking the circuit they can have it....wire is small enough to go thru the front door and plug in up front. buzzer is loud!..
  5. IT's coming from the Feds, , any dr that ok's it will be tarred and feathered and have their license pulled...it's not going along with the crowd.....it's really stupid......
  6. What exactly does the vax do at this point? Probably as much as masks. Not much from most of the data, Omnicron has taken over, vaxed or not, you get it and it's mild. People that are at risk, are just that....at risk... no matter what they get they will be really sick. Some are saying omnicron was sent out to stop delta and that you don't get delta after getting the cron..... we shall see. One thing we know is the GOVT is chit and they lie like a sumbitch when it suits them.....
  7. Lost my best friend to a dirt bike crash in Barstow last year. Spoke to an ER Dr. that works in Yuma and Brawley, he said that massive trauma like we see from ground impacts takes a lot of lives. Sad for everyone involved. The Dr. said the very little can be done once there is a certain level of trauma and even if they were IN the ER they would still pass. Be careful, and enjoy every days gifts and blessings. Sadly, nothing will ease the families pain right now.
  8. The Dems are looking at a federal rule to allow your "home" state to tax your retirement no matter where you move. Ca has tried it and been shot down, a fed law would make it legal..... ha. Who says they are not a cancer.........
  9. The people on this site are going to get DESTROYED.....in taxes.
  10. I'm sure if they damaged it Jim will be all over it. He knows a thing or two, cause he's seen a thing or two.
  11. I know that Mom, but I'm hungry NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just sayin.
  12. Why at this point, don't they at least say this is the date we are shooting for....or are they just gunshy at this point? I want to see them succeed as much as anyone but just be honest with what you have in your head.
  13. That is pretty stupid, I imagine she could get hit wall all kinds of charges for doing that. Really high class woman there.....
  14. What about just running some romex down the inside of a stripper pole and plugging into that? You asked for ideas?

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