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  1. It might be. I need to go back and watch it again. Kind of remember him saying it would allow the chase bar to have turn signals.
  2. I think I may just pull the trigger on the kit. The belt sensor is $399 and the cameras $499 ~$900 without installation and programming. Figure another $120-$220 for the dealer to program it that’s about $1100. For a bit more I can have it all and installed from the factory for $1299. Oh well it’s only money.
  3. Man no kidding. All I really wanted was the backup camera and belt temp sensor. Thought those would be plug and play, not have to take it in to program it for the display to show. Stinks we can’t purchase separately and have it installed from the factory.
  4. Chill at home with our dog, family and few friends. Smoke a brisket and drink till I’m happy! Then drink some more just to make sure. 👍
  5. Latest live from Todd 3500-4000 cars by end of year 🤞🏽And some by Sand show Part 1 and 2
  6. Just a PSA in case you haven’t received a notification. Get’er done before riding season begins
  7. Politics and religion… gulp here goes nothing. Gods take on it. Use protection and avoid most scenarios. Abortion is taking a life even a unformed one. I side with god on this.
  8. I love the fact that he’s trying to make the cars as perfect as he reasonably can. Like adding some baffles on site after watching how the sxsblog guys ruined their pro r after doing many donuts or cyclones. I’ll never do that but some love it I guess? Or last minute changes to try and quiet the transmission noises. Robby is a different kind of beast. He’s passionate about his job. He loves to work and get dirty. I remember seeing him at last years sand show and he was all hands. Rolling cars in stacking tires setting up some last minute stuff and talking to the crowds. I wanted to help cause that’s the type of guy I am when I see someone working. But he said he had it. My impression form seeing it all was nothing but respect. I can’t image seeing CEO’s of other Mfg’s doing all that. So for him to be in Asia hands on at least for the start up is absolutely fine and impressive for me. Get it right RG!!
  9. Fauci after four jabs and 2 rounds of Plaxovid got the virus twice, Back to Back!!! Good thing he had them could’ve been worse. 😳
  10. I’m confused. Maybe I’m wrong but, If you don’t like it then why did you click on it? Why did you comment on it? Why would you contribute to “destroying the site”? Could’ve just scrolled right past it.
  11. Looks like we will have a show tomorrow night. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfZXNBDJ6i1/?hl=en
  12. Master 1496 here. Had an El Diablo RG edition number 84 or something. Then changed to a El Jefe RG car. Not sure what the model number is anymore cause I was never reassigned another one?? I remember RG saying that he wanted to get as many RG edition cars out first then the LE’s. Not sure if that’s still his plan. Hoping to be in the last batch of cars @NIKAL talked about.
  13. Believe it’s 40 cars per day then ramping it up to 80 is what I last heard last.

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