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  1. @Sand Shark Actually he mentioned the 60 days last week so technically we have 53 days left till production starts. But who’s counting. 🤓 Cool to hear that they’ve had engines with the nikasil cylinders in cars early on. (prototypes) And that their latest/final engine packages have been running them for the last 45 days. Pretty encouraging news all around.
  2. Very tough to read this @THD SO sorry for your loss. My family is just getting over the vid and we felt like it was a mild flu. Wife stocked up on Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin from a website called Reliablerxpharmacy.com Meds came from India. Took about 2 months but we had it when we needed it. We only took the Ivermectin and azithromycin though. Stupid how you can get certain drugs from other countries just not here. 🤬
  3. Hopefully something good comes from this. https://www.projectveritas.com/news/military-documents-about-gain-of-function-contradict-fauci-testimony-under/
  4. Nice to hear they moved the door latch bracket thing a ma jig so that it points outwards instead of towards the back of the car. I know I hit it trying to get in the back seats at the SSSS and it FREAKING HURT!!! Also RG said the car that went to the Dakar race blew transmission seals. So they’ve worked something out to make them easier to access and change. im thinking still another 60 days as Todd mentioned before hitting the green light. Just some of the highlights from tonight’s show. Oh and the car comes pre-wired in case you decide to add the Kicker sound system later so plug and play. That’s cool for those who got to have their sounds.
  5. Karla just posted on IG that RG and Todd will be doing a show this Thursday. Hopefully some real good news!!
  6. Good point about the neck injury from helmets. Guess if you’re that concerned, look into a hans device. But I’ve seen videos where the driver and the passenger have hit heads on an impact or rollover so there’s that.
  7. Found this video of the landing. Didn’t look to bad at all. But like what’s been said, probably just an accumulation of a bunch of big jumps and hits. But, it does sound like the arms need to be a bit stiffer according to their post. https://www.instagram.com/randys_transmissions/tv/CYca9REjFtW/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. Looks like ST went for a wild ride!! https://youtu.be/6nbEr_fvTVk
  9. Guess it didn’t break from the jump after all.
  10. All that BEEF and it still cracked in half!??

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