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  1. Have you thought about barter work...you probably know a bunch of guys in your business that run those types of businesses....
  2. They don't care... just like with gun laws...they will enforce it and it will take 10-20 years for the courts to fix it.... its their new playbook.
  3. I don't think you can use that word anymore. Vertically challenged, or Height deprived I think is the new verbiage. Short stuff will work in a pinch I hear too.
  4. You really need to stop watching the MSM.... You really need to do more research on the supreme court and past precedent and the qualifications of TRUMPS picks... then lookup Kagen and Sotomyer and see what they are qualified to do... don't even look at Brown....she is no more qualified to be a JUDGE, let alone a Supreme Court Justice, than the kid taking orders at Wendy's.
  5. yes, just another tactic from the tolerant left..........
  6. I think sadly for some "leaders" in this country, this is just a way to divide us more. I suspect they don't really care either way what happens to the people.
  7. this is true, but you still must stay informed. If you didn't you wouldn't know that MILLIONS of people are streaming across our border and the Biden admin is dismissing ALL the charges against them for illegal entry so that they are eligible to become citizens. Almost like it's a planned invasion.
  8. We were mere seconds away from the deplorables overthrowing our Country, if not for the heroic actions of a capital security office to shoot and kill an unarmed woman as she crawled thru a window, all would have been lost... There are dozens of terrorists in jail right now that were caught with all kinds of weapons in the chambers........ beer cans, phones, hair combs, signs, one guy had some sharpened animal horns..... Too bad you work for them... I would have told them they are crazy, angry and bitter.
  9. When are Todd and Robby running off with the cash...they haven't mentioned that is the videos? Asking for a friend.
  10. Springers are hard on scopes... dont get a beeman , I can't keep it sighted in and it destroys optics...
  11. I think a transfer switch is needed. My motorhome is like this...can run off shore, or Genny or inverter power.
  12. Marauder is a PCP gun.... the .25 has the better barrel. Are you in the city? it's the same as shooting a gun in most cities. .177 will do most of the same work you describe. Most of the guns today are almost like shooting a .22 rife in terms of power.

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