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    It gets real tiring reading all of the posts from the sxs haters. This sport continues to evolve and if you haven't figured it out by now your either blind or just a complete idiot. Yes the sxs market has completely taken over and you buggy guys are pissed, but do you care about what all of the quad riders said about you when the desert used to be flooded with sand rails? Or how about quad riders caring what three wheeler riders had to say about them? If it wasn't for the sxs market, what would keep the sport and our desert alive financially? This is OUR sport and EVERYONE is welcome to play.
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    Saw this today . Pulled over made polite contact with the offender and politely refused to leave until it was proper . F morons
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    Don't ya'all be strangers ... remember I am one of you GD.COM knuckleheads
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    Dallas TX (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Dallas courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Dallas Cowboys, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.
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    Throw as much as you want at them, I have bills to pay. 😎
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    My family planned a nice relaxing trip for me this past Fathers day, we arrived on Sunday....it was a nice mellow drive. We had a Travel Trailer delivered to our campsite, that was nice...minimal packing of crap and trailer was set up when we arrived. North Beach Campground was very nice compared to the other dozen RV campgrounds that have you stacked in like sardines, row upon row...you actually had space between your neighbors, trees, etc...Our Rental unit with bunks, and outdoor kitchen/bar which I REALLY liked. The Bathrooms and Coin Showers were just a short walk from our spot, was nice because this campground is Dry and the tanks on our rental were who knows how big, didn't even worry about it. We stayed till Weds. In the large grove of trees in the pic above, is a Monarch Butterfly reserve, it was not their season....friends told us it gets crazy with them all stacked up everywhere. Our friends set up, they come each year for the last 15, they know how to get this reservation each year - 6 months in advance most times. It sucks that so many reservation systems are like this now.....no more last minute adventures anymore. My buddy still rocking it old school via tent....a really big ass tent LOL My Kiki loves the outdoors, this is just a warm up for Yosemite (we do each year for last 8). Nothing keeps her from any adventures. We love to sit under shady trees and just listen to the leaves rustle in the wind. Stupid batter gave us issues all weekend, this was the 2nd one they brought. Spize's genny saved our butts, an automotive charger got this dead battery up to par on the 2nd night....lucky it was not too cold to need the heater ayways. My kids throwing their shoes at me as i stood on the pier, to their surprise we threw right back at their heads LOL Everyone else said it was too damn cold, my youngest had me take him everyday to body-board, he's got the bug...he's too much like me an too many ways....poor kid. The gang, 80% of the people on this straw ride are my people....the and best looking of them all naturally. This Farm was cool, lots of good food and stuff to buy, eta and enjoy....nice short distance from town, nice side trip. One of the MANY surf shops in town, the collection of skate boards just caught my eye. It was kinda nostalgic walking around the pier and boardwalk...a small surf town like HB used to be 30 years ago. I loved it, it renewed my love for Southern CA and the beach. I been stuck in the valley and Metro / Urban areas of Los Angeles for TOO LONG. The Mrs and I. Such a Great trip to get away. We BBQ'd, played a parents vs kids volleyball game - Video is hilarious, should be on Thug Life or World HipHop it was so brutal It was weird to be so close to an OHV spot we love and not have our OHV toys. My youngest took awhile to get over it, I did too. Enjoy YORE Summertime adventures, Crusty
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    This was sitting outside my wife's favorite Italian Restaurant, had to sit and look at it all through dinner. She has always wanted a red convertible mustang with black interior and she didn't notice it until I gave the keys. This was her 30th anniversary gift, it was a 5 year project and she never had a clue. Our good friend that introduced us 35 years ago built the car. The look on her face as she took it all in was priceless.
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    20 years ago today I married my fantastic wife Jen. She is the finest woman I’ve ever known, and it’s been 20 years of wonderful, and I love her more than anything. I’m looking forward to my next 20 years. She puts up with me, no question the only woman that can. I’ve known her for 40 years; grew up together on the same street. We went to elementary school, and were good friends all the way through high school, and I told her in 6th grade that I was going to marry her. I’m a lucky man. Here’s to 20 years you fine woman.
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    I would have a nice chat with her. Let her know the cats out of the bag and that you know about her pussy. Let her know that your sure its a nice pussy, and while you have nothing against a nice pussy your afraid that it will get its hair and scent all over your polished wood. And if it ruined your wood she is going to have to get on her hands and knees to clean your wood or your going to charge her a cleaning fee.
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    Got a good angle on the flag coming in. Flag_drop.MP4
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    Confession is good for the soul; I would have worn pink women’s panties, worn ugg boots and ran through the hospital parking lot singing a Britney Spears song at the top of my lungs if they would have told me it would relieve the pain. Apparently I was close to an rupture in my Gallbladder. I
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    Saw this on instagram, grabbed a screen shot. Funny chit but it’s the truth...
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    Here is a video my friend shot of us riding in Glamis this past weekend. We left him up on a tall dune and he followed us around. Not too bad for his first go around in the dunes. That is me leading. The guy on the dirt bike can flat out ride. Despite his little oops.Enjoy!
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    Tax Reform is needed,,, and No, the Deficit only goes up IF the country GDP does not grow... What has been wrong with the US for years, its pretty simple - Corporations losing Domestic growth and moving operations outside the US. You cannot keep the Tax plan as it is, administrations have been scared to touch it - Corps are moving outside the US to survive and be profitable ( it their only goal to shareholders) - We need the Corporations in the US "THAT MAKE THINGS" not just factories, but inventors and innovators - Not Internet "service providers like Facebook" Swipe right is not an innovation.... The Tech industry is important, and I live in that industry, but it abuses the system at every turn, and majority of the wealth in the Us is concentrated in the tech industry and the Entertainment industry ( I work across both) Individuals there are Stupid rich, and they are politically active and are top 1% and its built on the back of Visa holders and recent grads hoping for the next big thing - its truly gonna crash, not soon, but its changing. The VC community is decimated and the big deal funding is few and far between and crazy valuations like Snapchat being worth 100B are just nuts. UBER loses $800M a quarter (look it up) and they only cover 40% of each ride cost today - that means 60% loss per ride.. how is that good business? The Executive staff at UBER makes over $300M a year combined. on losses of $3,2B a year??? How do you compare that to say a manufacturing company? These tax cuts help companies, all companies, but also those that manufacture things and Only companies make a Profit... We need companies that will continue to make things here and employ people here and spend money here - this grows the economy and this raises total tax amount the Government makes - the concept is easy.. take a smaller amount of much bigger number and grow continues .. Tax people a bigger number and they will find places to spend and invest where the tax is Lower ( everywhere outside the US) and the total Number for US economy shrinks - this is what has been happening - although on the surface its overshadowed by the Unprofitable super spends like Facebook, Utube (still never made a profit), Snapchat (no profit) UBER (no profit) etc.... and on and on.... the right move is to cut Corp Taxes and spur growth here - if the Country grows the TAX generated covers and reverses the debt - thats basic economics Its not that Trump is a genius or a brilliant business person, and most politicians are pretty useless, but eventually if you remove the Liberal blinder and look at the economics you know a change is needed - this one is far from Perfect, but thankfully its also far from Socialism/Communism that has invaded this country. When will people learn that has Never worked and you cannot tweak it to work - its just not possible. Regarding CA. this place is pyramid scheme...no other way to say it - its a classic example of MLM (Multi-level marketing) based on more and more revenue (tax dollars) continuing to pour in - and totally out of control and "empowered elis( @ Y @ )" I know quite a number of them through my business. Wealthier California residents in the "upper Middle class" get hit because CA Government has been sucking on the TEET of the Feds and manipulating the Tax revenue to fund all the Illegal Alien support, and many other programs that are just out of control. Spend 10 minutes listening the Kevin DeLeon and you will hear him detail program after program he and Sacramento are putting in place and ALL are 100% funded by Taxes. They were very smaert and talked Bush and Obama into handing over a lot of extra tax money. That is gonna stop. We need to stop over spending in this state. Just because the Feds are taking the Cheating ways away from CA Gov does not mean its wrong. We should Elect NEW people that can live within their means and no complain we are being hurt because the Pyramid scheme of Sacramento politicians is finally crumbling... CA is a sh&t show - we have over 28% of the US's Total Welfare recipients, 47% of the population (under 65) is on some type of Government assistance, only 19% of the population gets insurance from their jobs (estimates in 2017 are that 63% get free healthcare and elect not to take corporation healthcare deducted from their pay) and way more - just look it up How long can this continue? Tax reform is step one, Fix Obama care step two, add duties like every other country step three... Hate the idea of duties??? Well I sell to Canada alot. I just sold an order there. I paid 5% to bring it into the country (GST) and then the customer paid 13% (ONT GST) sales tax on top of that, that I had to collect and send to the Government - free government sponsored medical is paid by someone. What duty do Canadian goods coming in to the US from Canada pay? 0% and other than CA (LA county 10.25%) most states are far lower than 13% sales tax ... there are no free lunches lets go Tax Reform!
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    Only for the primary fire.
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    Shit, from the thread title, I thought we were finally going to get around to discussing genital warts. Oh, and Thanks Slappy!!!
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    Nope! Haven't forgotten what this weekend means. We had a memory maker dinner, remembered the fallen, and discussed how they affected our lives. My wife said this in our family text tonight. We can live and be in our Blessed Nation, Then you have those assholes (antifa) in Oregon 😡A young bunch of lazy clueless, oxygen wasting pieces of mush minds. Sorry Jesus! The parents of those kids are equally at fault. They are able to have free speech, and have hate for our way of life which affords them free speech. Go be vocal in Russia, Turkey, or middle eastern country or some other place. Its disgusting. Same as the idiots with the “Coexist “ stickers on their vehicle. Go have freedom of religion in the middle east. Ask them to coexist! 🤔 So my mother in law replies, Wow, Jacky, I have never heard you say this so strongly👍 I, especially have to thank our vets, which I often do. I, my mother and father owe our lives to the ones that fought and won in the Pacific and the pilot that had the guts to drop the A- bombs, in Japan, however terrible that was, humanly spoken, but all the women and children were scheduled to be killed, they had us dig our own grave already. The Japs told us the purpose of the digging. It took me years and a lot of reading about the history of Japan to more or less come to terms with this. To this day, when I see the freedom parents have with their children, it it difficult for me not to condemn the Japs for what they did to all of us. I also often think about the story my mother told me of the Japanese officer that asked if he could buy a doll for me at a stop at a train station on our way to the concentration camp. He told my mother that he had a daughter just like me, which he would never see again. I was all but 4 yrs. old. He knew in his heart that they could never win The war against America and as an officer had to then commit harakiri. Yes, my mother in law was in a concentration camp in Indonesia when she was a child and the United States Marines and the Indian Gurkha Soldiers saved everyone in the camp.
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    OK...we get it...AZ is so f*cking awesome....I can't wait to get there and have sweat dripping of my balls. To some of us...this is our home. I have been here 30 years. Yeah...I really do like it here. Yeah...it's plagued by bad politicians, high taxes, liberal policies, traffic, etc... But I seriously can't see living anywhere else...and yeah...I've lived all over from coast to coast. Until I reach my breaking point, and join all the ball sweaters in AZ, I choose to live here and "hope" that maybe the people here will get fed up and move to the right a little bit.
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    Really was a bummer to see a friend in pain. Coobie was just back there having some fun and Mother G bite him, happens to the best of us. If something happens to anybody and you have a signal for your google Maps to work you can use the "My Location" feature and share it to the BLM Medics, It will pin point your location and give them the coordinates. The Medics that showed up were some cool dudes that did a great job with Coob. I am glad we stuck around for plan A because plan B was to stick a flag in his butt to mark him and finish our ride!
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    Today have two kids birthday parties, gotta swing by the shop and pick up some bends and tubing tomorrow i finish out a 3 seat truggy exhaust i started. Tonight might pull the lt50s apart and mill the heads monday and build some pipes daughter (5) and son (4) are racing their first flat track race in april. Gotta give them an edge up on the competition
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    Great post Devin you made some good points. But really, who wrote it?
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    Alert - if you are not into HP and engine efficiency, just click away this will bore you... Every once in a while I come across a video that really makes a point way better than I can. There is a lot of crap on the Web (and especially Instagram) that has no science behind it and lots of people just Hype'ing BS (IMO) to perform extra steps in engine builds to make labor money with no benefits. This guy is not that guy. Steve Morris is master engine builder and tuner, this guys work is not cheap, but he constantly pulls great power and driveability out of EFI engines and especially LS's. This video shows some big and real numbers from a typical LS combo we put in Sand Cars all the time, and a bit how he does "switchable" tunes using a Holley EFI, but mostly shows how to really read plugs. Just about every Sand Car I pull a plug on lately after a hard run looks like his bad example,. Our tuners tend to go "Fat and Safe", but judge for yourself after watching whether what he is saying makes sense or not
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    I heard the cops saw him only making left turns and they got suspicious.
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    Hypocrites everywhere in this post. For all of you calling the guy out for asking a few questions, try looking in the mirror. I bet there are some things you are all guilty of when camping. - Did you use gas to start your fire? - Fireworks? - Chinese lanterns? - glass bottles? - drove impaired? - littered? - was too loud after 10pm? - fire permit? - Spark arrestor (get ready this will be the next thing enforced)? - Speeding - over length - not properly licensed I could go on, but my point, when did everyone get so perfect.............? The guy admitted it, ask for some help that is it. If you are perfect and did nothing wrong, sorry I offended you.
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    This is one of those perfect storm stories. You don't know something until you know and so I figured I would share my story. Lets back track 2 seasons ago. I sold my 2 seat 4cyl turbo car and picked up a well used monster cruiser with an Albins 5 speed and a "fresh" built Lq4 (poor mans LS2). The computer was not tuned for this motor yet which was fine by me because I wanted to update the car to the Holley HP EFI with self learning software. So I sold off the MEFI and installed the new Holley system. When you run Holley they have base tunes you can install and then build off of them. This is what I did. I installed their base ls2 tune. Followed the instructions and after a little tweaking and the car was running. After I went through the car and rebuilt the Albins I ran the car around the neighborhood to let it do its self learning thing. Now to me this thing felt like a rocket ship compared to my old 2d 4cyl turbo car. The instant torque was great. The first trip to Glamis I took it over to olds and used this as a place let the car learn. After about 30 mins the car was down to under 5% changes across the board. Car felt great. Now lets fast fwd. That motor blew up from improper bearing install 3 trips later. I found myself a lq4 in the junk yard and did the swap over that week. I did not want to miss any trips. When I put that motor in, I just reenabled the learning part of Holley and again after about 30 mins it was done doing its thing. It was really close to the first motor. I ran that motor without a single problem the rest of the season. Friends called my car the "soccer mom mobile" because the junk yard motor came out of a wrecked suburban. The original motor that ate its bearings was sent out to Jason Alper for a complete build. Jason built me a 416 stroker with my stock 317 heads and my intake. I wanted to do new intake, heads, and TB but after paying for my Albins rebuild I was wanting a break from spending so much $$. So again swapped that motor in and sold off the junk yard LQ4 for a profit. Now because this motor was larger I made a few changes in the software but only in telling it the cubic inches and the new cam profiles. These are easy to input and is as simple as filling out a form. First trip of the season went over to olds, turned the learn part of the Holley back on and after a few rides again the computer was down to minor changes across the fuel map. I ran the motor without issue the rest of the season and again it felt amazing compared to my soccer mom engine. This off season I decided to finish my build. I bought new LS3 GM CNC ported and polished heads, new ls3 sheetmetal intake manifold and 102mm Throttle body. I swapped over all the parts and then took the car out for the first trip this season. Again I did the same thing. Went over to olds, turn the learning part of the software on and after a bit of time the computer was down to 5% changes. This new combo felt like a monster. Really woke the car up. I decided at this point I was done with this motor build and wanted to get a final "Number" on what the car was making. I took the car down to Speed Sports who knows Holley in and out. He asked me a few questions about the motor and then after some minor adjustments he did a pull. Thing sounded mean. He turned the car off and then proceeded to turn to me and say "Has this thing always been a turd?" "Did you setup the tune for this?" I did setup the tune for it and explained I just used the base LS2 holley tune and built off of that. He then tells me "Well I can tell you from that first pull you're missing probably 150Hp." F#$K ME! So I was quickly educated that the stock LS2 tune was great if this were a mild street car. However this is nothing of the sort. He showed me the data stream chart that shows every sensor on the car from the pull. One in particular being the knock sensors. As soon as you stomped on the throttle the noise feedback from the open headers, radical cam, Albins, Shock noise, CV's and engine being solid mounted the computer thought it was sensing knock. It would cut the timing 15 degrees. This keeps the motor super safe.. but as we would soon find out hinders HP and TQ. Mark cleared the section of the software that lets it adjust the timing from the knock sensors and then he did a learning run. He put the car in every part of the RPM range under load and then waited until the computer was done adjusting fuel. Then he would move to the next RPM column. It was really cool to watch the computer do its thing on the laptop. Now that the engine was actually very happy it was making huge adjustments across the board from my original tune. After that he made 3 more pulls the 3rd getting to the point of diminishing returns. What you see here is the difference between the first pull with the Knock Sensors enabled, and the final numbers after making the adjustments. Picked up somewhere in the neighborhood of 200HP. The computer is still active and can make adjustments as I drive it, so it will only get better from here. Learned a hell of a lot in this experience. There is definite value in having someone that knows what they are doing with the software. Over all my tune was very close but there is just so much more data you can use to improve the motor when you have a dyno. Had I not taken the car in, I would have never known. I asked him if my intake was large enough. He was able look at the data stream and see that under a full pull the manifold was seeing a small vacuum indicating I could pickup more power from a larger intake, but in his estimate it was probably 3-5hp and not worth the effort. Man I want to get it back in the sand!
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    And so the build begins. Nice clean white chassis with candy blue suspension.
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    For years and years I aligned my front end by measuring to goofy stuff clamped to my hubs like angle iron or using old crappy wheels. I saw the plates that LRS used and I decided to have a set made. I made them out of steel so my level would stick to set my camber. I also had relief cuts mad at the top and bottom of each side to hold a pair of tape measures so no more measuring back and forth with a helper. I'm very happy with how well they worked.
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    On Memorial Day weekend I went to California. On Saturday Johnson Valley, and Sunday Ocotillo Wells near Truckhaven. Even though I had a blast riding the washes at Ocotillo until the sand storm hit, I'm devoting this topic to Johnson Valley, which turned out to be everything I was dreaming of since I heard about it for the first time in February (on a KOTH topic). Johnson Valley has scenic views, all kinds of terrains and trails, and it's the kind of place I wish I could spend many days in. My goal for the future is to somehow go with a group on trails that go way out into the distance. That's the piece of Johnson Valley that is most intriguing to me. I named the topic photos and stories so that people can tell their stories or feelings about JV. It would be especially cool to hear about anyone that drove on any of the distant trails, like how far they went and what they discovered. SIDE NOTE: This trip forced me to trek up highway 62 for the first time in my life. The bonus is that I discovered Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. Wow, these are the kind of places I would love to live in!! I'm going to be doing some real estate and job research related to them. I'm splitting my photos into 2 groups. One group with my Maverick, and one group without, for photos people may want to save. But first, in this section, MY FAVORITE PHOTO!!
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    Every Battle is Won or Lost Before it is Ever Fought. from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" There is something about an idea written down on paper. The when it is agreed upon and lives committed to serve it...Nations are BORN. God Bless the Founding Fathers of this Nation and their pursuit of a better world. The had the right idea, wrote it down as a Declaration and 243 years later the Dream is still alive! Happy 4th of July from my family to yours, go out tomorrow and celebrate this great country. Crusty
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    Mr. Smith, we need to keep his menory alive, that is Justin Smith of Shock Therapy, formerly of Revenge Racing, formerly of Predator Sand Cars. (Stated for search purposes). True story: When all that with Justin was going down (stealing Wayno and Kerins car, selling customer engines, having parts for one car and telling 8-10 people they are their parts, etc.) and Revenge was locked shut, at that very moment Tim Mesic was there in person witnessing the ordeal, Justin Smith was talking to Scott ”Duninrat” who lived in Arkansas telling him that everything was fine and went on to tell Scott that he (Justin) was going to build him a car with a bunch of new “one of a kind” parts from Gear One, Fortin, etc. and the “rumors” on the board was just someone attacking him for a problem from years ago that had been resolved. I talked to Scott and Tim Mesic within an hour or two of each other. Justin is a snake bastard. I’d bolt in square tubing for shocks rather than support that eff*stick. I wonder if Ernie is still carrying Justin’s ball sweat? I’ve stated it before and I’ll state it again, that snake stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from “customers”. I personally talked to most of them. He only clipped me for a couple thousand. To my knowledge he never owned any of that. He can rot. I wouldn’t piss on his ass if his guts were on fire. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....................
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    I for one am glad to see the ca state legialture step up and finally fix the real issues facing ca every day, now that they’ve solved the drug epidemic and the homelessness and mental illness it breeds. Now that they’ve solved the water storage issues and lack of grid support from shuttering the san onofre plant. Now that they’ve solved the problem of inner city gangs, and now that all the roads are fixed , i say good on them for staying focused on fixing ca
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    Just a reminder for everyone, All radios have over 120 frequencies in them over 4 banks. The first bank is the most popular and where most people are on. Yes, your friends all MOST LIKELY have those same frequencies. Every single radio that leaves PCI or Rugged comes with those frequencies. Banks 3 and 4 have frequencies you can go all day long on and not hear anyone. If you are unsure on how to access those frequencies, call me at PCI and I will help you find them on an Icom or Kenwood radio! If you would like a copy of the PDF with All frequencies across all zones/banks, email me at Alleigh@pciraceradios.com and I will be happy to email it back! For safety reasons, its always a good idea for a passenger to have a PTT. There has been many cases in a roll over or medical emergency, passenger needs to be able to call out if driver is unable to.
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    Yes it will be closed. Everyone should make other plans.
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    One thing to keep in mind, there was a time when this site was heavily monitored by not only government but anti-offroad special interests. I know that Neil Hamada from the BLM was aware of discussions and let’s not forget Danny Boy from the CBD whose mission was total closure of the dunes. Throwing around terms like “Shiat show” reminds me of Daniel Patterson’s article saying we were “Mad Maxes on meth.” Hyperbole, lack of understanding of the true scope / issues involved related to continued use of OUR public land and a movement to save us from ourselves hasn’t been a historic recipe for success. Blowing issues out of proportion while speaking of “how bad things are” is not only incorrect, it is ammunition for those wanting to shut us down.
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    Tomorrow is National Diarrhea Day.
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    This one is going to be a little different I think, like Gray Davis' car tax which started the rebellion. The majority of Californians have been shielded from direct harm in increased taxation as they've had the luxury of voting to tax faceless "rich" people. Some of the rich people were in a position to shield themselves by adjusting their compensation or profit margin which turned the hard tax aimed at a few to a hidden tax paid by the majority. One of the cost factors in renting a home is a landlord passing on the price of increased regulations and legislation that protects non-paying renters for a period of time in the eviction process. Like the Queen Mary flipping a biotch in Long Beach Harbor, trying to turn an entity with so much momentum is a daunting task, the powers that be have decided that you will live a certain way with their version of a united effort pulling the yoke. Regulated subsidized condensed housing that is close to public transportation is the goal. $10 a gallon gas isn't an issue to those using mass transit during the week and those recreating on bikes on the weekends. The answer? Federal intervention seems the only route left. The NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) is probably the last hope, without new federal law or repeal of previous federal laws that allow labor unions to terrorize business nothing will change. My advice is to stick with your plan to leave IF you truly feel like a walking ATM machine whose sole function is being an antidote for those who've failed to plan. Living in Cali for 48 years was for the most part great. The last 10 years or so something crept up on me, I didn't realize it at first but I started to become angry. I was fortunate enough to be able to do something about it and was able to cash in and leave 4 years ahead of my scheduled plan. The plan was not to leave Cali originally but it became apparent that staying would entail taking on millions of surrogate children to help raise, to provide a better life for. I left and haven't looked back. Whatever your choice ends up being I hope you'll be able to go through life without waking up and going to bed pissed off, it's not worth it.
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    I get calls everyday from the same number, just to waste my freaking time. I've tried blocking it numerous times, but as soon as my wife gets home she unblocks it and then just calls me again the next day........
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    Hey god......can you quit taking the real women the world needs, there are more then enough people in Hollywood for you to choose from. Seriously Miley Cyrus is right there and you take Jessi. SMDH!
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    Pinnedcr250f (aka wheelie king now) and I decided to make a bonzai trip to G this past week after we looked at the weather report. Tuesday was high winds in the 80's and Wednesday was forecasted to be in the 70's with a light breeze so we were stoked for one last full day in the dunes before the oven gets turned on! I can honestly say it was the best single day ive ever had in Glamis!! Put about 100 miles on the buggies and made our own tracks the entire day. Smooth virgin sand all over and perfect weather made for quite the experience. Here are some pics from the trip. Came across an abandoned Can-Am that someone wadded up by Osbourne. Hit the tiki hut. Hit the Hill. Pretty much tore the place up!! Cant wait for next season . IMG_3098.mp4 IMG_3001.MOV
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    I have this! Red battery 7.5 amp BLK/YELLOW Ignition switch 15 amp GREEN Switch ground for fan rely on at 210 degrees PINK Alternator light ground side of bulb PURPLE Oil gauge BROWN Oil light ground side of bulb YELLOW Temp gauge BLUE Tachometer
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    This is the side Camera .... part 2
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