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  1. Pre-crash, I said almost the exact same thing. One thing I didn't consider was that a CV doesn't really move all that much despite spinning at 100mph. The balls only move when there's angle, but even at max angle it's not even a full revolution. There are also a bunch of different anti-seize compounds out there, and Bel Ray is designed to be a super thick lubricant not a corrosion inhibitor. That being said: I miss OG Cat Desert Gold. Never had a single problem with that stuff straight out of the tube.
  2. No. No one does. Facebook marketplace if they do. Lots are taking the easy route and selling to desperate dealers. We're selling the wife's Edge. Highest offer we got from John Q was $1000 less than the first offer from every dealer we've visited.
  3. Looks like a Chenowth someone re-did the engine cage for and converted the front to A-arm.
  4. They're top feeds, so dead O-rings should let fuel leak out, not in. I was talking impedance though: if you have it set to the wrong impedance, odd chit happens with injectors. Long shot, but worth a check since it's a simple config change. I'm surprised it's running at all, LOL.
  5. Uh. That’s not good for the motor. Lol. Unless you have the wrong injector type (high/low impedance), exchange it for another. Something ain’t right, lol.
  6. Can you tune for some negative camber gain as it cycles instead? Helps keep mechanical grip up while cornering.
  7. Sheeyit happens on a race. If he crashed into something, no big deal. If there were major suspension or chassis failures, sure, but according to many on this thread, the chassis will survive re-entry from orbit. A bolt welded into a chassis joint, however. That's not sheeyit happening, that's someone ghetto fabbing. People don't like paying for ghetto fab. I don't think the blowback would've been that bad.
  8. Uh, he said they did well and is interested in their results at Baja... Relax sir.
  9. Yep. Mostly agree. Finishing the race is definitely more important than all though Don't think the gulf is Rhino to X3 is all. Total eye-poke here: what if the part of the course he skipped was the part where everyone was breaking?
  10. Maximum dorifto! I can hear the Euro Beat the whole time
  11. Sure. But it’s racing. Some people just show up with stock shocks they haven’t touched or rebuilt in 4 seasons. Others (like Robby) have a team of engineers dialing it in. Some are just smashing through, others slamming on the brakes right before hitting something, and others hitting it smoothly. Factory efforts vs factory efforts, there isn’t much difference. Even in the exact same car, a good driver will still have much better results than a rookie.

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