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  1. I’m sure someone will figure it out as you say. Should be standard CANBUS
  2. Yeah. You can buy that chit separately for less than half that.
  3. Yeah. First time I heard my son's heartbeat did a lot of changing for me mentally. Either way, it seems that if you're afraid enough of having a child to consider terminating a legal life, maybe you should put more effort into not getting knocked up or at least making changes in your life so it's not gonna "end your life"? But hey, nothing's anyone's fault or responsibility anymore anyway, so I shouldn't be surprised.
  4. The solutions have been available since forever: This isn't really hard. I highly doubt even a significant percentage of aborted babies are from the top rung. Yes it does happen, but it seems to me that getting an IUD is far less invasive, annoying, and emotionally crippling than abortion. And yep, I know, I identified as a woman while typing this post.
  5. To me, my body, my choice definitely comes into it. This includes the body inside of you that didn't choose to be there. With rare exception, your choices put it there. All of the other comparisons (vaccines, for example) aren't fair comparisons because they don't involve a second individual. But don't ask me, ask the California Penal Code and related jury instructions: 187(a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought. CALCRIM 520: A fetus is an unborn human being that has progressed beyond the embryonic stage after major structures have been outlined, which occurs at seven to eight weeks of development. So, the state defines a fetus as murderable at 7-8 weeks, but if you don't want to have a child because it's inconvenient (again, medical/rape exemptions should apply), you're exempted from this. You couldn't even legally kill yourself until a couple of years ago here. @Mac The problem with your OP is only people who think ahead will take the sterilization, which are likely the same people we need more of. Antonio Cromartie, on the other hand, will still raw-dogg everything that can fog a mirror.
  6. Yep. Used to be the brightest slimeballs interned to become Congressmen, Senators, whatever. Now, the brightest slimeballs work up the GS ladder to become SES, retire, then get a VERY comfortable job at one of the contractors they propped up for 20 years. Which is also why we haven't had jackshit for real candidates for President, and instead the leftover oldsters who got into politics before this trend started.
  7. Why would any of us even want the list? I don't have copies of SF-86s either, doesn't mean OPM didn't get hacked and copies of literally everything about anyone with a security clearance isn't out there for those who want it, generally by paying in BTC on some shady site. From the article: The California State Sheriffs’ Association said that it “appears” that “information was copied and at least some portion of it was posted on the internet” before the justice department detected the breach. In other words, it's out there. It's Internet, and the Internet is forever. No pulling this back now. Whoever copied the list didn't do it because they needed an old college buddy's address...
  8. Actual prison time for the owner...? Meanwhile: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-california-wildfires-pg-e/pge-pleads-guilty-to-84-counts-of-involuntary-manslaughter-in-california-wildfire-idUSKBN23N35T Nothing to see here. Guess Mr. Geouge didn't have connections to Gavin. LOL
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jun/30/california-gun-owners-data-breach "The data breach temporarily made public the names, birthdates, gender, race, driver’s license numbers, addresses and criminal histories of people who were granted or denied permits to carry concealed weapons between 2011 and 2021. The state’s Assault Weapon Registry, Handguns Certified for Sale, Dealer Record of Sale, Firearm Certificate Safety and Gun Violence Restraining Order dashboards were also affected, the department said." Not just CCW it appears. Fawk.
  10. I assume lower rotational speeds make life easier easier on components.
  11. Thought about making it @Crusty, LOL
  12. Forgot to forgot to add: removing/installing this fan requires unbolting the AC compressor and moving it back a couple of inches.
  13. Forgot to add: ended up upgrading the alternator to the 136A ZJ job a lot of XJ guys run as a result of this fan dropping voltage at idle to the low 12s. Old one was dying anyway.
  14. Haven't really done much since the crash, but here's how she sits now: The LM7 and 4L60E are waiting to drop in, but delays with parts combined with my complete lack of time to do anything means I didn't get it ready prior to Summer Jeeping. But, if I'm gonna limp the 4.SLO though another season in the mountains, cooling needs addressing ASAP. Biggest issue with XJs is the mechanical fan does mostly okay for higher RPM operation, but doesn't flow chit at low RPM (where my Jeep spends a lot of time working hard). Since it's almost always towed somewhere (never towing) and you can always slow down a little, I switched to an e-fan for it. Biggest bummer with E-fans is most don't work very well, or need lots of amperage, or whatever. Enter the Volvo/Taurus fan, which some people have measured as much as 3,000CFM out of, and based on the gale-force winds that come out of it, I'd believe them. Problem is, it's yuuuuge and the fan clutch pulley is in the way. Nice thing about the Volvo version is it's 2 speed (which will reduce electrical loads) and comes with a relay pack. Scored for $30 from the Gank a Part. Now, for shoe-horning. To start with, belt routing was going to be a problem. The stock belt routing requires keeping the fan pulley: Or you won't be able to tension it. After some brainstorming, I came up with this: This would ensure sufficient belt wrap and place the fan's motor (worst clearance) out of the belt's way. The problem is 97+ XJ's didn't come with the extra idler below the AC compressor to clear the thermostat housing, so back to the Gank A Part I went Step one was to cut the existing bearing/pulley mount off. Step 2 was to modify the Alternator bracket to clear the belt: The stud going through the hole where the grinder marks are will be omitted on re-installation. Even still, it still needed some extra clearance, so I formed it to the block by re-installing the bolt and smooshing it until it was against the block (yes, this engine is CRUSTY): With belt routing out of the way, I got to work trimming the fan shroud: I filled in the bottom of the shroud with 3003 aluminum sheetmetal I had lying around and riveted to the shroud (no pics). On top, I bent another piece of 3003 to fill in the 1/2" or so of void above the stock radiator core support. Reinstalled, clearance to the engine is definitely tight, but in 500 miles of wheeling, hasn't touched at all. Amusingly, the stock 97+ XJ serpentine belt worked perfectly despite the radical change in routing. Temps stay nice and frosty now at low speed. Like, I can watch the thermostat cycle no matter what I'm doing and where the AC is set, where before I always had an eye on the temps to keep it from boiling over. AC also blows colder than a well digger's ass. Climbing 7-10% grades in 2nd trying to wheeze that 4.SLO to maintain the speed limit does see some elevated temps (220*F vs 215*F in similar conditions previously). I have a week-long trip to Big Bear 9-13 and temps look to be in the mid/upper 80s at 7,000'+, so it'll be put to the test for sure.

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