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Gear One 930 Midboards/Centerboards

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I bought these a few years ago as spares for my buggy.  they had the aluminum CV Flanges & the flanges were beat up pretty good.  I called @parker@gearone @Gear One and he set me up with a new set (they had them sitting on the shelf).  I have not done anything to these, I have not even cleaned the grease off of them, just bought the flanges & stuck them in the trailer with the rest of the spares. 

The bearings & seals are used.  some of them are OK, some are junk. 

the 3 CV's are used out of my buggy.  I found one tore up during summer maintenance so I switched all 4 of them to @J Alper CV's in the buggy.  They are great for spares.  

There are also a whole mess of CV bolts, Bolt Washers, axle cir clips, clamps & so on.

I am in San Diego, I work in Miramar right off of the 15 freeway, but live near Lake Murray/SDSU/San Carlos. 

I really dont feel like shipping this, there are a number of boxes and they are all heavy.

Make me an offer. 








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Awesome opportunity for someone to pick up some spares, or some centerboards for a project they have.

We have all the replacement parts for these in stock, and joe stocks most of them as well at glamis fab

Could be a great deal for someone, 930 centerboard kits start in the $3,500 price range now days.

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I would love to help out a young duner that could use these.. 



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These are sold.  

Sorry loganhawkins, I didn't see your question.  They are aluminum. 




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