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  1. Just some anecdotal info. I had a hard folding tonneau on my last tacoma. It was a factory cover for the 5' bed. It was heavy! I folded it open and closed often and hated how heavy it was. It was removable but heavy enough that 2 people really should have been used. My current tacoma has the same tri fold design but is a soft cover and is way lighter. It's just easier to use everywhere. It can't be walked on but I don't need it to be.
  2. I think you could double your money easily as is or triple it if running and polished up. They are a very comfortable do anything bike. Watch the rear ends. They are unobtanium if the oil leaks out or the gears get trashed.
  3. Re: Toyota. I would pass on a new 2022 Tundra. It's an entirely new truck and has some bugs to work out. There has already been a turbo issue that while easily resolvable, has no parts in the pipeline to repair. I expect a few more small issues to crop up as miles accrue. Now a 2021 or earlier Tundra would make a great truck if you need it to do truck stuff. As mentioned, it isn't the best at anything aside from maybe resale and reliability. Mileage is horrible, the engine is great as is the transmission. Rides like a truck. I wish they had factory lockers but the 2022 is the first Tundra to get an E-locker. It sounds like you need to be patient for a raptor.
  4. Sherwin Williams Emerald? I used that on my house and it was expensive as frigg.
  5. 38mm is too big a carb for a stock engine in my opinion. Your PE is a 34mm. Top end rush would be great with the 38 but response would be a touch laggy. You're trying to get more air to move through the intake. For reference, a stock CR500 is 38mm and my ported and squish adjusted service honda CR500AF came with a 39mm. I know plenty of guys run the air striker and love em. For me, I might look for a 34-36mm PJ and have it dialed in by a reputable tuner.
  6. Are they rectangular or radiused? Your local glass guys should be able to cut what you need.
  7. My parents bought through costco and their vendor installed a generac, not sure on the kv rating. The install price was outrageous, as much as the generator, but that was a full hands off operation. The installer poured a slab, tied into the panel and natural gas line, delivered and hooked up the generator and transfer switch, etc. Aside from a 12v starter battery going bad, it has been great though a little loud. They live in an area where edison started shutting off the power every time the wind blows and it blows a lot. My only concern with natural gas is a disaster situation like an earthquake where the natural gas is shut off due to leaks or "An abundance of safety". I figure gasoline will be available in that situation in some form.
  8. Those were damn good trailer brakes!
  9. I had a set of these and loved em. Someone is gonna make out like a bandit.
  10. You're at that spectacular time in your life when you are able to live as you would like and not as you can afford to. You're doing something right that's for sure! While I'd assume there are more builders/buyers like you, I hope you all are a small percentage and get it out of your system so us small time guys can get in on a home at some point.

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