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  1. https://gokartsusa.com/150cc-Engine-CRF50-70-Electric-Start-High-Output-Pit-Bike.aspx
  2. Sorta. Generally ABS models or 4 bangers had the Turdy-5. 87-89s with tow package came with 44s. After 1991, however, the common axle was the Chrysler 8.25, which can be mistaken for a 35, but it’s considerably stronger. 8.25s were 27spl until late 96 when they went 29spl. All were 3” axle tubes. All fronts were D30 HPs until 2000. 4 bangers were 4.10:1, autos 3.55 and 4.0 manuals 3.07.
  3. Rockwood

    Trx90 $1200

    What?!? A normal price for a quad?
  4. Waaaaiiiit… A Jeep depreciated?!?!?? Deal for someone. Couldn’t touch this price a year ago.
  5. That, or if they’re 16s, extended eyelets might get him to 18” shock overall length
  6. Looks like better clearance overall. This does require the use of an F-body windage tray: 302-2 is designed to use a GM “F-body” windage tray, GM P/N 12558253. A modification to the windage tray is required to provide clearance to the pick-up tube. A full-length windage tray may be used if the front quarter of the tray is removed. See the instructions showing the windage tray modifications required
  7. Ordered for a build, but was damaged during shipping. Holley doesn’t want it back. Little time with a file and it’ll probably be fine. $150

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