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  1. I think the only garage bumper pull is a Weekend warrior and a work and play
  2. What is the budget $250,000 - $350,000 or less
  3. I run the Same Rotor, the weight from a solid rotor is almost the same, and the Vented do not warp like a solid, i run the same rotor it works awesome,
  4. Are you selling the Upright with Snouts separately, I need a set of uprights
  5. Great Price, is the Trans a S4S or a 2D, thank you,
  6. Insane it has not sold, did you put it on race dezert, mine is 18 years old works like the day i got it,
  7. It is a Ford motor, sorry did not know what the SVT was
  8. Very nice, My Brother has a Sand-Works Chassis by DD,
  9. Great Price, mine is now 17 years old and works like the day i got it,

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