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  1. Damn. These Glamis destinations are getting out of hand. People are bringing trees and ponds now?!?!?!?
  3. Same Padla-trak 1300s everyone ran back then. The wide wheel makes for less dig/more float and shorter diameter. @michaelaland I have some Desert Trak 1200s on a 4-lug wheel that fit on my 77" trailer with stock arms back in the day. Loaned them to a friend, but he should be done with them. I'll get some pictures, but $200? Might have some spindle mount wheels lying around somewhere I'll toss in as well.
  4. Sound system markup is generally at least 100%... So yeah, of course they're gonna pitch it
  5. Oh, I get it. Doug's a love it or leave it kind of guy. Luckily, it's YouTube, there are like 57M different "channels"
  6. Yeah, but some arseholes broke the plumbing on it... Doesn't work. Fights? Any links?
  7. My sincerest apologies. I'll try to find an Orange-approved YouTube personality next time...
  8. Wife isn’t a fan of rare beef, so experimented with smoking cheap ass tri tip brisket style, turned out pretty damned good.
  9. You'd think the helo guy would like 3 wheelers: both are vehicles that most of the community looks at and thinks "how the fack am I supposed to fly/drive that thing?"
  10. Also: those fender flares are fugly.
  11. Ordered our F-150 from Penske Ford, part of a $23B company. Employee pricing honored. Currently doing MSRP on orders. No way you're finding any Bronco on the lot without markup, but orders are still generally free from "markup". ^^^ "markup" because I bought my 2020 Mustang GT with Performance Pack for waaay below invoice. MSRP was a joke on Fords since Henry sold them, LOL.

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