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  1. Hard wired are typically two connectors on one wire - the power source and the video, that feed back to the controller/hard drive, power supply, battery backup, etc. That controller then interfaces with the wifi as opposed to each camera. Pulling wire is much more of a pain to install but no battery issues or multiple components with separate wifi connections. Much more permanent that the other options. I'm on my second 8+ camera setup and more than happy now that the cable pulling is done. Ring is way easier and less invasive but they make up for that with a subscription fee as I recall.
  2. Two different businesses. Glamis Rescue (and Glamis Grub - same same) is off of Gecko next to Sweet Marie's. Glamis Recovery is the Glamis911 tracked trucks and recovery insurance package that thread was about, usually parked at vendor flats. They are not the same company or people.
  3. Two different businesses. Glamis Rescue (and Glamis Grub - same same) is off of Gecko next to Sweet Marie's. Glamis Recovery is the Glamis911 tracked trucks that thread was about, usually parked at vendor flats.
  4. Living La vida loca, replaced an axle, getting some great rides in and after two days of camp and ridding just realized this morning it’s been with a GD’er
  5. @Grease Monkey @Greengo @Mac These guys pitched in and pulled more than their weight to help host the inaugural Glamis Veterans Camp. We hosted ~30 people in the dunes with rental RVs, SxS, full meals, etc. and camaraderie around the campfire. These veterans and their families were new to the dunes and off-roading and we pulled it off with a full day of riding on Saturday... nothing broken, nobody hurt, and smiles for days. A lot of lessons learned and already planning the events for next season but this simply would not have been possible without these guys.
  6. I am 110% onboard with this message. That issue transcends generations and platforms alike and is a problem with all forms of recreation, not just off-roading and not just the dunes. While everyone has the right to stick their head in the sand, stay uninformed, not get involved, etc. that is exactly what is and will be the death of recreation areas... not having a large enough army to fight, not having an informed user group that works to maintain access... we'll never get 100% of the users on board, it's an impossibility... but we need the majority and those with the platforms/followers to carry the message and (using the ASA's tag-line) unite, inform, and mobilize the users to do the right thing.
  7. @Crusty I'd argue that this is exactly the problem I mentioned above. Assumptions, generalizations, and alienating a large part of our community with these prejudices. That Us vs Them mentality is what will continue to fester and erode our community. "We" call them "new school" and assume their character and intent, "they" call "us" "old school" and assume character and intent. Both are talking about lumping hundreds or thousands of duners into each group and judging them based on what? Take individuals and individual issues and deal with them individually. We've got to stop this mass division within the community and realize WE (duners new and old) are multi-generational and multi-platform. Is the goal for one platform to prevail over the other or is the goal to maintain our sport and riding areas? Like it or not, technology and other platforms are here. Many of us have spent ~20 years here at this one place and developed life long friends and families in the confines of this board. That said, many of the users in Glamis now wouldn't know a message board if it slapped them in the face at the Oscars and have never and will never come here... it doesn't make them less worthy or less likely to recreate responsibly, it's just different and they need the same education and understanding that most share here. While it's "easier" to reach more people It's harder to get the message across when 10k+ people when most are on socials for hits, likes, clicks and would rather like a carnage pic than read 5 paragraphs about rules and regs or a how-to post. That doesn't mean it isn't worth doing though and it's time to think outside of the norms to get the message out and promote responsible recreation. I'm all for a good ribbing and friendly competition but flat out infighting and disdain only fracture our community and weaken our potential to do good. Let's save that energy and redirect it towards those that would jeopardize our way of life. “We arrive and depart this life alone. Every moment in-between is a unique opportunity to experience as much love and belonging as we can possibly muster. Instead we obsess over petty differences and turn our backs on those we are supposed to love.”
  8. Beautiful pic Slappy and a good question indeed. I have no doubt that they are strong enough... their numbers are more and technology has made communication, support, and a call to action tenfold easier than it used to be... it has also created more noise and distraction at the same time though. One of the main issues at hand is the same one that we have faced with every generation and every off-road recreation area in the US, the egos and internal divisions that prevent the entire community from working together instead of in opposition to each other. Buggies vs quads, Gecko vs washers, SxS vs everyone, hard pack vs sand, like much of current society many focus on what makes us different instead of what makes us the same. Many areas have died and been boarded up due to this... too busy infighting and divided they weren't strong enough to take on the white coats! We have been fortunate that there has been a group strong enough to take them on and maintain what we have, even getting some acreage reopened - which is no small feat in any recreation area. There are plenty out there, new and old, that want to do the right thing and protect and and serve the area that we know and love. They need leadership, guidance, and support in their efforts and we - the entire dune community - collectively need to work together as a cohesive society to respect and protect her. I have faith that we can do it and am committed to doing my part to make it happen.
  9. Final qualifiers in Covina yesterday for Evan on the 110 and 300 hurdles. He's PR'd and medaled in every event at every meet but one this season, kicking some ass and yesterday he qualified for Arcadia, currently ranked 24th in the state - not too shabby for picking it up during covid. He's closing in on D1 times and with a 4.6 GPA he's got some calling him. We were close to Eric's campus and got to hang out at his dorm in between Evan's races and finished off the day with the meat sweats at Clearman's. The days when all four of us get to be together are limited and we'll be empty nesters soon. It was a good day.
  10. Nope, not here... hoping for at least 2-3 more trips and at least one long one this season. Got a week long Duck Creek UT trip planned this summer and hoping to do another long trip as well. I'm not happy with the fuel prices but it's not going to keep me at home complaining about it
  11. So sorry to hear this. Gone way too soon. RIP
  12. We got this covered until you are back in action, get well SOON!
  13. Headed out today to get set up and can update once I've landed, the plan is the flats near vendors - should be between the OS Roundup camp and the Rowley White family camp. 6 rentals and a few other rigs w/ a 45kw powering camp, camo netting in the middle and some banners/flags posted up around camp, should be easy to spot
  14. Nope and like Greasemonkey said above, E85 actually sucks balls in the smudgie. Kevin or someone had some that needed to be burned and we filled the smudgie with it... burned cold... like my flashlight put out as much light and almost as much heat. Got a buddy that only burns unleaded in it and it's super clean, no stank and no soot but it gets 1/2 as much burn time as used oil topped off with a gallon of gas to get it going. (4 hrs vs 8 hrs)
  15. I think it's fair to say that most all of us enjoy sharing Glamis with others - introducing them to the dunes and the sport/area that we love. There's something therapeutic about a good ride and a campfire surrounded by like minded people, friends, and family. Glamis Veterans is standing up a new program this weekend, hosting veterans and their families at Glamis for a dune therapy session. Group meals, campfire, guided rides, a responsible introduction to the dunes and our sport. We'll be covering all costs for the veterans and their families - RV rental, food, even the fuel to/from their home to the dunes. The goal is to have ~2 each year and after this weekend's inaugural event we'll take all of the feedback, polish it up, and have things dialed in for next year. We haven't even finished the first event and already had a lot of feedback and ideas going into next season! Glamis Dunes Rentals is a big part of making this happen! Matt and Randy are huge supporters and really coming through for us on this event. Daddy's Famous Foods is picking up several meals. Brad is an Army vet himself and a huge supporter of veterans and just about everything positive that happens at the dunes. Rowley White RV is picking up a couple meals as well as sharing the camaraderie of their annual Rowley Family Camp this weekend. Brad White is a rock star and I can't thank them enough. Knuckle Eyez is a veteran owned and operated small business that is supplying several pairs of goggles for this event. Melissa and Jason are awesome. See Devil balloon lights are amazing as is Tyler Hayhurst over there. He hooked us up and camp will be lit! Larue Performance and Glamis Back Bag Project is kicking down fuel for the veterans and volunteers for the weekend and are big suppporters of our dunes and our veterans. Desert Storm Poker Run has selected us as one of the charitable partners for this year's event in April. We are incredibly honored to be a part of Desert Storm and this partnership will go a long ways towards providing more events like the one this weekend. YOU ...Anyone that has purchased a Glamis Veterans Day Gathering shirt or merch or made a donation to our fledgling non-profit is enabling our mission and we appreciate you. The people above have helped tremendously in providing the resources needed to make things like this happen but there's a small handful of volunteers that actually turn the crank and make it real. We are an all volunteer organization, no paid staff. This event, like all others, is me and some half-cocked idea that a few faithful will bring to reality and I can't thank them enough. This weekend's event is all but in the books. Subscribe to our newsletter on the website and follow our IG/FB to and stay tuned for next year's dates, the details for this year's Glamis Veterans Day Gathering, and more. If you want to support Glamis Veterans or get involved let me know. Semper Fi, Brian/Hozay

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