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  1. Guys i am really not offended, really dont car about the topic, I really think about Glamis Dunes as Sand Dunes or the travels to the Dunes, my point is dealing with sand car parts and repair, I try to make every person a member, and most feel that there is really not any sand dune topics, I know this is not true but this is the perception of a lot of people, I talk to a bunch of non active members, and they feel that there is no draw to the site, So my point was, Sure post non related dune topics, But if for over a year, you are the type of member that only post non related Sand Dune topics, then really what is your contribution to the site, I could be wrong but when the site topic is not heavier on Dune topics than non Dune topics, then it will slowly fall to the waist side to new members, Yes i joke about the SXS guys but really nothing offends me, well 930 cvs do a little, but not much else. I feel post away on non Offroad topics, but you should also try just has hard to put in related off highway topics,
  2. you have been here longer and pretty soon you will be here a lot longer than me, Really nothing left on this site about the dune, most of the duners left to other sites, I have tried to make it more offroad topics, not really going to stick, done paying for the members, pretty soon going to find a site about Duning, Due to use doing so much fab and sand toy work, most i talk to left because they feel the same,
  3. That not True look how Stupid Texans are, those people have less brains than the SXS owner,
  4. Dont worry this is pretty common, a lot of people try to remove the motor with the adapter still on the trans,
  5. By the way shitt like this if Fuccking destroying the site, you dont see this chit on Race Dezert or Sandcars-offroad-prerunners, and Yes SXS in the Dunes are still for Fags,
  6. To Many Wacky People Out there Already, should need a screening before having kids, to have as many kids as F'ed up as some parents are, some people should not be allowed to have kids, I am tired of paying taxes of people having 5 kids living off the system, When i have one child that is a honor roll and in leadership, she will have to take care of the children living of the system her full life, So I am totally for Abortion its her body, And yes i still feel that SXS are GAY,
  7. i use a blow torch, it will get anything out,
  8. correct, all the 110V is in a breaker box, using a self transfer switch inverter would be a easy way to covert the box, all the 110v from the breaker box can go over to the inverter, then everything in the breaker box will be done from the inverter, depending on the 110V source, you will have to remove the breaker inlet for the Microwave and AC units, you can run a subpanel also and make the sub panel inverted panel with all the breakers in the panel being from the inverter,
  9. All the Weizmann transaxle i have seen have been street trans, not sure what it would cost to fix, and then the resale of the car, I would stick with a car with a Weddle, Mendi, fortin, Albins. The car to me with a broken non sand car transaxle and race runners, would have to be around $14K
  10. Also it Rains a lot, so bring a car cover,
  11. Factory Fuel Injection, Holley Injection, AEM and Motec With Wideband, you will not know the Difference, Mefi can be a long trip or no driving at all,
  12. Also Bear World, and the St. Anthony Sandbar Park You are in a Mormon City, so in Rexburg - Pizza Dairy Queen, Five Guys Burgers, ext... St. Anthony Brulims Supermarket, had super fresh Fruits and Feggies, Meat looked like it was there for some time, If you want Quality Higher End Restaurant, then Jackson Wyoming is where you will need to go, dowtown Jackson (Jackson Hole is fun to walk around, like adventure land at Disney. Amazing coffee and Sandwiches and Rafting was in the small town of Gardiner, at the North Entrance, Tubbleweed bookstore and Cafe / Coffee, amazing food, around $60 per person next door to go River Rafting at the Flying Pig River Rafting, great people, if you go to yellow stone, the line can me over a hour in, so one hack is to go all the way down to the south then east to Canyon st, there is a light on Canyon st, this is why traffic is so backed up, you will be in the right hand lane and will zip right around everyone, If you go to Old Faithful, be prepared, lot of Concrete Asphalt and Hotel, not much nature, parking takes some time, the big thing to see there is the uppper and lower falls. If you have enough time, staying a day at Zion Utah, to me is more amazing than Yellow stone, Zion Restaurants are Amazing - Rv Park would be KOA after St. George off the 215, Sand Hollow Resort or Zion RV Park Also we stayed before Salt Lake in Nephi at the Rollin Home RV Park, Super Nice with 100x30' spots with a one way entrance so super easy to get in and out, Provo Koa was a chit hole, Brigham City KOA In Farmington you can stay at Lagoom Amusement Park that can be fun on the way up also (Salt Lake Area )
  13. @2442turborail in not even close to the issues, good read made me chuckle, This is more than a 1 to 2 state issue, When the water level gets to a point when the lake stops producing power and water for California crops, we are all going to pay for it, 2442 statement is like saying fuel prices will not efect the us, if Russia goes to war, All of the western states are in this together, being taxes to pay for upgrades, hi power bill taxes or no water, all of the western states will feel this.

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