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  1. really depends on what you are doing with the car, mine is only for the sand, If put a straight edge on the side of the tire, it leans in about 1.5''-2'' at the top they helps from the tire not rolling over straight up and down in a turn, if the tire is close to straight up, the front in will push,
  2. i have broke some of the gear one super stubs, the old 28spline stub micros will break, but the new 33 microstubs i have pusing 1200HP and no issues,
  3. The midboards are a pain and overpriced unless you really need them, most do not need more travel just better shocks or better shock tuning, when the superstubs break or the bearing breaks you are in the same situation, the best rout is the Midboard hub, I will never be a fan of 930-CV on a 2d, if you do a Microstub with a 934 you will never brake a CV or never brake a Axle,
  4. We do them but we are booked for October, RC i think is pretty booked up also, I can ask Dertko, but i think they have a race on october and was swamped with race cars, When are you looking to have them done, Shipping them to Schmidty might be the best way to go,
  5. 440 on F710 Frankenstein Heads and Short travel lifters, same motor on the Engine Dyno was 975hp at the crank on 12-14lbs 9-10 should still be in the 900ish, so exited for @URCLEVER on this build,
  6. Cast and forged have different expansion properties, i would check the piston to wall clearance if you are doing this your self.
  7. mine looked like that, no noise, ran fine, shifted off, it was a bearing cage, non of fulcrums where in the oil or on the plug no flat pieces, tore it down, all the fulcrums where stuck in the case like bullets, in the gears smashed down, and stuck in areas away from the Diff housing, Was big money and process to fix it, I should have just pulled it down at the start would have saved big big money,
  8. Diesel sucks i would get away from it if i could, it really does not tow any better than a gas on light loads, i only have a Diesel due to the fact my toyhauler is so heavy, even it being a 6.7 ford, i still have to turn it off at some drive through's It takes a lot of oil and the maintain the the diesel is expensive, the only cars i have owned that had to go to a shop have only diesels, the other vehicles i have owned that was a gas vehicle only needed brakes ect... I would stick with a Gas 2500, I am a Ford Fan, but in a gas I think the Chevy is the way to go, the LS or the LT is a proven platform, I do not know much about the new gas 7.3 Ford but sounds like a beast,
  9. My WW 5th wheel got used, did not even own a truck at the time, had to have them deliver it, you so booshy, what is a dealership,
  10. J Alper

    Highway Star

    tripple axle flat, looks like @L.R.S.
  11. So will heavy Alcohol and Cocaine use help the situation or make it worse, Sorry i mean good cocaine and Hard Alcohol not froofy drinks No wine or beer,
  12. Most likely more people will die from Drug and Alcohol abuse at Buggy Roundup than death from being Vax,

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