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  1. That’s a great offer, unfortunately I’m in TN these days. I do appreciate it though.
  2. That is awesome. Was going to look at one recently for $700 but the listing was gone immediately lol
  3. Jmhanson


    That looks like Alton Brown inspiration!
  4. Jmhanson


    Yes my wife adds three dashes of salt (right on top of the grounds before adding water) to take away the bitterness, it really works. For my taste, once the water is in the 200 range I start getting burnt flavors. Really odd to me.
  5. Jmhanson


    I use an Aeropress, 167 degree water and burr grinder set about 2/3 to the fine ground setting. I might be picky about my coffee beans too. Getting away from bitterness for me seems to be bean choice and water temp.
  6. That’s awesome, do they corrode through after a few years or does it drain out completely when the engine stops?
  7. Why does it look like there are lines running off the bottom of the headers? For cooling? Mind you I know nothing about boats.
  8. Thanks for the info, the KTMs do seem a lot slimmer. Also looking at the Husky’s.
  9. I have an older version of the top one. Definitely one of my most used tools. Going strong after 12 years with the same batteries.
  10. I’ve been looking at adventure bikes lately. You have a preference?
  11. Stuck in Fredericksburg VA enjoying the local spots. Namely J. Brian’s Taproom. Come here if you’re ever near DC.
  12. That is an amazing amount of skill in so many areas. Remind me to pay others to do this type of thing in the future!

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