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  1. done the pads a few time and have now transitioned to the washes and I gotta tell you guys I absolutely love it and will never go back to the pads...small dunes rock on a quad, the dust is bad but I stay at wash 1 and find it better then deeper in the washes, parking on a big weekend is crazy but it just goes with it.also I have 2 trailers in Glamis storage so pulling back and forth over 78 is better then running up and down 78.i find it nice to be close to the dunes and that's it...I just love the washes...each there own.and lets not forget about cel service between pads and the washes.
  2. them guys in Peru sure like to dive straight over the edge of some big dunes.
  3. I just had a pole building built in my back yard and from floor to bottom of rafters is 14.3 and I could not do a 14' door I had to go 12''.I did not care as im not putting my toy hauler in it anyway but did want a 14' door....then the garage door custom crap and the Waite I said the hell with it its not worth it.cheaper to let the camper sit outside and let the roof dry rot and in 8 years worry about replacing it if you still own it.
  4. what's the hight of your rafters?that's gonna play a factor as well if it can be done or not.
  5. love i...and rock the living chit out it.
  6. not much or anything..tripped on the last step yesterday while leaving the job with a bundle of 3/8 rod over my shoulder and got jacked up.twisted my back some from the bundle on the shoulder but my right foot is bad so just going easy around the house...sucks.wanted to work on the camper this weekend cleaning the inside and getting it ready for her October 24th trip across the country.
  7. sounds dangerous......and I like it. MMEEOOWWW!
  8. chit it looks like it it did..lol.i just fixed it
  9. like others have said you use then to remember your steak.some people make it look like a pin cushion.you can be standing at this giant 3'x6' open table with fire under it and 20 steaks cooking and people drinking and talking then you go to flip you steak and there is 5 more steaks next to yours .i did it once with tooth picks on the side and one burnt off and I cut into it.but I have seen my Buddys bite into the tooth pic.i don't do the tooth pic think no more.used to make it a point to go there but 2019 we left on Sunday nights out of phoneix or gone first thing monday morning to fly out of phoneix then with covid we skipped the hole year...so im do for sum monday night steaks.ill be there monday nov 1st as I fly back hone Tuesday this time.
  10. good to know as I just picked up a 1999 lt80 not running for 100 bucks.been sitting for close to 8 years I was told.in kinda rough shape but for 100 buck I think its worth it.
  11. I could not agree more..I myself do not even have instagram or Facebook so its not going any father then here from me.i don't get caught up in all that.head down like a zombi on the couch at night tuned into phone.this is really the only site I play around on.i just have not been there in 2 years and with dune season like 6 weeks any just wanted to throw it out there and im shocked how hush hush it really is.
  12. believe its called the alamaro.thay do rib night and chicken night on other days of the week but monday is steak night.gotta get there early as once the butcher cuts the hole slab and its been given out that's it.and its only open for like 3 or 4 hours for dinner.meat is gone hes already cleaning the kitchen as the rest is all self serve out of the kitchen.small place all local farmers.then you can tell the dunes..just farmers and dunes
  13. gotta watch them tooth picks as thay burn off and go missing in the meat.you wind up finding them the hard way sometimes on that first bits..lol. on a side note you post all those pictures....AND not one of the cute skinny bar tender in them tite jeans and belly shirt leaning over the bar serving all those drinks?..lol
  14. 78/79 style bronco but grill seems to be off early 74 style f series pickup and maybe even the hood as I don't see any holes for the ford letters in the hood unless thay have been filled in . I see the holes just above the trim for the stock side mirrors but looks like he replaced them with some pep boys specials.and from the looks of the street she's a leaker.
  15. how many of y'all duners have pealed out of the dunes and shot down rt78 to the little hole in the wall restaurant I believe called the (alamaro)?you walk in pick your steak go over to the seasoning table to dress it up then its out back to throw it on the grill.have a bar inside.i have been a few times if I fly out on a Tuesday.havent been there in 2 years.is it still open and who knows anything about it.we have nothing like that back here in New Jersey.there is no way n hell the state of NJ would allow something like that.big wide open flame in the wide open....insurance also would be hard to get on the place. also any info on the inferno in holtsville? never been there but have herd its not bad.

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