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  1. From The Pic the front looks like a link pin, not sure if you can take a better picture of the back of the front spindle on the back of the rim, I would run a 8'' on the back and no bigger, this will be the easier way for the front with dirt tires 4235 Spindle Mount Steel Wheel 15 X 4 - fits link pin front end (cbperformance.com) Spindle Mount Wheel for VW Link Pin Front Beams 15x4 - 1011050 – DuneBuggyWarehouse.com
  2. I was going into my old pictures, so wanted to add all the pics of The Desert-Dynamics pictures,
  3. Yes i will go next week and get dimensions, sorry that original bulk head was cut out by dave, Car was sold to a good friend i will everyone measurements next week, or if they need one cut out i can cut some out,
  4. Like stated above, we have a whipple with the bypass lever installed wrong, also have had the air-pot go bad on the by pass, Did you check the vacuum hose to the bypass hose, if it has a leak or cracked, under boost it might not be completely closed,

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