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  1. Yessir, and appreciate it very much!
  2. That is insane. I agree with @SANDPSYCHO Unless you were ready to make a change, I'd just repeat the same process and hope that idiot isn't around.
  3. If anyone (kids) is expecting or depending on having something to reliably watch that isn't on a DVD or pre-downloaded before you arrive then you need satellite in G. The guy at camping world might be talking about RVers that go everywhere besides the dunes, but having teleworked through busy weekends and off weekends and everything in between, anything cell related is a nonstarter in G and that goes for all carriers, just not reliable on busy weekends. If it has to be reliable while at G then you need to go the satellite route. @Squatcher is the man for all that stuff and practically lives at G
  4. Thanks. I've got a section off amazon before and looking for quite a bit more as well as the poles and spreaders. Can get it all there but this small non-profit is attempting to keep costs down. A 20x20 would certainly help, especially if I can get ahold of a few more that size and the poles/spreaders. Each year we ask the veterans to gather at the flag pole for 2+ hours for pictures and the ceremony... Korea, Vietnam, the middle east, and deployments didn't kill them but standing in the sun for their ceremony just might at some point, looking to throw some shade for the vets while they are gathered at the pole.
  5. Taking a hypothetical and blaming the off-road community (us) is a pretty progressive way to go. Maybe think about the unconstitutional requirements set forth by the governor that put these businesses in this situation to begin with and not automatically assigning blame and causation to our community as to why these businesses aren't opening.
  6. https://rumble.com/vlzihf-the-story-of-ivermectin-and-covid-19.html
  7. Haven't had much luck at the nearby "surplus" stores and online systems are pretty pricey. Looking for a hookup on camo netting - to buy or borrow the weekend of 11/13. If you happen to have some or know someone that does, would really like to find a set of the poles/spreaders for it as well. If anyone has a connection please let me know via PM or at 951-314-434four
  8. That's a bummer. Not because I like the 30 minute sand highway ride at 80mph ... I typically limit myself to once per season.
  9. Since the beginning camp was always a big part of the event. While the ceremony takes place out at the flag pole there were things going on back at camp all weekend long, from wash 13 to the compound, to wash 22. Bounce houses, pot lucks, DJs, crafts and activities for the kiddos, etc. We've had some incredible times over the years on Veterans Day weekend! Last year Rob graciously handed back the event and we formed the Glamis Veterans non-profit. Part of the goal is to grow the services and engagement, working on hosting an adrenaline therapy session for veterans later this season and other activities... at any rate, in an effort to reach more people and make it more accessible we moved the weekends event portion down behind the beach store... as much as we love 22 or 13 a lot of people didn't know or wouldn't make the trek down there. Part of the problem is that we aren't able to "camp" inside the event area/compound and are restricted to just a few rigs for security... which broke the tradition of having everyone at camp We'll still be conducting the event inside the beach store property near vendors and tentatively have quite a few organizations scheduling to join us in there - super stoked for that! We aren't camping in there though and will be wrestling into vendor flats nearby. This allows a couple things - lets the volunteers and workers be close enough to shoot back and forth as needed and it also opens up the opportunity for anyone that wants to camp with us to join us Vendors isn't the first choice of campsite that most here would pick for a normal weekend ...but this isn't a normal weekend Just wanted to throw it out there and officially invite everyone to the chit show
  10. You had better be there to take it ChEFFro!

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